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  1. His major issue was he tried to actually be bipartisan and include the GOP when he didn’t need to. He should have just steamrolled them his first to years with no regret. They were just stalling and blocking hoping they would get back in power.
  2. Best rule ever, and one I follow.
  3. Amazing a nominee for the Supreme Court can't answer that. Especially one with her strict interpretation stance.
  4. You can do it!! We just need to hear from your mouth “just a second, hold my whiskey!!”
  5. She needs to rebut him. She’s not listening. Letting chances to expose their asses go by.
  6. How does a 6’2” 208 pound receiver running in the 4.3’s drop to where he did??
  7. You do realize he runs a 5.0 second 40. Whats he gonna switch too??
  8. It started because people were just putting like Barrel xxxx on a label. That makes it a pain in the ass when you say hey anybody have any xxxx for sale. You have to go look it up cause nobody ever remembers the number. Now you can say hey give me the Snoop bottle or how bout that Rat Pack bottle and if it’s good it gets well known. Also turns out that great labels can inflate a bottles value for NO logical reason. Prav did a Bob Marley glow in the dark label of a plain old Buffalo Trace pick. Thing goes for over 150 a bottle. It’s good Buffalo Trace but should in no way go for that price.
  9. My favorite of those is the Makers. Then the Rat Pack. I’m not a huge Starlight fan but a lot of people are going crazy for it right now. No Snoop????
  10. This is a bottle you want.
  11. Post some pictures of your shopping spree!!
  12. Also because of the Rona they are not doing walk ins, but to ask for Prav and tell him Bob sent you and he will take care of you. Just bring a mask.
  13. The way it works is he goes to the distillery and tastes individual barrels usually with a small group and pick out the best of the 6 to 12 you taste. Then he has that barrel bottled for his store. There can be huge variations in individual barrels and you can end up getting amazing whiskey for relatively cheap prices. It's how I get most of my whiskey nowadays.
  14. Get one or two fo the store picks he will have there. Nothing will approach those for that money. I recommend his High West Snoop pick. It's amazingly good although it is a rye not bourbon. If you really want bourbon, he has a Makers pick that is awesome too. But he may be out of those. If you want to spend a bit more He has a Bowman Censored pick that is one of the best I've had. Also he usually has some opens you can give a try.
  15. So is this talk of using an impeachment to run out the clock on a justice nominee legit and possible or wishful thinking? I’ve seen several articles refer to it but none lay out the specifics of how it would take precedence over the approval of the justice. Interesting idea though.
  16. Wonder if Murray will last. Seems guys like that are always one blindside hit away from disaster. If he can stay healthy he’s damn good.
  17. Especially if they have a +5 second 40 time.
  18. I’d have to see it to believe it.
  19. Jim Murray jumped the shark when he picked Crown Rye as whiskey of the year. Pretty much the top advertisers get the top spots in his list nowadays.
  20. We had to let him go today. Just brutal.
  21. My 13 year old boy is not doing well. Very sick, has been at the vet for a week. He’s home tonight and we are just hoping for the best. He somehow ended up with pneumonia. Just hope we can keep him drinking and eating.
  22. To me there are only 2 logical reasons anyone would support Trump. Either you are very wealthy or xenophobic. Otherwise I don’t see the motivation. .
  23. OK this 6% BS has flooded my Facebook feed. People are stupid.
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