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  1. Meanwhile, I think Metrorail and VRE ridership are still like 85 percent below pre-pandemic levels. How do they survive?
  2. Go to @RSBNetwork on Twitter and you can see the daily statements Trump puts out. I think the American public needs a steady reminder of how much of a goofus Trump is so enough people will decide to vote against him in 2024 if he decides to run. The country needs serious people to be in charge, and Trump is not a serious person.
  3. I hadn't heard DeSantis say anything about a presidential run yet. I assume he's allowed to run for reelection for governor next year, which is what he should be publicly focused on right now. The only one I've heard say wouldn't run if DJT does is Nikki Haley. What a coward.
  4. Spurrier makes sense in light of him being brought in after the firing of Marty after one season, which is still viewed as the most-head scratching move of the Snyder era. And Spurrier gave the appearance of not really working that hard, and the optics of phoning in his resignation from the golf course were just terrible. We have been very frustrated by the team's lack of success during Snyder's ownership, but the decade of the teens with Shanny and Gruden seem stable compared to the churn of the previous decade, with firing Norv and Marty, bringing back an old Gibbs, and then the
  5. So the 7 pm show on channel 4 (Offseason Enhancements) had Jason Wright talking about how they were going to aim to provide value to STH and get the food and entertainment options DMV-focused. First they had a segment on the newly-formed Fan Ambassador Network (anyone from ES on here?) and how they all got to talk to Rivera. Then a segment on the Flavors of DMV, of which one of the guys said maybe 2-3 of them will be selected for this year to have their products in the stadium. Then a segment on how they are replacing the field at the stadium. Then one minute just showing people on the dance t
  6. Thanks for the info! I'm gonna check out the show that's supposed to be on Channel 4 at 7 pm tomorrow to see what they say. Although it won't be the same without Larry Michael hawking the West End Zone......
  7. So this tweet was posted in the "New Start" thread: The person who tweeted indicated they were asked to not reveal details of the presentation regarding plans for a new stadium, but I was curious about any improvements they have made to FedEx. Is there anything any of you who went out there the past few nights noticed or heard about on that front?
  8. I've seen ads for a WFT related show that's supposed to be on NBC 4 on Saturday at 7 pm. I think it's supposed to be about new food and other stuff at the stadium. Anyone know anything else about the show?
  9. Larry, I remember that thread from however long ago it was, and I'll pick a picture of the same area I used for the original thread. Its Breezewood, PA, and just kind of illustrates the land of abundance we live in......although maybe Poker Packer's pic illustrates that better! But as you said, the original thread was a while ago, and even though we should always be thankful that we live in a country of freedom and abundance, Rdskns2000's pic is a reminder that it seems like today is at least a much more cynical time than it was when you started the original.
  10. I used Worldometer to compare last Wed, Thurs, Fri to the same three days this week and got a roughly 12 percent increase in the number of US cases. Deaths for the comparable period are down this week, but my understanding is that deaths are a lagging indicator and thus you could see a similar increase in deaths if you wait a couple weeks to do a comparison.
  11. FedEx was definitely built too quickly and the location was absolutely far from ideal. However, at the time, I think the place was seen as a suitable upgrade to RFK, and the demand for the 80K seats at the time was there, even for the club level (pricey for the time, but not so much as it is now). Also had a kids area outside one of the gates, and Cooke kept the same PA guy from RFK. And they at least made an attempt to shuttle folks in from the nearby Metro stops (this was before the Morgan Blvd station). Snyder comes in, jacks up parking rates, says you can't walk from the Lando
  12. Its been long apparent how much of a prick Snyder is, so I've also long held the stance that if the team ever won the Super Bowl, I would click the TV off when the clock hit 0:00 so as not to have to see him handed the Lombardi. Yes, I even felt this way during Gibbs 2. I still carve out three hours on Sunday to watch the team play because of a close-to-50 year habit. However, I'm just not nearly as intense about it anymore, and its in large part to the deterioration of the quality of play and the rules governing the game.
  13. June 27: The Atlantic publishes an excerpt from Jon Karl's upcoming (late 2021) book describing Mitch McConnell and Bill Barr's attempt, in advance of the GA runoffs, to convince Trump that there was no evidence of major fraud in the presidential election: How Barr Finally Turned on Trump - The Atlantic June 28: Trump issues statement slamming McConnell and Barr based on "press reports" RSBN on Twitter: "Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America https://t.co/p6c1NuLaHs" / Twitter June 29: Trump issues stateme
  14. Sonny was still on crutches and could not have played in SB 7. I think the story was that Allen didn't even want him on the sidelines.
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