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  1. Will Joe Biden say a swear!? LET JOEY B SWEAR! (he does not actually swear but stops himself)
  2. I don't think these protests will lead to spreading among one party more than another, as most of these protesters are sufficiently healthy to fight it off. They will, however, spread it to those around them. And that's another reason it will hit everyone. I remember a video showing where people from a Florida beach went afterwards; they spread across the whole country. These protests will be like that, but likely localized to a state, but all parts of a state. Now, the virus being much more deadly to elderly combined with elderly being more likely to be Republicans, now THAT might lead to a lopsided death total.
  3. If Joey B only serves 1 term (or loses), Andrew Cuomo is setting himself up nicely as someone who could run in 4 years.
  4. Here's the other crazy thing about the "sacrifice some lives for the economy." This isn't gonna be a Thanos-snap and 2.5% of the population just dissipates and we pick up the pieces. It's gonna be millions upon millions sick. Hospitals overrun. Basic services disrupted. For months, and months. 2.5% dying only after months and months of national hardship. With the speed the virus spreads, it's likely with ZERO containment that it would take about 3 months to hit most everyone who is gonna get it. Maybe (if it's seasonal or mutates even that won't work bc herd immunity won't develop). Then another month for people with it get better. And in that last month it will be tens of millions with it, largely incapacitated from the virus.
  5. I wanted to crunch some numbers re: Coronavirus and potential election impact but that seemed too electiony for the Coronavirus thread. But to drive home the point about how bad an idea it is for Trump to end social distancing early, I crunched some numbers for PA, MI, WIS, the 3 states where he won enough electoral votes to win overall, and did so by only 77K vote COMBINED. My numbers might be optimistic, but assuming 2.5% death rate (this is higher than at present but assumes some hospital overflow that gets people killed, and is below a lot of other countries' death rates, so if anything 2.5% is optimistic) and community spread reaching 40% of the population. Also assuming deaths are 2:1 65 and older, which I then assume hits Trump supporters at 2:1 rate, given they trend older too. 28.61M people in those 3 states 40% of that is 11.44M for infections. 2.5% death rate of that is 286,000. 66% of that is about 188K and 33% is about 97K That's 91K more likely Trump voter deaths than Biden voter deaths. Now, obviously, not everyone votes. So the voter loss won't be that bad. But it will, even with these likely conservative estimates, take away whatever advantage Trump had in these states. And older voters vote more often, so presumably among the voter pool, more elderly will be removed than younger people. Someone in the admin must see this, right? Like his actions, aside from horrifically sacrificing likely millions, is going to really hurt his election chances given the demographics of the electorate. And does he think the elderly will forget being hung out to dry? Sure, his base will stick with him, but what about independent elderly? It seems like a bad idea to basically say "hey, we're gonna let a virus ravage you guys, and even if you live you probably know lots of people who died as a direct result of my policies, but still vote for me anyway!" Even if you're just a craven electioneer for Trump, crunching numbers dispassionately, you have to realize this is a loser for Trump. I guess the logical conclusion from there is, if Trump loses either way (economy crashes while people live and he loses OR economy recovers but he loses voters he needs OR he loses both the economy and voters he need) the only move is not to play, which means postponing the election. And given how Trump act, it scares me that that's a legitimate possibility.
  6. Have you seen this administration in action? They absolutely are that delusional. And they think they CAN be that delusional because their base doesn't challenge the delusion, but embraces it. This is going to be a bloodbath. But some of the...more...head-on-shoulders people in the admin must see the futility of this, right? Like if the economy crashes, he's done. If he tries to push people back out and it spreads, untold #s will die. You'd think someone whose biggest group of support is older folks and who won a number of states by razor thin margins would recognize that allowing a disease to circulate that is probably going to kill 65+ people at about a 2:1 rate of people under 65, at probably no less than a 2% rate (possibly much worse if/when hospitals are overrun), is absolutely political suicide. Not to mention, Trump himself is in a high risk category. If he just ends social distancing given the sheer # of contacts he makes with people, he's bound to get it.
  7. Jail. Now. Dumping stock is bad. Buying stock you know will benefit from a pandemic is malicious. Jail. Also, made this:
  8. This illiterate moron damn near crashed the markets with a single word he inserted while reading from a teleprompter. Remember when Republicans would make fun of Obama for his minor teleprompter mess ups? Congrats, you can never cite that again because all Obama accomplished with his was getting the GOP riled up, while your dude managed to tank the entire economy.
  9. Yup, and all the way through the 20th. Escalated very quickly. It's the right thing to do but there's gonna be a lot of pissed off parents, and I hope no kids relied on the school for their meals.