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  1. Jericho

    Brett Rypien. Opinions?

    Some of the posts suggested much higher rounds, but I still think 5th-7th was the most likely. The fact he went undrafted is not super shocking given the difference between 7th rounder and not drafted is pretty negligible. But obviously a disappointment. Signing with Denver seems like an odd choice, but I suppose not terrible either as Flacco is not long for that team
  2. Jericho

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    I'm sure the team would hate it, but as a fan I'd enjoy seeing it. Still, it seems like the Raiders are the easy choice here...
  3. I'd say he was certainly on the outside looking in for a roster spot. But he was also a guy that made the 53 man roster straight from training camp in 2017. And now he can't even hold a spot on the 90 man roster to get to training camp less than two years later. Either his injury is still affecting his play or he was kept on pure potential and there are simply too many better options now. Or both.
  4. Yeah, seems like his stock fell hard and fast. Can't even crack the 90-man anymore?
  5. Jericho

    Way to early roster predictions

    Is he though? I was wondering why he wasn't listed, but he's not listed on the team's webpage: and is actually listed as a free agent by Wikipedia (not exactly the go to source, but surprisingly accurate): He hasn't accrued enough service time to be an unrestricted (or even restricted) free agent and the team didn't cut him. So at worst he'd be an exclusive rights free agent. And I saw some articles saying he was tendered back in March. Did Marshall simply not sign his deal yet? Or is the team's web page out of date (though it's usually pretty good)? Eventually I suspect he'll be around, but it's a little odd.
  6. Jericho

    Way to early roster predictions

    I think you're pretty much right, though there's some wiggle room on the positions and I'm sure injuries will take their toll. But if you wanted a real early 53, it would probably look like this: Offense (25) QB (3): Haskins, Keenum, McCoy. Smith to PUP. I doubt Woodrum even gets to the PS, but he has training camp to try and prove his worth RB (4): Guice, Peterson, and Thompson seem like locks. I'd suspect one more player makes it, but outside of Perine (who's very iffy), not sure who else would make it. I'm guess Love goes to the PUP and I think the only other RB on the roster currently is Russell Hansbrough. Well except for the one fullback, Elijah Wellman. WR (6): Doctson and Richardson should start, if healthy. I'm guessing Quinn has a strong shot at the slot. McLaurin is certainly on the 53 as a third rounder. That leaves Davis/Harmon/Sims likely the strongest bets for the final spots. Though Chesson is around (though I think McLaurin makes him expendable) and Quick is always around. Plus some interesting UDFAs TE (3): I'm guessing Reed, Davis, and Sprinkle and not sure there's much else close. But there's an assortment of blocking TEs in camp. This position could use another pick-up OL (9): Williams, Scherff, Roullier, and Moses should be starters. Flowers would have to be horrific not to make the cut. Christian should make it. The two draft picks, Martin and Pierschbacher, will likely make it and that would make 8. That leaves one spot. Hoping someone young steps up. The team had Catalina as an UDFA two years ago and Dunn last year. So maybe one of them? Bergstrom also looms Defense (25) DL (5): Payne, Allen, Ioannidis seem like locks. Settle and Brantley likely round this unit out OLB (4): Kerrigan and Sweat start. Anderson is a back up. And then it gets thin. I'd guess a guy like Brailford could earn a spot ILB (5): The two Fosters, Hamilton, Harvey-Clemons, and probably Cole Holcomb CB (7): Norman, Dunbar, Moreau all should be fine. I'd hope guys like Alexander, Stroman, and Danny Johnson would round out the group. Holsey and DRC also loom. Plus Moreland. Enough talent here that I actually pushed this to 7, which is really one too many S (4): Collins will start. I'm guessing Nicholson will too as this position is thin. And then I guess Everett and Apke, but it's a weak group. I still think one of the CBs could fit better here. Special Teams (3) K (1): Hopkins - no competition currently P (1): Way - no competition currently LS (1): Sundberg - Andrew East is still on the roster, but I'd assume this is Sundberg's as long as he's healthy
  7. Jericho

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    is there though? Crowder's gone and the only new guys are 3rd and 6th round draft picks. Of course everyone is young and theoretically improving. But it's still pretty weak overall. It's probably pretty comparable to 2018. But obviously the team will hope for some strides between this year and last.
  8. Ohio State may have had a lot of WRs drafted, but unfortunately most haven't done much. Michael Thomas is by far the best, Santonio Holmes had some good years. And then....Ted Ginn has been around a long time. Home McLaurin does better than some other of the draftees
  9. Agreed on Colt. While some call for his head, recall that he just signed his extension less than a year ago. Jay loves him. And he's the only QB on the team with any knowledge of the playbook (I'm not counting Alex Smith who's injured). Plus cutting him doesn't really save much. It's about $1.3 million total (and to the person that asked, its the same whether pre or post June 1 as Colt's in his last year of his contract). There's little reason to cut Colt unless you just really wanted the roster spot. Davis is far more cut-able given his salary (although he's also in his last year, so June 1 does not matter). But not sure what they'd do with the money or who'd they get to replace him at this point. So cutting Davis only makes sense if there's a specific reason.
  10. Optimistic for two main reasons: (1) There were rumors of potential franchise crippling moves (trading into the top 5 or drafting Daniel Jones) that would set the team back years. the team didn't do that and actually landed a pretty good QB prospect by sitting at 15; and (2) The draft was generally well run and smart. That said, I'm not sure these moves work. A lot rides on Haskins, but that's true of any QB selection. So there's risk regardless. But it was a well played move and at least I can applaud the method. The team still has serious needs and likely won't get good QB play in 2019 regardless of who starts. So I don't have a ton of hope for 2019, but I like where everything is headed.
  11. Jericho

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    This all seems very subjective though. Point 1 only matters if AJ Brown is good. It's quite possible the front office didn't value Brown as highly as you do. I'd also point out that the two 3rd rounders likely wouldn't have been enough to trade up high enough to get Brown, though you never know what a team might accept. But Brown went 51st overall. By trade value charts, the two thirds (76 and 96) aren't quite enough. I'd point out that the Rams traded 45th to New England for 56 and 101. Point 2 is basically McLaurin vs. Waring. You obviously prefer Waring. That's not universal though Point 3 is somewhat true. But I think your mis-remembering things a bit. Geron Christian was not considered a reach by many. Here's an profile rating him as a 2-3 round pick: Ditto Ryan Anderson, most considered him a likely 2nd rounder: Apke was certainly a reach, as was Nicholson the prior year. But then again, every team has picks like this. Martin seems to be the latest one. Point 4 I don't think is driven by position as much as the players available. But You take Anderson in part because you want more than 2 pass rushers and you'd like to have a replacement if/when Smith leaves. Or gets injured. Hindsight is very easy with the draft. Every team gets things wrong. Every team could have picked that guy or traded that pick. Washington makes plenty of errors. Bu tI don't seem the Redskins doing particularly worse than other NFL teams
  12. I'll bite, is it because he's while and from Carolina?
  13. Jericho

    Starting QB 2019???

    Are those the only two choices, because I'm not sure either is a good one. I will say rookie QBs generally play unless the team has an established alternative. Keenum really doesn't qualify as established (nor does McCoy), so it seems unlikely Haskins sits barring some terrible training camp.
  14. Jericho

    2019 Undrafted Free agency Thread

    This seems to be a decent list of all teams: