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  1. Jericho

    Starting QB 2019???

    Wow, everyone's hyper-inflating QB values in this thread. Apparently Daniel Jones is now a Top 15 pick and Kyler Murray is a top 5 pick. People should be fired immediately if either of those things come true
  2. Ben Kotwica left for the Falcons. Everything else is just speculation. That is all
  3. Jericho

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Never really thought about, but kind of amazing how sad that is. And as pointed out, 12 of the 13 that made the Conference Championship have made a Super Bowl (not the Vikings though). Though I'm kind of amazed and slightly pleased to join the Cowboys on this list, who normally have a pretty solid record. Sucks for us, but really sucks for them. Mutually assured destruction?
  4. I think the criticism of some of the local media guys is that they all missed the one genuine piece of news (Kotwica leaving) that has happened thus far. No one seemed to even know Kotwica was interviewing with other teams. And one of the "juicier" rumors that at least one of them floated out there was about the dissatisfaction of Callahan and Tomsula and how they wanted out. But when it was revealed Tomsula's contract is up, it severely hurt the credibility of that statement. Doesn't mean Callahan doesn't want out. Nor does it mean Tomsula enjoined his time here. But the rumor made it seem like Tomsula was begging to get out of his contract, which was clearly wrong. And then there was the Torrian Gray rumor. Which was at best premature and at worst flat wrong. So what we can say is no one seems to know the full picture of what's going on or else the Kotwica news would have broken earlier. The info that is put out there is at best misleading and only partially accurate. But it does seem like a lot of people want to jump to conclusions based on the faulty info. Which is human nature, but is still flawed. I think the end conclusion here is no one really knows what's fully going on
  5. Does he have a lot of choices though? He might, but most teams have either have a DC already or have gone out and hired one. Not to mention there are a few good candidates still out there (Vance Joseph, Steve Wilks). Let's not forget that post-Bountygate, most of Williams' jobs have been with his good buddy Jeff Fisher. Outside of Fisher world, his other two gigs were as a "senior assistant" for one year with the Titans and then the DC job with Cleveland, which he took about two years ago. Which I'm guessing was not widely viewed as a plum job (with Cleveland arguably viewed as the worst franchise in the league at the time, the team lacking talent, and Hue Jackson looking like a possible lame duck coach). Maybe Williams has rehabbed his image and enough time has passed post-Bountygate. But I still get the impression he has a tough time getting work and his options may be limited. A lot of the league still seems to view him as persona non grata given all the baggage he brings with him. As an aside, if guys like Bill Callahan or Jim Tomsula really want out, why not just quit/retire? You could pull a Bruce Arians and come back in a year. Its certainly not unheard of for coaches to leave like that. If these guys really want out, I suspect we'll see that if the team doesn't let them go. I guess they're hoping to have their cake and eat it too. If they can complain their way out, they get to work elsewhere without publicly quitting or leaving.
  6. Jericho

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    Too much for too risky a prospect. Haskins is a decent player, but is he really any better than Mahomes or Watson? Actually, I'd argue he's a worse bet than those guys just due to the lack of film. One year starters are inherently risky. And Mahomes and Watson were picked at 10 and 12. If you want to trade up that range, so be it. But I suspect Haskins will be overvalued based on the lack of good QB prospects.
  7. Jericho

    Clock Management

    Right, so are rewarding bad clock management due to someone else's screw ups? You can say Belichick "won" the match-up, but he still managed the clock poorly. It's not like Seattle didn't have time. It had 66 seconds and one timeout to run up to 4 plays from the 5 yard line. Easily enough time for three Lynch runs without evening having to use a timeout necessarily.
  8. Jericho

    Clock Management

    Belichick is good at a lot of things, but we're talking about the same guy who sat on multiple timeouts inside the last two minutes of Super Bowl XLIX? You know, the one where the Seahawks marched down the field and got inside the 5 yard line needing a TD to take the lead. Belichick let the clock bleed for reasons I can't figure out. Of course, it all worked out when the Seahawks foolishly threw a pass on second down (which was intercepted by Butler) rather than power run with Marshawn Lynch from the one yard line. So I guess it was all moot. But are rewarding Belichick for lucking out on a bad decision or are we crediting him with some evil genius by acting so stupidly, it caused the Seahawks to act even dumber? Point being, you can criticize virtually anyone's clock management. Had the Pats called timeouts then, they'd have roughly a minute left to time the game even if Seattle scored.
  9. Jericho

    An Offseason Plan

    I'd try and wait out the veteran QB market and sign who's left to a relatively cheap deal. There will be passable short term options. It starts with Foles and then you'll have Bridgewater and Flacco and Tyrod Taylor and even Bortles. or Fitzpatrick. And probably Case Keenum. They're not exciting options, but the Redskins can offer one of these guys a very strong chance to start, which most teams won't be able to.
  10. Jericho

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    People seem to be vastly overvaluing the QBs in this year's draft. Most draft years produce one bona fide starter. Occasionally a draft year produces more. I don't know what 2019 will bring, but being considered a weak class it seems unlikely more than one guy in this class actually becomes even as good as Joe Flacco. Which is a pretty low bar. Dwayne Haskins seems the best bet, but one year starters are even riskier than the typical QB pick. It seems people are trying to talk themselves into the 3rd or 4th or 5th best QB in this class. Even worse, they want to burn a high pick on these likely back up options. And then start said player? That just seems to be a recipe for disaster. I get this team badly needs a young QB. But drafting a young QB just to say it was done, regardless of talent level or cost is a terrible move. If a good player falls to the team, then make the move. It did it years ago with Kirk Cousins. So it can be done. But it didn't pick Cousins in the first round or second or even third. Trading up has led this team to pick guys like Ramsey or Campbell or Griffin. The first two were not widely considered 1st round talents. You really have to love a guy to trade up and give significant assets. I just don't see that guy in this draft. So I hope the team plays it sane and reasonable. And maybe there's decent value when one of the picks comes up
  11. Jericho

    ProFootballTalk : Zach Brown On This Organization

    Fire Gruden to avoid Hard Knocks? Not the worst strategy. Although you can always beg to be off it. The NFL gave the Browns a pass one year since they had Johnny Manziel and thought it would detract from his rehab. Then again, the Browns were on last year with Josh Gordon and whatever he does. Maybe the NFL hopes the Redskins aren't chosen to avoid highlighting Reuben Foster (who will surely get some suspension)
  12. Having a cheap good QB is invaluable, which normally means a player on a rookie contract. IT just opens up so much more money for the rest of the roster. But there's no harm in paying an elite guy big money either. I think the problem becomes when you pay mediocre guys big money. That makes it much harder on everyone (though Baltimore got in despite Flacco's onerous salary). Ultimately this is a criticism of Cousins (among others). You could argue where he ranks among NFL starters, but her's probably near the middle. Certainly not bad and certainly starter worthy. But if you have to pay top dollar to get that production, it's pretty disappointing and he's not so great to make up for deficiencies elsewhere (as opposed to say Brees)
  13. Jericho

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Agreed, these mocks, particular not from the big names, always seem to overrate skill position players (QBs, RBs, and WRs) This seems like an absolute best case scenario for most of these guys. I'm not even sure 12 QBs get drafted at all, let alone 6 near the first round. This is a weak class. And sure, teams tend to overdraft QBs. But in a strong class, only 13 QBs got drafted in 2018 and only 10 in 2017. Back in 2015 it was only 7. And that's including some usual 7th round flyers
  14. Jericho

    ProFootballTalk : Zach Brown On This Organization

    I was thinking about this the other day. Unless some team volunteers (which no one does unless you're the Cowboys), the criteria they use eliminated all but about 5 teams I believe. My list of eligible teams: NY Giants, Redskins, Lions, 49ers, and Raiders Teams can make themselves ineligible by one of the following three methods: 1) Make the playoffs once in the last two years (19 teams eliminated): Cowboys, Eagles, Bears, Vikings, Falcons, Panthers, Saints, Seahawks, Rams, Bills, Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, Titans, Colts, Jaguars, Texans, Chiefs, and Chargers 2) Have a first year head coach (8 more): Packers, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Jets, Dolphins, Bengals, Browns, Broncos 3) And if that fails, you can bow out by being on the program in the last 10 years: everyone that qualified here already made themselves ineligible So the question is, which of those teams makes the best story? I still think the Giants based on some star power (Beckham, Barkley) and the large market. But then again, there's the Mara magic factor
  15. Jericho

    Per TMZ: Reuben Foster Cleared of Charges

    I'm sure it's been said before, but I found it somewhat hypocritical for Witten to come out so strong against Fosters/the Redskins for a mere accusation when the dude played on a team with Ezekiel Elliott who went through very similar things. Where was his strong position back then against Elliott? Maybe I missed it, but it seemed like he was the supportive teammate and not critical of the team/Elliott for keeping him around.