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  1. Say, where did the Twitter Handles thread go?  I wanted to update my new one.  Is this even a thing anymore?

    1. Diehard Otis

      Diehard Otis

      Sorry!  Disregard.  It was staring me right in the face.

  2. I dunno about that NY Jets front 7 (I remember them being pretty good), but I refuse to believe that The Skins are doomed out of principle.
  3. GAMEDAY - Welcome back RGIII. Now let's get that Win!

    1. redpigskin


      I remember 2012 when WE were 3-6 and Shunny had given up hope and WE went 7 straight wins to the Division Championship and the first playoff game for a long time!! And it CAN be done again!! All the teams that the sports writers have said will be in it this season have been beaten at least once, none are undefeated! And those that beat them (like we beat "the CUDGIRLS") have shown us the way!! WE CAN DO IT!!! GO REDSKINS!!! Hail To...

  4. AT HALFTIME: Now that's the plucky, never-back-down team we have been waiting to see!

  5. I cannot remember who said it, but that dude was absolutely right! Dick Stockton is losing it....badly.

  6. Roger Goodell should resign. PERIOD.

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    2. Glenn X

      Glenn X

      As bad as Goodell is, I worry about who comes next, especially if we have N.O.W. "selecting" the next commish.

    3. Diehard Otis

      Diehard Otis

      Well, the devil we don't know is still going to be sympathetic to The Owners, but I'm willing to risk it. N.O.W. doesn't have that kind of influence.

    4. skinsforlife101


      The only way Goodell is done is if the sponsors start dropping the NFL. The owners love him he is not going anywhere.

  7. How many days until Roger Goodell resigns?

  8. I just watched the morning Sportscenter segment on RGIII, & everything Ted Bruschi said was reasonable! What is the world coming to?

  9. I know its only college...but damn I'm glad that Football's back! I missed you, my love.

  10. Its that weird, exiting time of year again...the that final 2 weeks or so before the start of the regular season. I'm gettin exited!

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    2. Diehard Otis

      Diehard Otis

      Oh. Heh, there's a thread in The Stadium that explains it.

      Look for 'Allow Me to Introduce Myself"

    3. daveakl


      So you are new? Welcome then, glad you introduced yourself.

    4. Diehard Otis
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