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  1. Not a fan of Morris as a h/c. His tenure in Tampa was not good at 17-31. Decent assistant but there are so many better head coach candidates out there.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all !!!! We have much to be thankful for
  3. I guess that could be a possibility, except for the fact that the NFL now glorifies taunting and showboating. They went from a league that would penalise a player for flipping a football over the cross bar after a TD to one that welcomes11 players in the end zone celebrating a turnover. They actually had a rule at one point that two or more players couldn't celebrate a play together. After almost any play now you can find someone making a gesture similar to Forbe's. There is no consistency from the NFL and officiating is terrible.
  4. And I am positively not a cap expert either, I guess if it is that common of practice it must be within the cap framework provided by the NFL. I guess it still bugs me that the Redskins were penalised so harshly when there was no cap in place. They were penalised for violations of the "spirit of the cap "
  5. Seems like they( Eagles) are getting away with circumventing the current system. Mara and NFL heavily sanctioned and penalised Washington for less egregious violations around 10 years ago. Supposedly Washington circumvented the cap during a two year period when there was no salary cap.Maybe I'm looking at it totally the wrong way and Philly has figured out a correct strategy. However, you have to have an owner who is willing to spend the money to make that work.Not sure if Harris is going to be willing or is in a position to do that.
  6. MLB seems to have taken major steps to improve the integrity of their game. Lots of new technology being used,don't believe it has hurt their profit margin, probably has helped.The league needs to do something!
  7. Personally, I hate to see him get cut. I really like the way he plays the game and the type of team player he is.I would keep him over Gore on the practice squad or as a fourth running back if they decided to go with four.
  8. I would like to see him make the 53 man roster. He is instinctive has great balance and runs hard.Home grown product with a great attitude!
  9. Older generation and I would definitely prefer Redwolves after reluctantly accepting Commanders name. Could get behind commanders a little more if they were more creative with uniforms, logos etc.
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