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  1. Good blog entry by Allahpundit on the "GOP vote for Bernie in open primaries" issue: https://hotair.com/archives/allahpundit/2020/02/26/trump-fans-south-carolina-urge-gop-voters-cross-vote-bernie-democratic-primary/
  2. hail2skins

    Extending Season to 18 games

    Thinking about it, if they are hell bent on going to 17 instead of 18, I think the rotating home games would be the fairest way to do it. That way a team can't complain that another team in their division or conference got a competitive advantage by having more home games (although it happens to a minor extent with the London stuff). Neutral site game? That is a lot easier said than done. Where would a Redskins vs (pick random opponent) neutral site game be held? Would it be at a place equidistant between the two cities? And you'd expect fans of both teams to travel to the place? No thanks.
  3. hail2skins

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Hoover, I'm not sure if there will be a correlation between the number of home preseason games and number of home regular season games Thinking about it, even though I'm all for more meaningful regular season of games, I'm not crazy about the notion of an odd number of games. Either leave it at 16 or go to 18. And the additional number of playoff teams is turning the NFL into another participation trophy league.
  4. hail2skins

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Just saw this picture today from just after the start to this year's Lions game, which we came into 1-9. I really hope we can get past this optic at FedEx while we're there...…..it looks terrible:
  5. hail2skins

    Does having a million dollars still qualify as rich?

    I think perhaps a decent goal would be for a couple in retirement to live within that 12 percent tax bracket as long as they can. I figure in 2020 that the 24K standard deduction puts one at around 105K total income to stay within that 12 pct bracket, and that probably equates to close to $7K per month after fed/state taxes and health insurance are taken out. Last year I ran across the blog esimoney.com that has some good entries, including interviews with retirees who break down what they spend their money on. They also have interviews with folks who have a million in worth.
  6. hail2skins

    Does having a million dollars still qualify as rich?

    TWA, say its "enjoy life on." For Corcaigh and China, have you actually budgeted that, like how that would break down across all the spending categories (home, travel, food, insurance, taxes, probably other things I'm missing)? I'm just curious about what people say. I'm striving to at least not have a mortgage or to at least be in a position where I can pay cash for a place if I desire (say, if I want to rent for 6-12 months in an area to decide whether I like it).
  7. hail2skins

    Does having a million dollars still qualify as rich?

    Question of curiousity: for those near retirement age currently, how much money per month do you expect to live on? This can include money from pensions, SS, and 401k.
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/dcherring/status/1231665005843468288
  9. hail2skins

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    I don't think we should expect our presidents to be complete humorless drones, but I feel like there is a disconnect between those who admire Trump for "speaking his mind, and telling it like it is" and the constant trolling. Is he the real deal, or someone who just puts on an act? Seems like his admirers answer to that question depends on the time of day...………..
  10. hail2skins

    1990: 30 Years Since The Season Before Super

    Apparently Playboy magazine also predicted the Skins to win it all before the 91 season and when Steve Buckhantz mentioned that to Gibbs (who publicly liked to tone down expectations), Joe went off on him.
  11. hail2skins

    1990: 30 Years Since The Season Before Super

    I feel Gibbs certainly would've gone for the perfect season if he was 15-0 heading into the last week. Although didn't the Colts coach (Caldwell) pull his starters in a game where the Colts were 14-0......they wound up going to the Super Bowl that year, but lost to the Saints.
  12. Going back to the OP, I think a decent question is whether youd prefer a 6-8 win season with Dwayne at the helmet or a 9-10 win season with Alex. I'd prefer the former, TBH. I know Smith was fairly solid in 2018 before his gruesome injury, but we drafted Haskins fairly high and he looked decent toward the end. Time to be future-looking.....anything else to me is pointless.
  13. We thought this when Shanny and Bruce came in and proceeded to win a whopping 11 games over the next two seasons. That said, I was encouraged with the way the team played over the last 6 games and agree that we should be able to be respectable. Dont think 7-9 isnt unreasonable to predict, but that's probably going to be my default until the Skins actually do surprise us with a 10+ win season. I do wonder what Vegas is seeing to assess this team as having the longest odds to win the Super Bowl.
  14. That is the weird thing. There was a poll shown last week which showed almost ALL of the black support that Biden lost going to Bloomberg. Like Biden was down 17 among blacks, and Bloomberg had gained 15.
  15. I'm not sure how or if the Skins commemorated the 20 or 25 year anniversary of the 1991 Super Bowl winning team, but next season will be the 30 year anniversary of that team. If you've seen the "America's Game" episode of the 1991 Skins, you'll remember that the program starts in the 1990 season. So of course 1988 was the season after the second SB win, but the Skins floundered down the stretch to finish 7-9, the only losing season under Gibbs 1. Then in 1989, a five-game run to end the season wasn't enough to overcome two heartbreaking losses at home to start the season and then some midseason struggles, including famously losing to a Cowboys team that wouldn't win another game all season. So two straight years of missing the playoffs, which, as hard to fathom now, was something Skins fans in the 80s weren't used to. So 1990 starts and business as usual as the Skins blast the crappy Cards. Then a loss at back-to-back SB champ San Fran. Next week and a gutty win over an improving Cowboys team, but Mark Rypien goes down with an injury. Next, Sunday night, and Stan Humphries puts everyone at ease in a great performance at AZ. The next three weeks are uneven, as the Skins squeeze in a tough win against Philly in between two losses to Parcells, the coach that Gibbs just had a hard time with in the 80s. Next was Detroit, and the Lions are up 17 in the 4th. Jeff Rutledge replaces an ineffective Humphries and leads the Skins back to an OT win. But then, Body Bag, as both Rutledge and Humphries get injured, leaving B-Mitch to mop up a brutal Monday night in Philly. Rypien returns the next week and leads the Skins to a solid home win against the Saints. But on Thanksgiving, the Cowboys give a preview of the team which will dominate the first half of the 90s, as Emmitt runs wild. At 6-5, Art Monk calls a players-only meeting, and the team responds by winning four of the last five, including a thrashing of a solid Miami team and a comeback win against the Bears. I don't remember much about the other three games, all of which were AFC East opponents (did we really lose to a Jeff George-led Colts team?). Then the playoffs, and a pissed off Joe Gibbs leads a pissed off team into Philly, and the Eagles are stymied 20-6. Gibbs dismissively waves across the gridiron as Buddy Ryan waddles off the Vet Stadium turf for the last time. But the next week, against nemesis SF again, the Skins hang with the Niners, but Rypien throws roughly 10 red-zone picks and the season ends out West. But the stage wound up being set for what was a monster season the following year. What are your memories of the 1990 season?