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  1. Sorry, there is no chance that will happen as long as he is the owner imo. After a couple of decades of Dunning-Krugerism, his ego doesn't want to learn and he can't restrain himself from meddling. "Before Haskins was selected, ESPN reported that Washington’s coaching staff preferred a more experienced college player — such as Duke’s Daniel Jones, who was selected sixth by the New York Giants — only to be overruled by owner Daniel Snyder. A person with knowledge of Gruden’s thinking confirmed that the head coach did not want Haskins. And while Haskins has publicly downplayed any suggestion that he wasn’t Gruden’s choice, a person close to the rookie quarterback said that Haskins has sensed that to be the case." Link
  2. Vikings FS Anthony Harris (Virginia).
  3. Lions Cap Space: $45,065,888 Stafford pre-6/1 Trade 2020 Dead Cap: $32,000,000 2020 Cap Savings: $-10,700,000
  4. Bradbury said he wants to be paid like a top corner, while he doesn't belong in that category. His number one concern is to fill up his pockets
  5. He said after the season that he wants to be compensated as a “top corner” and reiterated that “any team that makes that offer that’s willing to pay me what I feel like I’m worth” will be in consideration for the coming season. He isn't even a top ten CB and he wants to be paid like a top corner, c'mon !
  6. FrFan

    Tracking former Redskins around the league

    Titans hire Jim Haslett to coach inside linebackers
  7. Miami Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama TRADE!!! From talking to people in Miami, I've come to the conclusion that it makes far more sense for the Redskins to trade down than the Lions. Sure, they lose out on Chase Young, but picking Young was problematic anyway because that means they'll have four first-round picks on the defensive line, which would make re-signing everyone impossible. We saw this a couple of years ago when the Browns passed on Bradley Chubb in favor of Denzel Ward for the same reason. Young is a better prospect, but if the Redskins can trade down, I think they'd do it. Also, the Dolphins moving up to No. 3 would be nonsensical because another team can just leap over them up to No. 2. I believe Tua Tagovailoa will be a top-three pick. The demand for quarterbacks is too high. The Dolphins, Chargers, Panthers and perhaps even the Buccaneers, Jaguars and Colts are teams that could be interested in moving up for the Alabama prospect. Tagovailoa, of course, suffered a serious injury this past season, but he will reportedly throw before the NFL Draft, which is huge. It sounds as though Tagovaila's injury wasn't as bad as it was initially suspected to be, which is great news. It'll also mean that some team will be more eager to trade up for him, so I expect either the Redskins or Lions to move down. The Dolphins are currently slotted ahead of all the other teams I mentioned above, but they seem to love Tagovailoa, so they could trade up to make sure that another team doesn't leap over them. The deal is ridiculous a 1st and a second to move up from 5th to 2nd to get your franchise QB.
  8. That missed "Sprint Bomb" to Emmanuel Sanders will probably haunt him for a while. Garoppolo could have won this game and made up for Shanahan's questionable calls. Reid learned his lesson and Mahomes delivered when it mattered the most.
  9. We need a biding war, it takes two to tango, and maybe another team hiding its intentions like KC did when they selected Mahomes. if Tua and Herbert have an impressive combine things can get really interesting.
  10. FrFan

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Our scouts are much better than Fisher's scouts.
  11. FrFan

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If true I hope another team will try to jump them and made us an offer. We could then force the Lions to give us at least their second (maybe more) this year to move up. We could still get CY and get the missing second back, or get multiple firsts and more from the Dolphins.