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  1. Can’t get the darn tweet to embed. Someday I’ll figure it out
  2. Rest in Power, Mr. Lewis. You’ve done a lot of the leg work, and there’s still more to be done. I promise you, we won’t let you down.
  3. Who the hell is Harrison Weinhold, why does he supposedly know so much, and how is he credible?
  4. At this point, Bezos just has to outright buy this team from Snyder. Make him an offer he can't refuse. That's our only hope. If the franchise is valued at 3.3 billion, Bezos gotta be like here's 4.2 billion. Which is a drop in the bucket. Crazy world where we live in where 4 billion is nothing for a person.
  5. After the dust settles in all of this, I’m just hoping for an epic @Bang cartoon episode. The mother of all.
  6. It’s lose-lose for Snyder. Either he’s involved. Bad. If you wanna go with he’s holed up in his wherever and has no idea what’s going on, he’s incompetent. You have no business owning a professional sports team if you let gross misconduct occur because of your ignorance.
  7. I read the catfishing story and maybe my comprehension of it was weak as it seemed a bit all over the place. Can someone summarize it for a dummy like me? Was LaCanfora getting catfished or was he the catfish? Was the reporter Daniels tried to hook up with real or someone posing as her?
  8. This thread is getting off topic a bit. There’s already a thread in the stadium dealing with the FO, owner and coach. Discussions on this impending doomsday story are already taking place in that thread. I’d suggest moving there if you want to continue talking about it.
  9. I read somewhere a few pages back that Bruce could be the one leaking a lot of this to the WaPo? But even if true, he's no hero. He's the one who hired Jay, his TB and OAK cronies, and started this "damn good culutre" 10 years ago, which coincides with the timeline of the leaks saying this all happened. I'm sure he's a participant.