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  1. Associating God/religion with the presidency is pretty unhealthy. We got to start moving away from this at some point.
  2. I will always remember Garth Brooks for that Dr. Pepper commercial
  3. Destroying my life, career, and family to own the libz. Nice one, guy.
  4. Any armed militant that shows up needs to be perceived as an immediate threat. They need to get the word out across all national media that that any armed insurgency would be taken as a a terror threat and be shot on site. Give them the warning now.
  5. Poured out a heineken for Heinicke tonight. Dude belongs in this league. This one is for you.
  6. The thing is that Brady gets rid of the ball before the pressure gets to him. That’s makes a world of difference.
  7. If war is what they're looking for, then they should be met with lethal force by the national guard, military, police... whomever. If you ever want to return back to normalcy, they need to suffer ultimate consequences and be made an example of, or they will continue to keep coming back. No more playing patty-cake with far-right extremists.
  8. All these resignations mean jack to me. Now you resign? With 2 weeks left? The son of a **** has been stoking the flames for months, even years at this point, but this is what does it for you? At the end? Complete empty gesture.
  9. Trade for Deshaun Watson re-sign Scherff and sign JuJu Smith-Schuster. Boom, I fixed Washington football.
  10. I understand this is probably going to be low on the list of this next administration, and I understand this is going to be an extremely selfish take, but it's about damn time they legalize marijuana on a federal level. For Christ's sake. Who knows when we are gonna have control of the House and Senate again.
  11. Honestly, I'm at the point of trying to scout day 2-3 QBs. As far as taking a QB in the 1st in 2021 - forget it. We have no shot at the top prospects - trading up for one would be too costly, and I'd rather spend the 1st on a non-QB impact player. Even if someone like Mac Jones or Lance falls, I'd be a bit hesitant. We get too desperate for a franchise QB and it sometimes costs us passing on great players.
  12. What y'alls thoughts on Desmond Ridder? QB from Cincinnati. Don't see him mocked anywhere. He's a bit raw, but looks like he has tremendous upside. 3 year starter. Could be a good pickup in the low-mid rds. Use our 1st on the best player available to strengthen the team as a whole and pick Ridder up later as development project.
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