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  1. I don't see what's so difficult about the situation. If you are down by two scores midway through the 4th quarter and the other team has the ball, you HAVE to start using timeouts. The other team has to run a play, and you just don't know what a turnover can occur. But yet I see this screwed up so often. We accept mediocre thinking way too much overall.
  2. To me it's the most likely scenario. Gives GOP senators in tight races cover until after the election. Win or lose in November, Trump is getting another SCOTUS judge confirmed during his term. Nothing anyone can do to stop it.
  3. N, nice hearing from you on here again. I agree with you that what will likely happen is that the confirmation process will take place after the election. But I think many people were thinking that when Graham said that, he was agreeing in spirit to following the model in 2016 that the winner of the election would get the pick. Of course, we've known for some time that McConnell has said "yes, but if the President and Senate are in the same party, then all bets are off." And I think Graham has backtracked on his 2018 statement to fall in line with McConnell. I saw in an earlier po
  4. I saw a video from 2018 where Lindsay Graham said he would wait until after the election if a vacancy came up after the primaries were over. These people are all full of it. Amy Barrett is going to be the next SCOTUS justice.
  5. So I guess the thought process is that, even if Trump loses the election, he'd be president until at least January 20, so he would be able to get a SC Justice confirmed before then? Is there any thought that you'd have a confirmation hearing even before the election? Tough to imagine that...................
  6. Vegas is a good team but I thought before the virus hit that the teams in the other West division like the Blues, Stars, and Avs were better. I hope TB wins it all. They had that monster season last year and it was shocking they got swept in the first round.
  7. We should get credit for the red zone success, but truthfully we got out points off their mistakes and didn't have to sustain any long drives and didn't have any big plays. I might not be looking in the right places, but Pederson's decision to go for it on 4th and 5 from our 45 when the Eagles were still up 3 late in the 3rd needs to really be scrutinized. In a game where our offense wasn't doing a whole lot, the play should've been to try to pin WFT deep.
  8. "We all agree" might be "on this board." How many countless people out there still believe that covid is no big deal, that the number of people who have been recorded as dying from covid were "going to die anyway at some point?" And who thought that we shouldn't have done anything precautionary to combat this thing? I think the criticisms about Biden and other political leaders as referring to the China ban as xenophobic are fair game. Trump does deserve credit for the travel ban, and he really can't be directly blamed too much for the snafus at the CDC. But his public response wa
  9. After the first Woodward book on the Trump Administration came out, I remember Paul Begala, who worked on both Bill and Hillary's campaigns and I think was in Bill's WH, said "When a Woodward book on the Clinton WH would come out, I would be angry seeing my quotes in there.....but also knew that the quotes were 100 percent factual and not made up."
  10. I love reading Allahpundit's pieces on Hot Air, and his first line in his piece about the Woodward interviews basically sums it up: "An admission like this (that Trump downplayed Covid) might endanger Trump's campaign if this country weren't a civic disaster that no longer demanded accountability from its leaders." So true. An extraordinary amount of the 330 milion people are just extremely shallow. To me, it was the way he downplayed it, by doing what he usually does, echoing what Fox News was saying and ****posting on Twitter, that is the most appalling. I remember re
  11. One of the talking points has always been "Wel, what did Obama do during H1N1?" According to Wiki, on 4/24/09, Obama said "H1N1 is a cause for concern.......but it is not a cause for alarm." Sounds reasonable. But then again, he didn't spend his time in office rage-tweeting and watching cable news.
  12. Didn't Riggins get stuffed on a 3rd and short prior to the Cowboys game-winning drive in the 1979 game? And of course he held out the following season. But I agree that, to longtime Skins fans, the 1979 loss to Dallas emotionally completely dwarfs any other one. The Raiders butt-kicking in SB 18 was so complete that, watching that, it was tough to care after a while.
  13. The discussion about signs, etc leads into a thought about candidate enthusiasm that I'm curious about. Granted, people have displayed political signs around election time for a great while, and there have always been people on the right who have complained about the "libs," and vice-versa. And we have had some pretty charismatic presidential figures over the past 40 years that I've been old enough to realize what was going on, from Reagan to Clinton to Obama. But is it just me, or has the current climate brought out a more "boisterous" (for lack of a better term) atmosphere, part
  14. I have to admit I haven't followed or played tennis in a good 25 years, but read an article on the Djokovic DQ and it mentioned that either him, Federer, and Nadal have won like 50 of the past 60 majors. That is absurdly impressive. My first thought was "and people got sick of the Pats?"
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