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  1. sounds messed up but murray and hopkins needs to test positive for covid19. but for reals though, secondary needs to jam the receivers at the line to disrupt the short plays because the WFT line will put up constant pressure. spy on murray and contain him inside. you know that's what AZ is going to do based on constant pressure. i hope they don't get behind too early again.
  2. absolutely!!! they need to figure out how to cover these TE's. that's been one of their weaknesses for years!
  3. Apke needs to step up. he's the weakest link of the defense and then darby. moreaux needs to start opposite of fuller from now on with moreland covering the slot. kamren kurl looked good for his debut also. i hope they start learning how to sack a midget this next game cause murray is very elusive.
  4. wow! now that is how you adjust during halftime!!!!!! 8 freakin sacks for the first game of the year!!!!! i hope they learn how to sack a ducking quarterback
  5. for locast, change your geolocation to any city that is showing the game. i am using the philadelphia city to stream.
  6. do we have another safety to replace apke?
  7. how bout some read option? or pistol formation? mix it up maybe?
  8. dude are you kidding me? it's only a few minutes into the 2nd quarter and this team has 4 sacks already!
  9. No problem bro. even if you are out of the country, you can still watch any local channels from any city you want
  10. you still have to trick locast and change your geolocation in order to watch the games though.
  11. either one is fine as long as you can change your geolocation. i use it on my laptop.
  12. you can still get it. use chrome and get an extension to change your location. you can also google "trick locast to watch local tv" or this: hoyaa Navy!!!!
  13. cam sims has been activated from the practice squad? did the team release someone?
  14. if you are out of state like i am, i stream using locast from locast.org. i live in Southern California, and i just watch games online. with locast, you can watch it for free but will be interupted with locast advertisements. i went ahead and donated $60 for the entire year. watch locast using chrome. with chrome, change your geolocation to washington d.c. and you can watch any program just as if you were in the DMV! sirius radio if you subscribe to it or locast
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