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  1. Exactly. That's why this is coming out so early in the week. If RR was truly considering rotating Heinicke/Smith, we wouldn't be hearing about it until Thursday or Friday.
  2. That was back in October. A small 4 week sample with a new offensive system and new teammates. I wonder what his passer rating is now?
  3. As much as RR wants this division title, I think he understands that this is year one of "the process". He knows this is the beginning. Playing with house money right now. At least enough understanding to curb some of the anxiety.
  4. Well said. Totally agree. But did I miss something? Have they named TH the starter? I thought Alex was a go?
  5. Bingo. And not to mention. We did have some moderate success with Brad Johnson and Mark Brunell and one year of RGIII.
  6. Not to mention this was a case of Ron believing that the QB that gave us the best chance to win yesterday's game was Haskins. Not a redemption decision.
  7. I completely agree. Only thing I'd argue to a point is Ron not putting Hienicke to start second half. Ron did state that his decision to start Haskins this week was based on how he finished the Seattle game. Add in the fact that the 1st half deficit wasn't necessarily entirely on DH but on special teams fumble, receivers dropped passes. Not to mention the time consuming drive that Carolina had delayed the entrance of Hienicke even more. It was clear that Haskins wasn't seeing the field and moving the ball but I dont think we can put it on Ron.
  8. Yes. Seattle won their division so they can't be 5 seed. Comes down to Bucs or Rams with Bucs owning their own destiny for 5th seed. We would only play the Rams if Rams beat Arizona and Bucs lost to Falcons. I'd put my money on facing Tampa in first round if we win. Especially with Goff having dislocated his thumb.
  9. That's exactly what that was. "I'm going to exaggerate my leadership skills to show everyone I'm a leader, even after being benched.". It reminded me of Jameis Winston's "Eat that W" pre game speech. Forced and cringey as hell! In his defense though he's learning how to deal with his pride and ego taking a huge hit. He cant get out of his own way.
  10. There was a report of Moses in uniform trying to talk to a fully dressed Haskins in the parking lot after the game. Implying that he was trying to get Haskins to stay...
  11. Prob not but I think what he is doing is maintaing and creating more unity. He is not letting this consume the locker room
  12. I thought the same. There is NO WAY! He couldn't escape my 9 year old kid with that limp, let alone Kalil Mack or Aaron Donald. I love the guy and I'm pulling for him but it just doesn't add up.
  13. Incredible story! Yours too. I broke tib/fib plus pilon fracture of ankle by slipping on ice 3 years ago. My leg was sideways. I do the grandpa shuffle whenever there is ice or water on the ground now. I can only imagine 300 lbs. lineman falling at my feet!
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