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  1. Some of that could probably be said, but the treasonous acts part would likely be at the whims of the DOJ/AG, as that would probably be somewhere between grand jury evidence/results (which are not required to be released), classified, or (arguably) privileged. If nothing else, there'd be a court fight over whether Mueller could say those things, and undoubtedly Trump would try to prosecute him as a "leaker."
  2. Yeah, sure, but if he can't elaborate on how it's incomplete, then it doesn't do anyone much good. The Trump/GOP plan is to use any tiny amount of plausible deniability, no matter how tiny, to brush off issues with Trump as merely crazed rantings of the left. Even if Mueller said something so far as "Our investigation indeed covered the President, was a counter-intelligence operation, made numerous suggestions as to actions to DOJ, and the DOJ has released an incomplete report and not taken those actions" that too would just be brushed off, unless the underlying stuff could be brought up too.
  3. That depends is this "Mueller" Mueller or Unreasonably Redacted Mueller. Because Mueller Mueller has a lot. Unreasonably Redacted Mueller will have less, because, you know, of bad people trying to bury things.
  4. Eller to Wilson B E A UTIFUL We don't deserve Tom Wilson.
  5. Darn, so close. He uhh should probably pull the plug on that book of his...
  6. Man I hope they jail Stone. Anybody else does this, whoosh, toss in the clink.
  7. DogofWar1

    Election fraud in North Carolina

    Ah yes, the Steve King play. "VERILY do this thing that be against mine own interests, for I am a noble man who agrees with your noble acts! And let us not dwell upon the past..."
  8. It's basically unheard of at this point. As PokerPacker mentioned, the only two players who managed 60 in a season since 2000 were Ovi once and Stamkos once. It used to be a more common occurrence back in the day when goalies used an inferior playstyle, but since the introduction of the butterfly style, it pretty much doesn't happen. If Ovi were playing in the era of the stand-up goalie style, he'd probably have 1,000 goals by now. No joke.
  9. Yeah, okay, but, like, counterpoint; her emails.
  10. ^^Just noticed the tweet has a naughty word Seeing this makes me hurt in a very lawyerly way. That moment where a client does something so monumentally stupid that you have to start damage control immediately or they will be sitting in jail (and blame you for their sitting in jail) is the moment where you realize that, yes, you are now a lawyer. And people are stupid. But this is Roger Stone so its more funny than anything.
  11. Roger Stone misses sleeping on his namesake apparently. Posting a picture of the judge in your case near a crosshair is a great, just outstanding, way to get your bond revoked.
  12. DogofWar1

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Beto O' Rourke was just DESTROYED. He's done. He lives in a HOUSE, which means his opposition to the wall is fake and bad.
  13. This is a most eloquent burn.
  14. Depends what you think is worse, someone who sneaks into the China shop once every couple days and steals something thereby causing the business to slowly lose revenue and leaves the back door unlocked when he leaves, or the bull who comes in the open back door and ruins the whole inventory all at once.
  15. Shameless self promotion.
  16. January 21, 2021. Republicans are declared a National Emergency. America is saved.
  17. They better hope it loses in court, because if not Judge Kavanaugh's drinking problem will rapidly become a national emergency.
  18. Anybody else feel like the sudden willingness to declare a national emergency plays into this? I mean, tomorrow is Friday. And the list of sealed cases is getting kind of long...
  19. Hello class, and welcome to problems in the media 101. Take your seats. Today's going to be quick because I just drank coffee and will need to take a nice long rumpledoo soon, but before you go, please look at these two items, and then tell me WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH US MEDIA next class. And if you're having trouble, read the article on the Harris one as well. K, thx, byeeeeee *runs towards bathroom leaving bewildered students in the room alone with the following on the projector*