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Madden 17 - Connected Franchises Online League - XBox One & PS4

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I know every year, some stragglers end up in here posting about Madden leagues.  So I wanted to create this thread and steer you to the Tailgate forum, where we discuss this frequently in there as this forum is basically dead.  Below is my post from the gaming thread in the Tailgate with a link to the specific thread we have going for Madden 17.  


Any Madden 17 players interested in joining a league on PS4 or XB1?  I'm using the first post in the Madden 17 thread to track those interested and here is some info on our current PS4 league in this post:  http://es.redskins.com/topic/392049-official-madden-17-thread-connected-franchises-online-league-info/?do=findComment&comment=10669188

If interested, please respond in that thread and provide your gamer tag and system.  Just trying to get the word out there so we can hopefully have a lot of players.

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