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  1. I thought the same. There is NO WAY! He couldn't escape my 9 year old kid with that limp, let alone Kalil Mack or Aaron Donald. I love the guy and I'm pulling for him but it just doesn't add up.
  2. Incredible story! Yours too. I broke tib/fib plus pilon fracture of ankle by slipping on ice 3 years ago. My leg was sideways. I do the grandpa shuffle whenever there is ice or water on the ground now. I can only imagine 300 lbs. lineman falling at my feet!
  3. Awesome ty! My thoughts exactly. I'm really praying that if changed, we go back to the 'Braves' and we keep the Native American helmet logo and color scheme.
  4. What about... Washington Skins? Much like the Tampa Bay Devil Ray's went to Tampa Rays?
  5. Yeah, I dont see how they're going to pull it off. I trust Fauci's opinion. I just dont see how they can logistically do this? Traveling, lodging, etc. What happens if states have to shut down again? What happens when 4 or 5 players on a team test positive. What happens if Patrick Mahomes tests positive and has to isolate for 2-3 weeks? It is going to be a logistical nightmare! I just dont see it.
  6. Thank you for your service to this Country evmiii. And thank you for speaking on this! You nailed it. This has never been about the flag. Anyone complaining that it is a symbol of disrespect, take a look around you during the National Anthem at a sports event. Notice how many people are not removing their hats, talking, attention elsewhere, changing the words of the song, etc. Compare that to Kaepernick and others peacefully kneeling as a voice to raise awareness for citizens of this Nation that cannot/will not be heard from a smaller stage. The main issue f
  7. He's not alone! This will be league wide and Goodell will support their actions. And with all my love, respect and gratitude towards our flag and what it represents, I will too. I'm listening!
  8. We need to start looking at this differently. It's not about the one player. Sure Adams is the more talented safety. But why would we want to try and upgrade talent a bit for the sake of trading a proven defensive leader? A team leader? It's not how good teams do business. That's what Snyder-era teams do. Before the RR regime of course. "The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts." Just ask New England, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Baltimore, Tennessee, Colts, Saints, etc.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/drobalwayzopen/status/1261363343656464386
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