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  1. Dang. Judge Sullivan all but yelling "Traitor! Traitor!" He's not wrong.
  2. Can someone tell me, is the Clinton Foundation still kicking?
  3. Slow night for Ovi. Only 1 goal? Jeez, now he's only on pace for 74.31 goals instead of 74.06 goals. Needs to play better.
  4. Vrana has developed very nicely and continues to grow, he'll be a staple for a long time.
  5. Ovi is now on pace for 12ty bajillion goals.
  6. Louise thinks there's an 80% chance its Pence. Heavy salted meal but this is probably what they'd do for someone of Pence's level. Few others would get something like this (Trump would, Pence would, maybe some big cabinet people would, ex-officials wouldn't, Jared and Ivanka...maybe?)
  7. Was that what the pool boy's name was?
  8. American Exceptionalism! Jacking off gets the economy going!
  9. Ovi is on pace for a stupid 68.33 goals this season. That would tie him for either 15th or 18th all time in goals scored in a season (the 66 in a season total he was on pace for with a single goal earlier in the game would be tied for 21st). Now that might not seem that amazing, especially in light of the fact that the top 14 have 70+ goal seasons. BUT, historically speaking, it's an amazing total, since only THREE, a measly THREE of the top 50 highest goal scoring seasons have occurred since 2000. Ovi 07-08, Stamkos 11-12, and Pavel Bure 00-01. (Ovi owns the highest total there, btw, with 65 tying him for 23rd). Indeed, only 8 of the top 100 goal scoring seasons have occurred since 2000, and Ovi owns 3 of those. Which is to say Ovi's pace this season is on par with the pace the best players on the 70's and 80's having their best seasons, during a time when goalies didn't really know what the **** they were doing most of the time. If Ovi gets to 66 goals, it is honestly one of the most impressive accomplishments in NHL history. Players simply do not score 60+ goals anymore. Between 1970 and 1996, 60+ goals were scored 37 times, or on average more than once a season. Since then, only 2 players have hit 60+ goals, Ovi and Stamkos, in one season each. So not only cracking 60, but getting above 65, in this day and age, is an inhuman feat. And that's not even going into his age. A 66 at this point in the history in the NHL is as impressive, if not more impressive than Gretzky's 92 goal season in 81-82.
  10. Ovechkin is on pace for 11ty Bajillion goals this season.
  11. This is a polite way of telling her they are hanging her out to dry and disavowing all information re: her existence.
  12. How much time off an espionage sentence is bringing down the literal NRA worth? We're about to find out.
  13. DogofWar1

    NYMAG: Who is QAnon? The Storm Conspiracy, Explained

    Now here's a conspiracy theory we can ALL subscribe to: Springfield is Dracula.