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  1. I always had a problem with "clean" athletes beating dirty ones. If they're clean and they beat cheaters what's the point of using PEDs ? (just sarcasm )
  2. Another judges robbery favoring Japan, now in surfing competition
  3. Volleyball Argentina vs Brazil was a brilliant game, what a comeback win from Brazil !
  4. Skeet : USA Vincent Han**** for the threepeat ! The French broke the olympic record in the qualifying round 124/125 and choked during the final 25/30 Edit: French Judo being robbed again from gold medal
  5. Syrian ping pong player is 12 years old an all time record.
  6. Lucky you it's a very nice place, enjoy yourself. I'll be down to Corsica next month, a place I highly recommend.
  7. Where are you exactly at ? It looks like Team USA lacked motivation, they were training not really playing. "They (Team USA) are better individually, but they can be beaten as a team," Fournier. Now it's on Pop to fix it. We got robbed in judo, no warnings against Abe !!!, Riner might be next.
  8. This one is so good, for once very good coaching job from Collet
  9. Good since Cage is playing the affect quite well, his best performance since Leaving Las Vegas. It's not another revenge movie ala John Wick, it's a psychodrama.
  10. 2020 Olympics: 78 percent of Japanese Oppose the Tokyo Games, Poll Reveals
  11. Over here the covid QR code vaccination certificate is being stored in the computers of the fitness clubs. No vaccine no access to the fitness club gateway. Restaurants, movie theatres, pubs, etc... are next.
  12. Brazil vs Germany is quite entertaining. Hat trick for Richarlison so far.
  13. A truffle hunter who lives alone in the Oregonian wilderness must return to his past in Portland in search of his beloved foraging pig after she is kidnapped. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/pig_2021
  14. So many athletes not vaccinated, I don't get it.
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