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  1. Watson would be very interesting. He's a guy that I would spend good assets for. Instead of vastly overpaying for Stafford (based on speculated deals), I'd re-direct those assets and then some towards Watson. I still don't think Houston deals him, but that's someone worth trading a first rounder for (in fact more than one). Stafford, IMO, isn't even worth one first rounder. Given this team needs a QB, I get the incentive to do something now. The team probably will. But this might be the rare situation where there's a pretty good move to actually make rather than overpay for the "best available
  2. Heinecke played well. Wouldn't mind bring him back, but it's also one game so I wouldn't think he's the solution necessarily. But what exactly is Heinecke's status? I'd imagine he'd still be a restricted free agent at best as I didn't think he accrued enough service time to be unrestricted. But I really don't know that much about his prior NFL "history" (which appears to be mainly bench riding). EDIT - Actually it looks like he may have accrued a few years with Minnesota prior to his one year in Carolina (and a few stops in between and since). Still not a ton of actie roster time,
  3. Man these options suck. Hilton looked absolutely washed for half the season until coming alive lately. But you're basically trying to squeeze 1-2 seasons out of him. Robinson will be a third contract guy, so I'd pass. Good player, but his last free agency was the right time to strike (instead Washington landed Richardson). Godwin will probably be tagged or re-signed, making it moot. Watkins is always hurt and may just retire. If you can't put up numbers with Mahomes, do you really want that? That might make Corey Davis the "best" option. Maybe Samuel? But it's scraping the barrel for something
  4. Having flashbacks to posters wanting to go after AJ Green last offseason.
  5. Half those guys their existing teams gave up on them: Allen (was traded for little by Carolina), Brissett (traded by New England for not much), and Rypien (cut twice by Drnver). Byron Allen? Not sure who you are talking about, but I'm guess Brandon Allen. The guy that was cut multiple times by multiple teams and freely available to any team half way through this season? Neither Beathard or Nick Mullins have proven anything over any sustained period. Rudolph was terrible filling in for Big Ben last year. Pretty comfortable saying there are zero starters in there. Just because one guy looked bri
  6. Option a doesn't sound like a serious investment. That's a Mike Glennon type contract. Or more recently Jacoby Brissett. $15 million buys you guys no one want wants as a starter and probably should be a back-up. Which, is probably an improvement over the current roster, but if that's the major "splash" at the position, likely still leaves you with one of the worst QB rooms in football. Option b depends on who is really available and cost. Stafford might be the one guy that's plausible here, if the Lions make him available. Matt Ryan could be too, but he's several years older and th
  7. I think it's largely home based fan delusion. Alex has had a nice career. But he's always been limited as a player and the fact he's won two playoff games total as a QB helps reinforce his mediocrity. No matter how good the rest of the team is (and Alex has played on some pretty strong SF and KC teams), one also has to acknowledge the obvious limitations. Try to make the playoffs with Alex Smith might be possible, but winning the Super Bowl is like trying to draw to an inside straight. Sure, it could happen, but it's a very poor bet. One also has to be cognizant that the Alex Smith in his prim
  8. I agree that you likely don't get Stafford for a 3rd. But that's what he's wroth, IMO. You shouldn't overpay because someone else will overpay more. That's bad logic. As for Sam Darnold, not sure who want to give up a third rounder for a guy that's hitting the last year of his rookie contract (unless you pick up the option) and hasn't been able to be a bona fide starter. If someone is, more power to them. But I'd again say don't overpay because someone else can or will.
  9. Not sure I understand the concept that Detroit "has never invested in their run game". Since picking Stafford in 2009, Detroit has drafted Jahvid Best in the first round, Ameer Abdullah in the second round, Mikel Leshoure in the second round, Kerryon Johnson in the second round, and D'Andre Swift in the second round. Yes, none of them became difference makers, but that's four seconds and a first rounder at one position. That's more high picks than Washington has spent at the position in the last 50 years. And that's just since Stafford has been on the team. Detroit also drafted thr
  10. Kendall Fuller and a 3rd for whoever Kansas City's starting QB is. I think they'll like that kind of deal
  11. There's some truth to this. But we also act like there's been some massive advance in modern medicine in the last ten years that affects everyone the same. Which there hasn't been. Remember, Eli Manning was effectively done as a difference maker by 36 (that's when the Giants were benching him). Carson Palmer's last really good year was at 36. A guy like Matt Schaub was done as a starter at 32. Joe Flacco was done as a starter at 33/34. And yeah, I agree that not all QBs are the same and I'm sure many would argue Stafford is better than some or all of the QBs I just mentioned. I don't necessari
  12. I'm guessing it was RG3? Hope Young's career goes better than that
  13. Stafford's a pretty decent QB, but the most I'd give up for him is a third rounder. Too often teams pay for past performance and Stafford has something of an injury history, even if he doesn't always miss games. The age thing shouldn't be written off either. Brunell, McNabb, and Alex Smith were all the same basic age as Stafford will be next year, and frankly 2 of those 3 were washed up by the time they got to Washington. Players aging like Brady is pretty rare and none of them have Stafford's injury history. He always seems a bit banged up with something. I admire his ability to often tough i
  14. Stafford's not bad, but likely expensive. I fully expect if Washington somehow trades for him, he gets injured within three games and goes out for the year. He'll be 33 next year and QBs don't tend to get healthier as they age. Stafford always seems banged up with something, even though he often guts through it. Eventually that's going to catch up with him. And possibly all at once.
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