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  1. I have seen some games poorly officiated games in the past, but the amount of holding that Tampa was allowed to get away with was incredible that night.Here’s a few pics that someone posted earlier. Not saying Washington would have won the game had it been officiated differently but Brady would have been a lot more uncomfortable.
  2. Good argument, just think some of that could be preseason hyperbole.Don’t think anyone is lying. I just remember last summer the reports out of Auburn had me thinking Haskins was going to be much improved. To me it’s kind of hard to say how the team will really respond until at least some live bullets are flying. There was plenty of excitement around TH the last time he was on the field. It may well turn out that Ryan is the one. I hope that one of them turns out to be what the team needs.
  3. Fair argument, I just saw the excitement and enthusiasm by the players toward Taylor in the game against Tampa Bay and feel like that it’s something to build on. I think of number CY’s reaction to Taylor’s play.
  4. I agree with almost everything you said. Just curious what makes you say the team is responding better to Fitzpatrick? To me it seems like that would be hard to say that at this juncture. In my mind one wouldn’t be able to say that until at least some actual game time.If Taylor gets the chance and performs like he did against Tampa,the team would respond.
  5. Or serve as an adjective for a very fast train I agree with you 110% on the cancel culture issue
  6. Gotcha, You can’t blame someone for thinking Alex would never play again anyway. He defied logic.
  7. At the very least he should be given a chance to compete. Tampa’s defence could not figure him out like they did Brees, Rodgers ,and Mahomes.
  8. Truly an amazing and exemplary person. Washington is very fortunate to have had him. It would be great if he stayed in Washington in some capacity for many years.
  9. Diversity for diversity’s sake doesn’t accomplish anything. Simply hire the best people,there will be diversity baked in. I’m not sure Mayhew fits the description of being one of the best. Hope I am wrong.
  10. Honestly if you go back and look at things, Tampa got away throughout the game.It really was a blatant disregard for the rules of the game. In general the officiating in this game was atrocious. Unfortunately the majority of the bad calls went against Washington.
  11. Wow I didn’t know he was a Trump supporter. Just glad he doesn’t support Biden.
  12. I would say there is a need for another good TE as well as a third competent one. If Thomas goes down at any point this offense would be in trouble. He was extremely durable this year.
  13. I don’t get where people are saying he lacks arm strength. Throws a very nice long ball, seems to be able to make all of the throws.
  14. That’s exactly what I meant. He actually had more drops than anybody on the field for Washington
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