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  1. This is what I'm really hoping for. He would create so much for opening up our offense. Think about how dynamic this offense will be. Not necessarily with my eyes on this year but next and beyond. I'm not looking at it as giving up a good amount of draft capital for a TE. We would be giving up a good amount of draft capital for a piece to this "offensive puzzle" to go along with this elite defense. Really hoping its Pitts.
  2. Yeah I agree. Not to mention they're missing the most important detail that they'd be able to land Jones at 12.
  3. It could be. But I think in it's most simplistic form, they just aren't forcing pegs into the holes. We're not adding if we dont see him as part of the puzzle for this year and beyond. There is no urgency. Dont worry. Ron will get his guys.
  4. Meh. I would.... Got some personalities on this team. Would love for my boys to get to see some of them up close and personal being here in Giants Country.
  5. Man, I kind of wish we didnt make the playoffs last year. We would have be a prime candidate for 'Hardknocks' this season. How entertaining would it have been with this bunch?
  6. Some people also forget that it generally takes receiver 3 years to bust out. That 3rd year is usually the year things click for many receivers.
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