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  1. Just curious....where are you seeing 11/01? I'm looking at the dates on each of the quadrants shown and to me they all show as 11/03.
  2. So what is the story on the GA video posted by Cali? Anyone out there commenting?
  3. I don't think that scenario should count as a covid death. I struggle with the scenario though. If such a bypass procedure was cancelled by the provider, then that's an indictment on the health care system. However, if the patient cancelled it due to fears of being around a medical facility during covid, then that's on the individual. Either way, there needs to be a 9/11-type commission at some point on how this could've been handled better across the board.
  4. TD, it is likely that you have a larger social circle than I do, since I'm mainly limited to folks at work and a few people who live in my building. But I have yet to meet a person who says "we probably shouldn't have shut down to the extent we did" who also follows up with "but I know this thing is serious and know that we had to do something." Nope......its always "hoax" and "should've left things open to play out" and "all of these deaths are from something else besides covid." It is what it is. Its kind of like in the run-up to the election and in the aftermath. Everyone on h
  5. I do legitimately feel for certain business owners who have been adversely impacted by the situation, and hope that any future stimulus is smartly targeted to such people. But again, do you hear many people who (correctly) acknowledge the economic impact also acknowledge the serious nature of the virus? No, they claim the virus is fake, the people who are counted as covid deaths actually died from something else, we haven't had any additional deaths this year than normal, etc. Its in people's own words.
  6. Doesnt Congress also sort of certify the electoral votes on 6 January? Itll be interesting to see what kind of nonsense happens that day. I know a few Congressional Dems tried stunts in recent presidential elections, but I expect this time its gonna be more numerous.
  7. I do think its funny that probably the majority of the people who are in an uproar against the schools (and there is a legit debate as to what extent they should be closed) were, before the virus, were ****ing about how our schools were turning our youth into godless commies.
  8. Kinda agree, but it also goes hand in hand. Even with Covid, Trump probably wins a relatively close election if he could've acted like a leader from a PR standpoint. Instead, he does the same BS he did the previous three years.
  9. My first ever in-person NFL game was a preseason one against the Steelers at RFK in either 1974 or 1975.
  10. I can't speak to your situation, but I have yet to meet a person who takes any sort of reasonable position on the relative seriousness of the virus. Its always a variation of "only really old people die from it" and "how many of these supposed 270K people really died from it and not something else?" Sorry, but people's words tend to show their feelings.
  11. Great history lesson Ed! I've missed these, particularly since I recall these games you mention, when I can't even remember the score of the game we played two weeks ago 1991 was a magical year watching the Skins dominate, but the Steelers game that got us to 11-0 was one I missed, as I was driving back to DC from a weekend visit with my grandma who lived in NC. From the highlights, remember Gary Clark made a ridiculous one-handed diving catch deep down the right side, IIRC. Then a friend convinced my to go down to RFK and get scalped tickets (paid $125 for lower deck seats, wh
  12. I think the same thing that sunk Trump this election is going to sink his chances in 2024 if he decides to run......overexposure. The media is going to continue to cover every time this guy farts out a tweet over the next four years, to the point where I think even GOP voters are going to get tired of him.
  13. And yet another person who thinks Trump bears absolutely no responsibility for his defeat. Such people are truly lost.
  14. I remember all those years when we just couldn't seem to convert those third and short running plays. That key one against the Saints a few years back (2017) where we got stopped and Brees brought them back comes to mind. Seems like this season we are picking those up all the time now.
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