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  1. FrFan

    US Soccer thread.

    And the ref used the VAR, MaFifa ! France vs USA is of course much better (€€€), than France vs Spain. Justice department is harrassing Platini over bribery charges it should focus on Infantino and his minions instead.
  2. FrFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    No problem my friend In 2018 he was suspended by MaFifa for a payment without a written contract worth 1.8 million euros, has was cleared by the Swiss justice department. Today he was just brought in for questioning but has not been charged with anything yet. Investigators are trying to find out if during a diner with Sarkozy and a qatari prince he favored Qatar for future investments in France. He said he was voting for USA and then confessed he changed his mind and voted for Qatar. He might be in deep **** ! We all know Qatar bribed Mafifa to host the WC and other sports events, now it's a matter of who's responsible for that. Update: He's been released
  3. FrFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    Nasser is finally pissed off ! "I want players willing to give everything to defend the honor of the jersey and to be a part of the club project. Those who do not want, or do not understand, we see each other and we talk to each other. There are of course contracts to respect, but the priority now is the total commitment to our project, Speaking about Neymar: "Nobody forced him to sign here. Nobody pushed him. He came knowingly to join a project. "- Source Tuchel convinced him that Neymar is expendable pending an XXL trade offer Kylian Mbappé (20) was also targeted. The French striker, who has been criticized for his shattering statements at the UNFP Trophy, when he called for "more responsibilities," "He wants to be more involved in our project to grow with the team, the club. But I explained to him that you don't ask for responsibilities. You must go out there and earn them.
  4. FrFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    Japanese fans cleaning up the stands after a game (as usually) during Women's World Cup
  5. FrFan

    Massive fire engulfs Paris Notre Dame Cathedral

    American people have always been there for us, I remember they helped us after a storm put down 18000 trees in Versailles, one of them was a 200 years old tulip tree from Virginia "More than 2.5 million euros were collected, coming from individuals (5 000 French and foreign individuals, mainly Americans) as well as companies and foundations:" Thank you so much for that, God Bless America ! Only 9% of the pledges for Notre Dame have been honored for the moment. But for Célia Vérot, Executive Director of the Heritage Foundation, "it's normal". Of the $850 million, how much did the Heritage Foundation collect and how much did you receive? CÉLIA VÉROT. The pledges we received amounted to $ 221 million, and $ 54.5 million has already been confirmed, almost 25%. This represents 100% of small private donations collected from 233,000 individuals. It lacks the sponsorship money of big companies.
  6. Washington signed defensive back Ashton Lampkin. Lampkin has never played a regular-season NFL game. Lampkin entered the league in 2017 as an undrafted free agent, signing with the Chiefs. But he tore an anterior cruciate ligament in training camp. Lampkin was injured again during last summer’s training camp, and the Chiefs reached an injury settlement with him.
  7. FrFan

    ES Soccer Thread

    1 dose of lazyness + 1 dose of arrogance = 2
  8. Cleveland waived Harrison after he was late to minicamp. The former undrafted free agent opened last season at left tackle for the Browns, but he was terrible before being replaced by Greg Robinson. He is not a lock for Arizona's roster. Link
  9. I wish you a strong relentless will, and a full recovery without setback. Hail !
  10. We never tanked even when we could (RG3), we choosed to sell the farm instead. We're too dumb