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  1. **** it. Let’s trade back (if we can) and take JOK or Davis in the early/mid 20’s. Then trade back up into the late 20’s and take Collins. LB solved.
  2. Looks like Jenkins has the Moses “damn near false start” step down pat.
  3. Wouldn’t Horn have to be a strong BPA candidate in this scenario?
  4. I agree with this wholeheartedly. And that automatically makes him a pass for me in the 1st. Not a fan of picking a player in the 1st that I think is a better fit at a different position than he played in college. I do think he will have an impact in the NFL with a creative defensive minded coach.
  5. Your takes are so hot I’m starting to wonder if you’re actually Skip Bayless or Stephen A...
  6. What kind of contract do you think a 30 year old Eric Fisher coming off a torn Achilles will get? At the right price, I’d be good with picking him up and rolling with Lucas or a draft pick for the first half of the season. Having Fisher come back right before our playoff push wouldn’t be awful.
  7. Now that Everett has signed I can’t think of one. Pitts would be the dream scenario in that regard, but I don’t see that as being remotely possible at 19.
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