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  1. As McCaffrey barely played in 2020 (I think it was parts of 3 games), I think 2020 was basically Samuel without McCaffrey already.
  2. A bust is one team screwing up. An undrafted stud is 32 teams screwing up. Repeatedly. It does happen, but it's not super common as teams tend to be well run. And it's way more likely at certain positions. With Heinicke, you have to go a level deeper. He not only was undrafted, but has been cut by multiple NFL teams. How many good players have that resume? And how many of them are QBs? Look, it's pretty impressive what Heinicke has managed to do. 99% of players like him would be out of the league at this point. So kudos to him for still being able to get a job. But that
  3. I'm not sure who is penciling in Patterson as a "major contributor", though I suppose you can find anything on the internet. Patterson does stand a good chance to make the final 53. Though I think that speaks to how weak the team's RB room is as much as anything. But even beyond that, the number of successful undrafted RBs is long. The number of successful undrafted QBs, particularly in the last 20 years or so, is very very very short.
  4. Pretty much anyone is practice squad eligible under the new CBA, but there are limits. Teams can have a maximum of four players who have earned no more than two accrued seasons. The new CBA also allows for two players with unlimited accrued seasons on the practice squad (this number increases to four players beginning in 2022). The bigger question is if they'd pass through waivers? Probably depends on how they show in the pre-season.
  5. Curl is a strong safety. But Collins isn't get cut this year. Assuming that we're talking about making Collins a post June 1 cut (when training camp would happen), there's negligible gain to cutting him. Meaning he's worth the same to the team on or off the roster. The bigger issue is that his 2021 base salary ($12,500,000) became fully guaranteed on the 5th day of the 2021 league year. Otherwise only $5 million was guaranteed. There was a window to cut Collins an a void an additional $7,500,000 cap hit. The team didn't take it. It's not going to suddenly take the hit now.
  6. Bostic would be better as a back-up. Ditto with Mayo. Both have hit free agency and seen ice cold markets. We know what they are at this point and the league agrees. I'm not saying they have literally no attributes, but we know what they are and they aren't starters. Holcomb is okay. Davis has upside, but is unproven. Hudson barely played as a rookie and was a fifth round pick. Yeah, he's young. But that does not mean he'll ever been good. And then it's into the guys that are just bouncing around the fringes of the league. You can include Toney somewhat here too, but he's a late 7th rounder.
  7. Way early Final 53 projection. Obviously injuries will happen and the rookies are a complete unknown. But we're probably looking at something like Offense (26) QB (3): Fitzpatrick, K. Allen, Heinicke Comments: Two to three spots in theory, but I think this position has been locked in for some time. The only real question is who is the game day back up for Fitzpatrick? RB (4): Gibson, McKissic, Barber, Patterson Comments: Three to four spots. Gibson and McKissic seem like locks. Patterson in part because he's young and has some upside and the rest of the competit
  8. My guess is that the team keeps 9 DL (for four spots) and 5 to 6 LBs (for 3 spots). So you effectively have a full set of reserve backups for each position. Bada doesn't count against the ninety, so it's more like 9/13 and 6/9. I could also see the team keeping only 5 LBs if it needed room elsewhere (say OL) on the 53.
  9. - Not sure who who'd expect to be a June 1 cut. All those players should be already cut with a June 1 designation. There's little reason to wait until June 1 unless a trade was being attempted. Seems like Kerrigan or bust. - The team could really use something better at TE, I'm just note sure there's anything really out there. For many fans, they seem to think Bates and maybe Reyes make the 53, but that's a lot to ask of a 4th round rookie and someone who has literally never played the sport. - Agreed on Bostic. It's not great. But again, not sure what could be out there at this poin
  10. Yes. A practice squad player can decline to sign elsewhere. They generally don't decline such an opportunity for the reasons already stated. But it is possible. You can also pay practice squad players more to not leave.
  11. There really aren't a lot more cuts coming. There will eventually be the big cut down to 53. And teams will constantly tinker on the back end of their 90 man roster. But there's little reason at this point to just cut good useful players. Post draft typically has the last small wave.
  12. They're really going out of their way to not even look at undrafted free agents. Last year's four was by far a leaguewide low, and now they're down to one without having a single additional guy in for tryouts. Ron hates UDFAs
  13. All this Austin Reiter talk and he's just sitting there as a free agent. Can never have too many free agents But yes, it was Cleveland that signed Reiter off Washington's practice squad. He then tore his ACL almost immediately. Stuck around another year in Cleveland before the team waived him on cut-down day. Kansas City claimed him off waivers (Washington could have claimed him, but did not).
  14. But guys like Ramsey and Campbell were pretty weak tries. Basically second round guys the team overdrafted in the late first. Odds of success there are likely less than 10 percent. Griffin was a hard swing. Haskins was a solid swing...sort of. It seemed the league as a whole did not like Haskins nearly as much as the draft "experts". But he still was a better prospect than either Ramsey or Campbell. Ramsey and Campbell were hail mary type moves. Reasonably high picks, but mediocre talent with little upside. In 20+ years, that's not a lot of effort.
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