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  1. We had a ransomware attack where I used to work. It was identified quickly and the system was shut down. The server was rebuilt from a backup the night before. We lost about 3 hours of work/data.
  2. My wife text me this morning that she filled up at our local Sheetz like normal. Not long lines but busy.
  3. Yeah pretty much there is plenty of gas, just the infrastructure to get it to the stations has been FUBAR.
  4. This is a HUGE issue for private infrastructure. Did Texas in last winter too. But we don’t need those overly burdensome Gov regulations. They will do the right thing.
  5. Been watching the website that locates gas available nearby. Looks like stocks are rising. Way less stations empty today.
  6. So while we are on this is using Apple Pau a more secure alternative? Or just as bad? Also I’ve been using an app with my credit card companies that generates one time use virtual cards for websites. Very easy and seems more secure
  7. I use one card online. Have that sucker text me a notification for any charge. Caught one the other day. InstaCart from California. Locked my card called the company and all is good. Can’t imagine not getting notifications of purchases.
  8. But I need the link to those free ringtones!!! Also I need to find out what my birthdate says about my personality on Facebook.
  9. Sounds like the records are in a database. Just need a good front end to access them. “While state and local immunization registries do store individual coronavirus vaccination data, officials said there’s no current system that would allow businesses, schools and other organizations to easily check the databases to see if a visitor was presenting a falsified paper card.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/04/19/daily-202-theres-boom-fake-coronavirus-vaccine-cards/
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