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  1. I don't think we're getting #1 Watching the Jets/Dolphins game and it looks like they are intentionally tanking. Clear as day.
  2. Lmfao. Can we stop the Kyle Allen experiment now? Dude sucks
  3. The way this board is responding, probably an unpopular opinion here, but actually give Alex some 1st team reps this week and build some confidence/chemistry with these receivers
  4. Does Logan have cement in his shoes? Jump for that man!
  5. OMG these LB's are also atrocious... smh. Fuller, our CB, is the one securing the tackle. Hard to address what we need to prioritize first between O-Line, LB or S
  6. I know Aaron Donald is a beast, but the O-line is atrocious.
  7. We need to increase the amount of deep shots. Their D is not threatened and plays up
  8. LB and/or Safety has to be a priority this offseason
  9. I mean it looked like a Cover 2, and Fuller thought he had help over the top. The other WR pulled Collins inside, and was able get Woods open over the top. Just good play design, honestly EDIT: Commentators just verified my expertise
  10. Haskins ain’t half the player Vick was. Sure, maybe the study habits were the same, but Vick got by on pure physical talent. Haskins can’t say the same Vick also got the start in his 2nd year. Brought the Falcons to the playoffs on his own back and dropped a W in Lambeau in January.
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