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  1. Rogue Jedi


    Tress Way has been robbed of being an all-pro for 2 years now
  2. Rogue Jedi

    Buying First Car for Teen Driver

    My parents bought me a new (at the time) 2006 Corolla as my first car in high school. As a teenage boy, it wasn't exactly the ideal car i had in mind to get the attention of the opposite sex, especially when I was parking next to dudes whose parents bought them Mustangs However, it is without a doubt one of the most reliable cars on the market. I recently bought my first car on my own (2019 Mazda 3) a few months ago. Meaning, that Corolla lasted me 13 years and over 100k miles without a hiccup, granted you take care of it under the hood. And another overlooked aspect of Toyota's are the resale value. I managed to fetch 4k for my car, which is without a doubt impressive for a car that old with that many miles. As far as your daughter, I'm sure the ego of what she drives is not as pronounced as a teenage boy. But eventually she will grow up and move up in class as her career grows, so I'd highly suggest cars that will last and retain value, which is almost exclusively Honda/Toyota.
  3. Rogue Jedi

    Welcome to the Redskins Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison

    Surprised this thread wasn’t bumped at all tonight. This dude is for real and will most likely go into 2020 as our #1 corner.
  4. Rogue Jedi

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I still have yet to play GTA V. Which is more reprehensible?
  5. Rogue Jedi

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    The issue is that by waiting 2 years for the final season, the fans had all time to form the most crackpot theories I’ve ever seen on the internet. Inevitably they’ll be disappointed as the show wraps up. According to the Reddit theories, every major character is Arya after she takes their faces. Dany is Arya, Sansa is Arya, Bronn is Arya, Jon is Arya, Hot Pie is Arya... etc
  6. Rogue Jedi

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Anyone disappointed with Bronn’s arc? He started out as one of my favorite side characters, and I envisioned him having a similar trajectory as Han Solo - in it for the money before he makes new friends and finds a new purpose. He had great chemistry with the Lannister bros, and maybe even formed a friendship, but that scene last night... really threw me off. I envisioned him joining the fight against the AotD, after seeing the realm is more important than family squabble, but he didn’t end up making it until last nights episode. I understand he is frustrated with getting shafted on promises, but if what he’s owed is all that’s important, that’s just.... lame.
  7. Yeah I read that article, and the fact that white nationalists have infiltrated right wing media should come as a shock to no one. But that McHugh chick can get bent. She seemed to change her tune only because of her employment opportunities dwindled, not because she suddenly disavowed white nationalism and racist rhetoric. Too bad, so sad.
  8. It disturbs me that Biden is leading the polls. Have we learned nothing from 2016? Another establishment candidate... more fodder for the right wing opposition. More division. It pains me how great candidates like Andrew Yang are getting overlooked. This dude has actual policies laid out, a plan, and doesn't run on negative shots at Trump. I've seen more and more on the right, including Trump supporters, throw their hat in for Yang. This is the guy we should be getting behind. The guy that stops the vicious cycle of the pendulum swinging from extreme-left to extreme-right. And he's doing it with progressive policies that appeal to everyone. UBI, Medicare, Climate change. Yang is the only candidate that actually has a vision past 2020. He sees the writing on the wall of the technological boom, and the consequences, and is the only Dem equipped to handle it based on his work with Venture for America, and a degree in economics from Brown University. Anyone not familiar with Andrew Yang, go on YouTube and look up his interviews with Joe Rogan, The Breakfast Club, and Ben Shapiro. FOR ****'S SAKE HE MADE BEN SHAPIRO, THE BASTION OF MODERN MILLENNIAL CONSERVATISM, AGREE WITH HIM!!! Look up his interview on Fox News, Fox News Business, and the comment section is raving about him. FOX VOTERS!!!!!! Anyone familiar with YouTube knows how much of a cesspool the comment section can be in any political video. Yang is the only candidate i've seen where both the left and right actually love his approach and policies. This guy can beat Trump by winning over his voters. He could potentially mop the electoral map. Honestly, I'm getting the same feeling about Yang that haven't felt about a candidate since Obama in '07. He's that type of revolutionary. Obama was the guy for the time in 2008, Yang is the guy for 2020 and beyond. Please, give this guy a shot. The MSM is ignoring him, because he's the only dude who makes sense and isn't spitting the words Trump out of his mouth every 2 minutes. He needs more exposure, and his ideas will start getting popular. If we run Biden, I don't see this country improving socially or economically, whether he wins or not. #YangGang2020
  9. Rogue Jedi

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Anyone know why Deionte Thompson hasn’t been picked? I understand the injury but he was getting 2-3rd round grades
  10. Thats what worries me. A single match can burn the house down. And it’s quite evident this administration doesn’t seem to take the threat seriously
  11. Honestly, this has been all what’s been on my mind since the NZ massacre, and I’ve been losing a lot of sleep with all the anxiety it gives me. Some of you on the older side (and I mean with the least offense as possible) don’t quite understand how the internet and social media has changed the game. This white nationalism idea is spreading wider and faster than before. I snooped sites like reddit and 4chan to only be completely shocked at the response. People on their were cheering and calling the psycho a hero for their cause. For those not familiar, 4chan is a image board site that had humble beginnings with people into anime and video games, but over time basically became a white nationalist alt-right site. The unique aspect of this site is that it is usually unmoderated and posts are anonymous. This site probably had the most uploads of the live stream of the massacre since everything is basically allowed, and the posts of people gleefully mocking the victims being murdered was sickening. Those people basically view this as a signal, and are preparing for war. 4chan is public. I can’t imagine what’s going on the dark web that we don’t have access to. What scares me most about this possible civil war is that nihilists all around will use this as an opportunity to “cleanse” as many minorities as possible. My family is of muslim descent (I’m pretty agnostic), and they don’t believe in owning firearms or weapons of any kind, so we have really no way of defending ourselves. It’s not my safety that I’m concerned about as much as it is my parents. They’ve given back so much to the community through charities and blood donations, whether it be for disaster relief like Katrina and 9/11, and worked really hard to give me and my sister an upper middle class life in Nothern Va after coming here and starting from the bottom. Quite frankly, they are just really kind and good people and they don’t deserve to go out like that, but they are old and defenseless. Who will they turn to? There’s rumors the police and army are infiltrated with people like this, and if **** hits the fan, who will protect them? Sorry for the long post, this **** is eating my brain and it feels like I’m losing my sanity. I had to just get some of it out. To end on a lighter note, I hope both sides have enough decency to holster their weapons till the final Game of Thrones episode.
  12. Rogue Jedi

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If we can land Rosen without losing our 1st this year then I would do it and spend the pick on a WR or Edge rusher. If guys like Lock/Murray/Haskins fall into reasonable striking distance, then we should trade up.
  13. Rogue Jedi

    Starting QB 2019???

    Can someone explain to me what's so great about the 2020 QB draft class? Tua looks like a worse Marcus Mariota, and I'm not sold on Trevor Lawrence... I'd take Murray over pretty much any 2020 QB.
  14. Rogue Jedi

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    This x100. We perpetually finish in the 5-11 to 8-8 range, which always leaves us outside the top 10 in the draft, missing out on any blue chip game-changers. It is due to how our front office operates. They believe we are always a few pieces away to compete, grab some band-aid players through free agency, and trot out a mediocre team opening day. We win enough games early on to still try and salvage the season, then completely implode in Nov/Dec. And then, the cycle continues. I don't think this team has ever had a proper rebuild in my 30 years watching.