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  1. NFL is denying it, someone is obviously lying here so, I will believe it when I will be able to read it.
  2. It has been done before with Schott, Sterling, Richardson, I could add Levinson who was forced to step down. I believe it would just take tapes, testimonies, and of course a strong will from the NFL to oust him. Most owners dislike him, I don't think he would be missed. Brucifer might be able to help, who knows ? Until then nothing will change.
  3. I know, there might even be a chance that he may be the exception to the rule but history/odds tell to stay away from them. The sad history of USC quarterbacks in the NFL Opinion: USC Quarterbacks are Historically Overrated Would you draft him ?
  4. As far as my memory goes I can't remember any QB from USC who became a franchise QB in the NFL lately.
  5. Matthew Stafford had a left elbow injury to go with thumb, rib, ankle injuries in 2020 Thanks the Lions rejected our trade offer
  6. I wouldn't trade for any QB, keep the draft picks to build a prime OL and add some offensive weapons
  7. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/los-angeles-rams/cap/ Dead Cap: $30,792,097 !!!
  8. Trading for veteran QBs is rarely a Super Bowl-winning formula
  9. Covid-19. The treatment of the Institut Pasteur de Lille could be tested on humans as early as February
  10. 2009 Snyder failed to trade up for Mark Sanchez
  11. I really dislike those medias bringing a so called better deal and not telling anything about it
  12. Now the Rams won't have any first round pick for the next seven years ! Dan get out of Snead's body. Mishandling of Todd Gurley's contract will cost the Rams in a big way They also paid all the guaranteed money when they traded Cooks I'm wondering what Watson is going to cost ?
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