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  1. Jericho

    Are we just gonna ignore how terrible tre Quinn is

    My opinion on Quinn is three fold: (1) This is effectively his rookie season as he was injured for 90% of last year; (2) He's a late 7th round pick, so I don't expect much; and (3) The entire Redskins offense stinks. If Quinn turns into anything, that's a fantastic return for a 7th round pick. There's no reason to think he should be NFL starter quality 8 games into his career. That's not what 7th rounders should be. Before I rush to judgment, however, I'd say that: (1) I'd like to see Quinn get passes from a bona fide NFL starter; and (2) I'd have to acknowledge that guys like Cole Beasley or Julian Edelman or Danny Amendola took a few years themselves to get going in this league. The fact Quinn doesn't wow me so soon is really not indicative of anything (and let's set aside the offseason hype, which is 90% bogus for most players)
  2. Not really sure where this Howard sucks thing is coming from. Any decent metric rates him fairly well. He's young, talented, and reasonably productive. It's also true Bruce Arians doesn't really use Tight ends. So I can understand why he might be available and he's actually a nice get, if you can do it for a reasonable price. And the Redskins could use a tight end. But...with no 2nd rounder, what are the Redskins realistically trading here? Unless Tampa sells him on the cheap, there's not a match here.
  3. The team basically traded Ricky Williams for Champ Bailey and the #2 pick in the draft next year (LaVar Arrington). That's not bad
  4. Jericho

    11-5 Finish, Tell Me It Can Happen, Please....

    I just came here to make sure someone posted the Dumb and Dumber gif. But is there at least one fan that possibly believes it? I feel like I being trolled. Jay Gruden wasn't the problem, so nothing's really fixed. Also, the team is still basically running Gruden's playbook anyhow. You don't switch schemes in a week. The only thing that's different is the quality of the opponent has weakened.
  5. Jericho

    Next Coach?

    Not sure this comment makes sense, are people suggesting the Redskins current coaches are better than Tomlin? I'm not the biggest Tomlin fan, it would seem similar to the Carolina Panthers hiring George Seifert. Great records with a stacked team, but he's not likely to turn much around here. But I think it's a moot point. Even if Tomlin somehow became available, why would he come here?
  6. None of Cousins, Garcon, or Jackson were worth the contracts they signed. Garcon's was especially a dumpster fire. Jackson was merely overpaid and dumped by Tampa to move up from the 7th rounder into the 6th round of the draft. Not sure what happens on Cousins, but there's serious buyer's remorse there. Extended all three would have likely led to something very similar the team had last year. At least pre-Smith injury. Garcon would be retired. Jackson would be injured somehow, and Cousins would be sort of...okay. None of that is on Gruden, I agree. But overpaying for a possible 8 win season isn't exactly exciting either. It's not just a theory, but borne out by the numbers which had the team as the 4th worst in football. And some of that was weighted downwards by bad QB play (Mark Sanchez specifically) post-Smith. But it's not exactly a quality squad.
  7. Ryan Anderson, Mr. Swiss Army Knife and Dwayne Haskins, cause why not?
  8. I tried to look it up and did find that the 2000 Bengals "lost" Bruce Coslet after three games (0-3). But he technically resigned. That seems to be the "modern" record. Funny enough, I actually remember it now. I watched his last game as the Bengals were playing the Ravens. I remember have some Bengal in fantasy football and the Ravens were up big by half time, so I figured I could get some garbage time fantasy points. Instead the Bengals kept running the ball for zero yards over and over and ended up with roughly 100 yards passing. It's like they literally gave up and didn't even try to score. Coslet resigned the next day. So I guess he did give up. But there were some other close contenders: the 2008 Rams dumped Scott Linehan after 4 games (0-4), which is exactly how long the the 2008 Raiders gave Lane Kiffin that same year (1-3). The 2005 Rams Mike Martz got axed after 5 games (2-3).
  9. Jericho

    Robert Davis and Adonis Alexander released.

    Appears Robert Davis finally landed...with the Eagles: Adonis Alexander is still available for work. Any takers? Anyone? Bueller?
  10. This is pretty much what I was trying to say, but I feel this puts its more eloquently
  11. I thought Cunningham got hurt, just couldn't remember exactly what. Still, a bit surprised they didn't waive him instead (as injured). Maybe they'll wait until he's cleared by the doctors. Who knew Jeremy Sprinkle was such the iron man?
  12. He went to Alabama you say? Well why not add 5th TE. A little surprised about McKinzy. I guess Noah Spence moved ahead of him. But what's the deal with TE? Is the team really keeping 5 guys?
  13. I'm not sure what good firing a coach 5 games into a season does. Particularly the brutal early schedule the Redskins had. Even the most optimistic of fans would likely have taken 2-3 as an absolute best case scenario, and even that seems wildly optimistic. So you knew the team would start slowly. If you're going to fire Gruden, it should have happened in the off-season. Otherwise, you might as well ride out the season. Unless Gruden was actively hurting the team (and as much as some don't like Jay, I don't think anything has really changed from the last few years). I tend to think firing coaches mid-season in the NFL is an exercise in futility. It's not like other sports. Systems take months to implement and no one taking over will have any real ability to change much. So it's basically being a caretaker for someone else's bad team. If anything, it heightens the possibility this all spirals out of control and the team completely craters (and no, that has not happened yet). Which at least gives them a high draft pick. But it generally does nothing for 2019. Everyone's in limbo without any real boss around. That generally does not go well and riding that wave for 11 more weeks is risky.
  14. I highly question if this is true. Or at least the part about being "very, very angry and hostile". It's great clickbait and who's really going to question it? People hate Allen and Snyder, so why not believe it? It's easy to pile on. And sure, I doubt Allen and/or Snyder are thrilled at the Nats or Caps success. They're competitors of sorts. Not in the same sport or same league, but if one sports team succeeds, it does make the other ones look bad. So its believable to say someone might not be thrilled by it. But it would seem excessive to say it's hostile. But I can't 100% rule it out either. Just very dubious.
  15. Jericho

    Robert Davis and Adonis Alexander released.

    A little surprised the team didn't put Robert Davis back on the PS. Maybe Davis didn't want to? He wasn't claimed and hasn't (as yet) signed elsewhere.