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  1. Rogue Jedi

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    OP should change the title of this thread already. Consoles/PC/VR/Retro all encompassing
  2. If Texas ever turns blue, watch how quickly the right will turn on the EC
  3. Rogue Jedi

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Man this is a dark day for not just sports, but for the world. Kobe was a man who transcended sports, and was truly a citizen of the world. Pouring one out for one of humanity's GOATs tonight....
  4. Rogue Jedi

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    What are people’s thoughts on a late round flyer with Khalil Tate?
  5. "Hey Greg, why don't you go piss your pants again?" "That was like 8 years ago, asshole" "People don't forget."
  6. Saw It last night with some old high school buds that I went to see Ep III at midnight with way back when. Pretty disappointed with this trilogy as a whole. Called it back then when Force Awakens came out while everyone was giving it nothing but praise. I saw the writing on the wall that this will come out to a nothing-burger, story wise.
  7. Regardless of anyone’s opinions, it’s clear that the films are extremely volatile and Disney took notice. Pretty sure Bob Iger said they are taking a hiatus from films and focusing on streaming for now. I think Kevin Feige (MCU) is in play for the future, and they should strongly consider Dave Filoni (Clone Wars, Rebels, The Mandolorian) to be involved in the future as well. Those guys know what they are doing, and some time off to reload will be good for everyone.
  8. I have my reasons to dislike the new trilogy, and it mostly comes from a narrative and world-building perspective... But by far the dumbest critique I’ve ever seen comes from the anti-sjw crowd that deems the franchise ruined because of “forced diversity.” And when confronted, they really have no answer and just back into a corner. Like, ask them how to do diversity “right” in a movie. They just stumble over some vague nonsense and backtrack, but it’s evident what they really want. Where only one minority plays some supporting character a la Lando and it’s ok because it’s not “forced”. In their minds, the Star Wars universe that spans millions of planets has a variety of alien species but only white humans and one black guy for some reason. Completely logical. Checkmate Libtards.
  9. Which furthers my point that the trilogy as a whole fails. It tries to please everyone, and pisses off everyone. It has no clear direction, arc, or purpose. The prequels at least had an overall arc and continuity, even while having its cringe moments. But it still feels like Star Wars, that it belongs in the universe.
  10. Wow, early RT score not looking good. Currently sitting at 53%. Could go up a bit by the coming days, but ultimately this trilogy will end up being even a bigger failure than the prequels. Anyone want to debate that, please @me bro.
  11. Rogue Jedi

    Game Day Thread -Eagles at Redskins

    I'm sorry but this defense is full of morons. Edit: After replay bad call. My b.
  12. Rogue Jedi

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Dhall as maybe Doug Williams’ replacement? Sure. A GM outright? Hell naw. That’s a major role that should be given to guys with years of experience scouting and building.
  13. Saw JoJo Rabbit last night. The type of witty comedy you would expect from Taika Watiti, but also unexpectedly deep with great emotional drama. I'd give it an 8.9/10