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  1. DogofWar1

    David Koch has died

    Awww man, he's gonna miss the revolution! How sad.
  2. Get me the ghost of Alan Greenspan! Wait, he's still alive? Get me Alan Greenspan! I want to lower interest rates!
  3. I'm straight up on the MABA wagon. Make America Boring Again.
  4. Also note, the way the others say "that's right" after he mentions head transplants without missing a single beat.
  5. The replies are just...mmmhmmmmmmmmmnnnnggggggghhhh....OOOOOOooooooooHHHHHHHhhhhhh....URRRGH SWIFTLY! People off Greenland! Rally to overthrow your oppressors!
  6. It's a real tweet. There is only one way to address this...this...complete absurdity... ...Using gifs from a better timeline than ours. Black Mirror wishes it made this an episode.
  7. Andy Ngo is a punk **** propagandist for Nazis. That is all. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
  8. DogofWar1

    Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

  9. Dang if Amy could dish out those kinds of burns consistently she might get a foothold. If I ran for President this cycle, and knew I wasn't winning the nominee, I'd just spend all my time verbally attacking Trump mercilessly. If I made a debate, I wouldn't even answer the questions, I'd just straight up tell Trump jokes. I'd ask for like 2-3% of voters to keep supporting me so I could make debates and just rip Trump and his merry band of Moscow mercenaries.
  10. Have you been paying any attention at all the past 3 years!? There are no rules! Barack forevuh!
  11. Live look at GOP Strategists.
  12. Len Blavatnik is also the man who has bought Lindsay Graham.
  13. Time might be up to talk
  14. Also shout out to Joe Kennedy III for being the Randy Orton of politicians, slithering in outta nowhere, the guy is gonna be the nominee in a decade probably, once a Senate seat in MASS comes open and he gets 4+ years in it. I don't disagree but if he delivers Ohio (and has cred all through the midwest), then that's a strong tradeoff. Trump's plan is to squeak victories electorally, and a Brown doing a loop from PA to MN would go a long way in push back on that and rebuild the blue wall there. That happens, Trump probably can't win.