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  1. ultravin

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    she didn't disintegrate, she was sacrificed for the soul stone in infinity war. with black widow, i heard it's a prequel/origin story.
  2. Happy with the pick also, especially not having to give up anything to move up. I honestly thought there was something fishy going on with those reports about disagreements in the front office. I think they were all smoke and mirrors in order for the giants to act on their pick to pressure them on picking a qb. Good thing is, they took the bait.
  3. surprisingly a fair schedule. the only team we get to play that is coming off a bye are the dolphins. unlike the past years, we would play3-5 teams coming off a bye week, refreshed and and ready to kick our asses!
  4. ultravin

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    A qb that can’t throw for crap is playing for the skins. They should’ve just sign kaepernik instead
  5. ultravin

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    gruden had 4 extra days to get the team ready! no excuses!
  6. ultravin

    The Conspiracy Thread

    i expect this thread to blow up this thursday. our skins will have a tough game at dallas. team vs everyone, including sports announcers, fans, and refs, you name it. i hope colt blows it up.
  7. ultravin

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Doug Williams is countering what other teams are doing in the NFC East! First the draft, stopping the run. stopping Zeke elliot, ajayi, and barkley was the primary goal. now that the cowboys and eagles trade for WRs, we get the number 2 best safety to tandem with the number 1 safety in the league! this is what should have happened in the past. you focus on your division and you counter their strengths with defense!
  8. ultravin

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    Easy? heck no! Atlanta after their bye, is gonna be tough! especially at home. this team definitely needs to win that one. Tampa, better hope winston plays instead of Fitz, cause he has blown out the skins in the past. then you have the texans, after their bye, another energized team coming off a bye. if they can win the next three, we will see. this team can be good once they have better play calling on offense.
  9. ultravin

    Redskins vs Saints Prediction Thread: Who Will Show Up In The 'Big Easy'?

    skins will lead 35-10 by the half only to lose it all in the end like last year. 42-38 Saints.
  10. ultravin

    Game Day Thread- Redskins at Cardinals

    All day, all the time
  11. ultravin

    Game Day Thread- Redskins at Cardinals

    So this is what a smart qb looks like behind a good oline
  12. AP visiting the skins. ackward! coming to the team that took out his knees, courtesy of London. hopefully coming here will bring him back to when he was in his prime.
  13. Cam Simms need to be in the roster. Year three, he’ll be bigger, better stronger than kelvin Benjamin
  14. ultravin

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    My random thot: Kerrigan payne settle Allen smith hamilton brown norman scandrick moreau swearinger
  15. ultravin

    Crowder vs. Richardson

    In my opinion, they should both be on the field with Doctson. Crowder as the slot, Richardson and josh on the outside. That’s a good combo for Smith.