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  1. I guess you have to define "packed." The team was doing well in the first half of the 2018 season, but the stadium was fairly empty.....probably some of it was due to Lafemina not playing in the secondary market and thus seats not being available for the normal discounted prices on Stubhub. In 2019 the team sucked of course. In the seasons immediately prior to 2018 the team was reporting sellouts, but the eye test at the games showed that wasn't the case. The first-place finish and young talent we have should help, and there might be pent-up demand from the inability of fans to at
  2. It was a full 10 years ago when they started tearing seats out of the stadium, showing for sure that the waiting list was bogus.
  3. While Ben Domenech is a full Trump fanboy, I couldn't see Meghan McCain voting for Trump under any circumstances, just because of what Trump has said about her dad. I honestly think that Twitter should end the ban on Trump and just let him go nuts. Just because the guy can't help himself and doesn't realize that "less is more." More constant displays of the narcissism he displayed on social media like he did during his entire presidency will just serve to further alienate voters and could even give GOP voters (although this might be a stretch) reason to turn toward others in the
  4. Since the WFT is paloff-bound, this might be premature, and I know the exact dates of the games won't be out until at least April, but was wondering if anyone has seen a good source at least of the locations of the games we are playing. I know, aside from the division, we are playing the NFC South, AFC West, the Packers, the Seahawks, and likely the first-place team from one of the other AFC divisions (if recent reports about how the league is handling the 17-game season are to be believed). What I'm most curious about is where we are playing the AFC West opponents. Nor
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