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  1. this looks like a job for ryan anderson!
  2. i like what i'm seeing with taylor, even when he played the last part of the panthers game as well as the playoff game against the bucs. i like how he has pocket awareness and knows when to run. the way he played, reminded me of russell's rookie year with the seahawks. watching his games during college, the dude won the "other" heisman-like award for ODU. what i don't want to happen is give away draft picks to these old qbacks. if they were to get a vet, get someone that's a free agent, not one with a contract. Team as 4 picks in the 1st 3 rounds! they can get some really good players wi
  3. i think we should keep the same 5 o'line men as starters with lucas, schwietzer, roullier, scherff, moses for now. they earned it! sometimes i wonder how this oline would be if we still had trent williams, ereck flowers, roullier, scherff, and moses as our starting five. that oline woulda been something! for ****s and giggles, what if trent decides to come back. what if that whole thing with san fran was part of rivera's plan to get a 3rd rounder out of it, then trent comes back. lol
  4. i hope bienemy goes anywhere but philly!
  5. yes but in order to replicate that, he needs those same types of players. Cowboys don't have them. their LB corp is good when HEALTHY! Vanderesch and lee are always injured!
  6. i would not be surprised if Dak Prescott ends up with us. Dallas cannot afford to tag him again. they only have 22 million in cap space. they would have to restructure a lot of contracts in order to keep Dak. it would be best for the cowboys to move on without him.
  7. Get Fitzpatrick! Get him cheap!!!
  8. if allen is fully mobile, then yes, he should be the starter. but with that fracture against the giants, i don't know. i'm hoping he doesn't look like alex during the philly game when he plays. as far as the draft, only way we get a qb in the 1st is to trade up and give them the extra 3rd. if not, then BPA, and if etienne is available, you get him.
  9. really don't understand why they would not want to keep kyle smith. i think he's done a helluva job here.
  10. win and you're in attitude time. no more moral victories. haskins needs to play better. needs to play angry. i'm sure he's tired of the negative stuff but he needs to prove it every time he steps onto the field.
  11. if we finish with the same record at the end of the season, Giants will be division champs. you can only consider division records if we split with the giants, which we didn't. only way to win division is to finish the year with a better record than the giants.
  12. Delete if necessary. this topic is for cap discussion of other teams including washington. at the moment washington is doing pretty good at keeping our cap numbers down, not spending copious amount of money to overrated players. in regards to philadelphia, they are at 65 million over the projected cap for the 2021 season. they are not the only team to be above with that much negative cap space. it will be interesting how these teams will handle the cap situation next year.
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