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  1. Nope there is not. Best Mayo hands down.
  2. I heard you just have to be careful if they used stickers on it. Some f them are thermal and if you use a laminater on them they turn all black.
  3. I’d rather die of Covid. Also after minor arm pain last night woke up this morning and felt like a mule kicked me in the arm. But no fever chills etc.
  4. I received my 2nd dose of Pfizer at 1pm. No side effects at all until about 8 hours after. Very mild arm soreness is all I feel. The first shot hurt my arm a lot. So far so good.
  5. Well got the wife to get it and thank goodness it was Pfizer. She might have walked on Moderna. She went back to work. Sore arm and she said her hands were red. But at least she got it.
  6. Damn it’s a battle. Somebody sent her an article out of NCBI concluding the vaccine created prion disease. Had to go find a reputable source to debunk it. Did I mention how bad I hate fake social media?? Unfortunately, some of the papers cited by Classen show that what he is claiming, namely that the mRNA in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine can induce TDP-43 and FUS to “go prion,” is basically impossible. For example, this paper points out that TDP-43 is an RBP that exists predominantly in the nucleus. As I pointed out the last time I took on the antivaccine claim that mRNA-based COVID
  7. I’m pushing the vacation/cruise angle. She loves traveling and loves cruises. Could be a loooong time before you fly or cruise safely if unvaccinated.
  8. Well I know that and have told her that. I received my first shot on the 15th. But the challenge to logic is real.
  9. My wife has an appt. for her first shot Friday. But she is balking on me. Damn social media straight to hell. Gonna be some serious campaigning between now and Friday.
  10. Goes good with Howler Head Banana whiskey too. Real Elvis vibe. Also they have the Mini’s of Skrewball at VAABC.
  11. Just got my vaccine from Safeway in Northern Virginia. It was a Pfizer shot.
  12. I actually like it a lot. Really good in a hot chocolate.
  13. I’ve had Skinsfans1311’s at the tailgates. Just don’t like salmon.
  14. Sue loves those. I don’t like salmon though.
  15. Yes tell Karla hello, we miss you guys!!! You know it’s some good whiskey when you’re stuffing actual food into your pockets!!!
  16. That’s supposed to be amazing.
  17. Something Proper, but it’s out of business now. Covid killed it. The GTS was 144. We will do some more kitchen drinking when we are clear of all this crap.
  18. Remember the game Dfitz and Karla were at where he first tried GTS? He was a whiskey drinker but not used to high proof, high quality spirits. He drank a LOT of GTS because it’s so smooth compared to the proof. He didn’t wake up until after halftime. He was banned from the back of the truck from then on.
  19. She’s actually the real drinker. Loved the GTS neat.
  20. Mellow Corn has a nice diesel taste if that’s your thing. Most likely the worst whiskey ever made. Buy at your own peril.
  21. This pretty much. Once you mix it doesn’t really make much difference in taste. Just get the cheaper stuff.
  22. All you Marylanders, the Navy Exchange now has Blantons for 42.99 a bottle if you’re interested.
  23. But my motto is life is to short for cheap bourbon!!
  24. Damn ruffians giving refined whiskey drinking a bad name!!
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