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  1. Just an FYI, but these plays cannot be challenged anymore.
  2. I generally thought the idea was to save the timeouts for after the first potential score. When you're down two scores, the only two ways to really get the ball back without the other team bleeding the clock is: (1) an onside kick; or (2) to use the timeouts. As an onside kicks now fails 97% of the time, it at least gives a plausible chance, even though scoring twice seems unlikely with this team.
  3. Only somewhat so. Other teams can still sign those players away, one just have to do it before Tuesday afternoon (Wednesday For teams that play Monday night). Otherwise they are locked in for the week. But it's only a small restriction. Probably generally designed to help protect players you may choose to elevate at game time, should a team choose to do so. Also, this happened:
  4. You've got to accentuate the positiveEliminate the negativeAnd latch on to the affirmativeDon't mess with Mister In-BetweenYou've got to spread joy up to the maximumBring gloom down to the minimumHave faith or pandemonium'sLiable to walk upon the scene
  5. Factually true, though Rodgers and Vujnovich were never expected to make the team to begin with. Though apparently Rodgers is now on Philly, who previously picked up Caleb Wilson. They love Washington TE castoffs. Too bad Washington's TEs are probably the worst in the league, so imagine the cuts.
  6. I think it's just one as David Steinmetz also officially signed (was rumored previously). Here's the team list: https://www.washingtonfootball.com/team/players-roster/ I'm guessing a RB would be the last spot
  7. Alex Smith hasn't even taken real live snaps yet, no way he's #2 at this point
  8. I'm guessing those last few practice squad spots are likely coming from outside the organization/cuts. Could really use a RB and probably at least one more CB. Plus, would be nice to have something more interesting at WR
  9. Keim also stated Ross Pierschbacher and Cam Sims to the Practice Squad And this seemed all too predictable:
  10. Anyone they would have worked out yesterday couldn't even make it to the final cuts with any team. I suspect that's more for practice squad than anything. If you're going to IR Fuller, most likely you'd seek someone just cut
  11. Not sure there really will be a lead guy. More of a committee, as guys like Gibson and McKissic aren't really built to rush 20+ times a game. But they will get touches, both rushing and passing. Barber is likely to get the most carries, but ideally Love takes over his role at some point during the season.
  12. I think Timon Parris (yes, a tackle) has a good shot at the practice squad. Possibly Joshua Garnett and potentially Ross Pierschbacher. But yeah, any of the camp bodies at receiver - Trey Quinn, Cam Sims, Tony Brown, Jester Weah, and Johnathan Johnson could make it. Not all of them, but at least 3 makes sense. Hale Hentges probably sticks at TE. Possibly Steven Montez at QB. Jordan Brailford is a good bet. David Bada is essentially a free spot. Possibly Donald Payne. Maybe Aaron Colvin. Probably Jeremy Reaves. Maybe even Nate Orchard. That's 16 guys I just named, but that's including all 5 rec
  13. Looks like Lucas gt the nod over Garnett. Official moves:
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