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  1. Terry's an absolute gem and deserves tons of praise. Great receiver, but him running down that interception to save the TD is the kind of thing that TRULY special players do. Coaches talk a lot about players giving 100%, and usually players give a "normal" 100%, but Terry gave truly 100% of himself today and it showed. He saved this game. Gibson, Sweat, all amazing work, but game ball to Terry.
  2. HAHAHA Oh lol they messed up the scoreboard it was so unexpected. This is beautiful.
  3. Gibson grinding. Move the ball, run out the clock, so nice.
  4. I step away for a few days and we go from Biden winning to a coup before I can even get back. So far looks like all bluster and no actual real attempts at changing anything substantive, but I am concerned about where this goes as we approach December 14.
  5. I'm imagining Biden as Old Snake from MGS4 now. Side note, Liquid Ocelot would be a better President than Trump.
  6. So looks like Nevada will hold for Biden since he's likely to run up total in Clark. He might overtake Trump in GA and PA tonight at some point too. That would basically end it. Meanwhile Arizona looks like it's moving back to too early to call status.
  7. I'm still trying to figure out how we went from 500-550k to count at 1:49pm to only 370k less than an hour later. Was SecState just wrong? Or are they sitting on 130-180k ballots to release? Biden probably pulls ahead anyway, he'd only need 64% of votes left and is pulling far larger margins but that makes it much tighter.
  8. And 100k or so since the morning squares pretty closely with the idea there were around 700kish left last night at some point and around 500-550k left now. Does the 370k number include provisionals?
  9. As of about 45 minutes ago PA's SecState said there were 500-550k voted to be counted. I know they definitely didn't count 130-180k in 45 minutes and may have released some of that in the interim but NYT's numbers have been creeping up slowly so no big numbers drop in the past several hours (IIRC it was like 3.05m to 3.2m this morning and now is 3.125m to 3.234m so only like 100k more in a number of hours).
  10. Probably a bid to help insulate himself from potential criminal charges. If he just goes away quietly and gets charged he's just another politician who did bad things before/while in office. But if he's still running for Pres then he can bill himself as Biden's political opponent and attack Biden for prosecuting a political opponent.
  11. I'd take PA flipping over so I could breathe a sigh of relief and then just have some fun watching the rest come in.
  12. Everything's good, election stress not included lol, but that's a nationwide problem. I hope everything is good for you and your family are well too. I'm thinking the flipping point in PA might be 94-95%, looking at votes coming in. If it doesn't flip by 97% in I'll be concerned (this is on the NYT tracker, btw).
  13. Hello everyone. Been a while. I see things are still crazy but looking moderately okay for Biden.
  14. Will Joe Biden say a swear!? LET JOEY B SWEAR! (he does not actually swear but stops himself)
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