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  1. I know where you're coming from. And it's not like you have to come from a position where you think everything Trump did was terrible. But when you're dealing with folks who wont even acknowledge that Trump's social media behavior (as well as his horrible public relations response to covid) were major factors in him losing....I dont even see the point in attempting to even converse with such people. Same with Biden. Instead of criticizing him for being somewhat wishy washy so far in aspects of us getting back to normal, all you hear from the same people is "Joe is senile." I've giv
  2. The people in here talking about having to endure the political BS while doing something like a golf outing which should be enjoyable is what resonates with me. I'm a conservative, but am just so damn tired of the negativity. I purchased one of Rush's books early in his career and thought it was decent, but never really listened to his show. Him going after a preteen Chelsea Clinton really turned me off. Rush may have been generous in his private life (Sean Hannity is reportedly a nice guy), but the schtick these guys have undertaken to make a buck has severely harmed discourse in
  3. The Dolphins missed the playoffs this year in the AFC at 10-6, even in the first year with three wildcard teams per conference going to the postseason. They could've been 11-5 if they hadnt crapped the bed in the season finale vs Buffalo, who had nothing to play for. WFT is gonna have a tougher schedule for sure, even if just by virtue of now having to play three first place teams in the divisions that they wont play in entirety. For whatever reason, I think Ron gets it done this year, and we return to the playoffs
  4. Yep, politicians always in cover your ass mode. Americans get the incompetent leadership they deserve.
  5. The criticism of Marty never making it to a SB is legit (and his 5-13 overall playoff record was terrible), but who knows if he would've won any of those SBs if he had made it. Much of his head coaching career was in a timeframe when the NFC was obliterating the AFC in the big game. They needed better than Tony Banks. Two out of the eight wins down the stretch was courtesy of Kent Graham coming in and leading the team to victory. Graham probably was no better than, say, a Todd Collins, but if Marty had stuck with him after the Denver game that year, we may have wound up better than 8-
  6. RIP Marty, and prayers to him and his family. Dont know/think that he wouldve gotten a trophy in DC, but nonetheless will always be linked to Snyder as probably Dan's first major screwup in firing him, all in pursuit of Bobby Beathard who we didnt wind up luring back anyway.
  7. She tweeted this postgame later. The difference in age between Brady and Mahomes is really accentuated when you see the parents side-by-side.....wow! Randi Mahomes on Twitter: "Tom Brady’s parents are a class act. Thank you for your words! @TomBrady @PatrickMahomes https://t.co/73YYRcdgc9" / Twitter
  8. I had the same thought. But things played out similarly in the SB Brady lost to the Giants when the Pats were 18-0 heading in (albeit in a closer game) and when Peyton got stuffed by the Seahawks. Prolific offenses getting shut down by good defenses. On the ESPN postgame Steve Young made the point that its increasingly more uncommon to see games like this in a league where the rules favor the offense, but they can happen. Before the NFCCG, I was trying to say that nobody gave the 2002 Bucs a chance going into Philly that year, similar to what a fair number of folks were saying about this year
  9. The game where Brees got the record was 2018. The game where we blew the lead was 2017.
  10. No kidding. I agree that the Eagles have cap issues right now, but I've been on the board 20 years and remember the countless times people have said "(insert NFC East team) is going to be in a world of hurt and the Skins are gonna dominate!!" We probably had this conversation in 2015 after the Skins beat the Eagles to win the division and Philly fired Chip Kelly. Two seasons later, they are hoisting the Lombardi............
  11. I'm not gonna get into a debate on Taylor's political views, but was he really tweeting about his health status during the game? JFC, we are a bunch of attention whores!
  12. Watching what was an exciting WFT playoff game against the GOAT was a bit more difficult tonight because Tirico/Dungy are pretty bland, but also because its hard not to have your mind totally off the events of the past week. This is a country that really seems to be on edge.
  13. Regarding that PBS/Marist poll, I thought I saw a poll from another organization (Gallup?) taken perhaps Wednesday night and basically half of Republicans supported the Capitol breach in that one.
  14. Nerm, agree that the Eagles players weren't trying to throw the game, bot obviously Philly wouldve had a better chance in the 4th if Hurts was in.
  15. I'm not sure how honest it is for people to throw Hurts stats up there and insinuate that he deserved to be benched in a 3 pont game (which shouldve been a tie, but dopey Doug) as if comparing it to Haskins dog perfomance last week. Hurts did look shaky early on, but calmed down and the stats betray him in the sense that he smartly threw the ball away under duress a few times, but was also victimized by drops, particularly on the quick 3 and out right before the Skins scored the go ahead TD. OTOH, you have Smith, who many on social media were calling to be yanked. Dude is limited r
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