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  1. Well that was the most disappointing empty win. If Matt Stafford plays, Detroit wins easily. But instead Detroit starts a QB cut by the 0-11 Cincinnati Bengals during the season in which they have zero wins. And even then, it took pretty much the worst game Detroit could possibly play to lose. So the Redskins won, but it was against nothing of any consequence. So this team eeked out wins against Jeff Driskel and Josh Rosen. Players no one in the league thinks should be starting QBs. And the result is a worst draft position and tossing away the ability to trade down and recoup significant draft picks. Only the Redskins can screw up losing properly
  2. Jericho

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    I don't really get the Cousins comparisons here. Cousins was a red-shirt senior with 3 years of starting experience in college. He was 24 before he ever appeared on the field for the Redskins. He was more of a finished product when he was drafted. Haskins was a red-shirt sophomore with one year of college under his belt. That's very inexperienced for a QB. When you take a guy like Haskins, you know you're playing the long game. He's almost certainly not ready now. But he has two years to grow and become better. It's the same idea why most of the top picks in the NBA draft are freshman or young foreigners. Not college seniors. They may not be the best players right now, but odds are most of them will be better in two years. If you take Haskins, you have to give it some time or there was no point in taking him to begin with. The only exception to that I can see is if some uber prospect falls in your lap. Then maybe you think about your options.
  3. Jericho

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    A problem with letting fans make managerial decisions. Haskins may ultimately end up a bust, but 3.5 games on a terrible team with no real head coach is way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way too early to make any real determination. So to answer the original question, no it is not enough.
  4. Jericho

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    Outside of this season, the worst record the last four years was 7-9. That's not great, but hardly awful. Just really mediocre. And the talent level wasn't really any better than the record. So those were reasonable results given the players. That means we're really just talking about this year in terms of on the field performance. And the easy answer there is offense. 108 points ranks dead last in the league. In pure yards, the team does edge out the Jets and Dolphins. So it ranks 30th in total yards (26th in running, 31st in passing). That's because of a mediocre OL (at best) combined with poor QB play and overall poor receivers. The defense isn't bad, but it's not elite and when the offense consistently does nothing, it basically puts it all on the defense to do anything. That'll lose most weeks.
  5. Cincy seems in full out tank mode starting a 4th round rookie...but, they do play Miami, the Jets, and Cleveland twice among other teams to finish out the season. So you never know
  6. I see the team cut Shaun Wilson. Which was weird since the team seemed to go out of its way to have him make the 53 and then IR him. And then cut him from IR. It seems amazing that a 1-8 team simply has too much talent to make room for a 6th WR. Though it's not like the offense can actually throw the ball, so it's probably moot anyhow.
  7. Anyone brought in could bring locker room issues. So its a possible risk, but it's not like Josh Gordon has a rep for being some locker room cancer. Drugs, yes. Cancer, no. New England did release him, but also acquired him and kept him around an additional season and tendered him a contract even while suspended by the league. So they liked Gordon enough after Season 1. Gordon clearly has his warts, but again he's virtually free. So the risk seems worth the potential reward.
  8. It's highly unlikely it would have been a 3rd or 4th rounder. It would be dependent on what contract Gordon signs in the offseason. Which, given the fact the Pats cut him and most of the league passed on him for virtually free, probably wouldn't be much. Then again, Breshad Perriman got $4 million dollars last offseason after a couple so-so game with the Browns while sucking hard and being free for months and months before that. So you never fully know... But I'm surprised there wasn't more interest in Gordon. I'm not even sure there would be much public criticism to an acquisition. He's not a spousal abuser. He's weird and he has drug issues (or has had). So sure, he's risky. But when the cost is basically zero, what's to complain about?
  9. Jericho

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Is it that crazy though? For one, Trent signed the deal. So he agreed to it knowingly full well of the guarantees. If he didn't like, he (or really his agent) could have negotiated more. And two, guaranteed or not, it's not like anyone really expects Trent to get cut. So he's still getting paid. A lack of guarantees is only really a problem if you get cut.
  10. Jericho

    Redskins vs Bills Prediction Thread: Fate Is The Weight Of Circumstances

    The Bills are the worst best team in football. Or the best worst team? They'll probably win 8-10 games and maybe even make the playoffs. But are they good? They're 5-2 and even played New England really tough. But also eeked out a 1 point win over the Jets and would have only beat Miami by 3 if they hadn't returned a late onside kick for a touchdown. Plus they beat the Bengals by 4 and the Titans (Mariota version) by 7. Those are not good wins. To round it out, they also beat the Giants. Counting now the Redskins, the Bills only seem a Cardinals team short of beating all the worst teams in football. And they still get the Jets and Dolphins again. I feel this game will be ugly, but I'd rather the Redskins bottom out.
  11. Jericho

    Are we just gonna ignore how terrible tre Quinn is

    My opinion on Quinn is three fold: (1) This is effectively his rookie season as he was injured for 90% of last year; (2) He's a late 7th round pick, so I don't expect much; and (3) The entire Redskins offense stinks. If Quinn turns into anything, that's a fantastic return for a 7th round pick. There's no reason to think he should be NFL starter quality 8 games into his career. That's not what 7th rounders should be. Before I rush to judgment, however, I'd say that: (1) I'd like to see Quinn get passes from a bona fide NFL starter; and (2) I'd have to acknowledge that guys like Cole Beasley or Julian Edelman or Danny Amendola took a few years themselves to get going in this league. The fact Quinn doesn't wow me so soon is really not indicative of anything (and let's set aside the offseason hype, which is 90% bogus for most players)
  12. Jericho

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Not really sure where this Howard sucks thing is coming from. Any decent metric rates him fairly well. He's young, talented, and reasonably productive. It's also true Bruce Arians doesn't really use Tight ends. So I can understand why he might be available and he's actually a nice get, if you can do it for a reasonable price. And the Redskins could use a tight end. But...with no 2nd rounder, what are the Redskins realistically trading here? Unless Tampa sells him on the cheap, there's not a match here.
  13. The team basically traded Ricky Williams for Champ Bailey and the #2 pick in the draft next year (LaVar Arrington). That's not bad
  14. I just came here to make sure someone posted the Dumb and Dumber gif. But is there at least one fan that possibly believes it? I feel like I being trolled. Jay Gruden wasn't the problem, so nothing's really fixed. Also, the team is still basically running Gruden's playbook anyhow. You don't switch schemes in a week. The only thing that's different is the quality of the opponent has weakened.
  15. Jericho

    Next Coach?

    Not sure this comment makes sense, are people suggesting the Redskins current coaches are better than Tomlin? I'm not the biggest Tomlin fan, it would seem similar to the Carolina Panthers hiring George Seifert. Great records with a stacked team, but he's not likely to turn much around here. But I think it's a moot point. Even if Tomlin somehow became available, why would he come here?