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  1. This is what I want from Derrius Guice. I want him to... - protect The Football - consistently turn 1st & 10 into 2nd & 6. - never be tackled by the initial Defender - turn 3rd & 3 into a Rushing Down - turn Goal to Go inside the 5 into 6 Points - kill off the clock and/or games inside of 8:00 in the 4th Quarter - be at least as effective as Alfred Morris was against Divisional Foes If he can do those things, the numbers don't matter. The Redskins could very well be playing January Football behind that.
  2. Completely agree with everything you posted. Of course when I was saying this to anyone that would listen, I was called a Giants hater (which I am - but that didn't make me wrong!). It's refreshing to see a sane take on that guy from a Giants fan.
  3. Many posters on the board have made this comment & I've come to agree with the sentiment: The Washington Redskins are viewed as the perpetual underachiever. Whatever developments we see (and have seen) regarding The Team gets lost in the shallow analysis of "well it's The Redskins. You know what to expect". And no matter what happens, until The Organization turns the page and starts consistently Winning & competing for stuff - Division Titles, Playoff Berths, etc., we will get that rote one liner last-in-the-Division prognostication. I didn't want
  4. Not necessarily. They just met this past Regular Season. Yes, you're right; they could meet to decide The Super Bowl...but I was referring to a Regular Season meeting. And I don't see both QBs starting for these teams when they meet again.
  5. Minnesota is in our Conference. Presumably any loss by them would help us more than a Baltimore loss. Ravens game results in The AFC are completely irrelevant.
  6. I'm with ya on the baseball tip (I do cheer both, but more of an O's fan). But there's only one true love for me - The B & G. I don't mind the Ravens, but I don't "cheer" them. As for the hypothetical matchup, I s'pose I'd take Bmore since them beating Minnesota would have to help The Skins a little bit.
  7. Ya know, I hadn't considered a Kirk-vs-RGIII Purple Bowl. Now that would definitely be interesting! Coincidentally, I don't know who I'd cheer for in such a matchup. Do you??
  8. I firmly believe that The NFL is undergoing a transition phase (and I've mentioned that here and here). That explains all of the wackiness. And I am convinced that The Redskins have what it takes to become part of this next generation of Contenders. Yes, Kirk must stay. Otherwise, it would seem that we'll shut our window.
  9. I'm hoping against hope that their ownership tries to put out the fire in the Offseason & keep him. They'll go nowhere for the next five years.
  10. For the record, I hate 'em too. And I'm convinced this season marks the beginning of their decline into the abyss http://bit.ly/2xbUGly
  11. After today, McAdoo is the drum major on this list. Hell, at least Indy's been competitive (and I've considered Pagano a dead man walking all year). Getting 51 Points hung around your neck at the crib is inexcusable! If New York keeps him, that would be colossally incompetent. But I hope they do. Pagano should still go. The Colts are going nowhere fast. So should that nincompoop in Tampa. Never heard of him, and now I know why - he couldn't beat a yellow light. (Honorable Mention: Adam Gase. I would've fired him for the cocaine Coach - that's the most
  12. That 4th Stringer did look pretty good, even in defeat.
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