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  1. Who cares how it’s betrayed? It’s all faux outrage anyway. Just part of the cancel culture. If I wear anything at all relating to the football team in Washington it will have Redskin imagery and colors.
  2. Nothing I’m afraid to say, I have said it before. Where does it stop? It’s a meaningless, superficial movement to change the name that isn’t offensive to the greatest majority of people Indigenous to this country. Fear has nothing to do with it. I have been a fan of this team since I was five or six years old. I have loved the tradition and history of this team from the time I became a fan. The team name, colors, marching band, various team logos, and great players from the past, it has always been a big part of my life. I just feel like when the name is taken away the history is also.
  3. My point Is, that it is possible that some day just the removal of a statue to George Washington is not enough. As far as Skin Tone,I don’t feel that way at all. It was never meant to be offensive.
  4. No different than the way the rest of this thread has evolved. You really don’t think that things have changed in this country in the past few decades? Guess you just didn’t really want to answer the question.
  5. I am a fan of the Washington part as well as the name Redskins. How do you feel about statues of G. Washington being removed? How long before removing statues isn’t enough?
  6. Is this the start of a movement to force me to change my name? I will never relinquish Got the name from my high school mascot, Fighting Tarpons. For those whom might not know,Tarpon are highly sought after game fish in this part of Florida, as well as some other areas.
  7. Last thoughts on subject for today. What happens when all the names are changed and all the monuments destroyed? Do we have a better world? It will never be enough.
  8. Not ranting and raving. My opinion whether you like it or not. The methodology of the Washington Post that has tried everything under the sun to get the name changed? The same Post that got the same results in polls ten years apart?
  9. I bet those “oppressed”people that continually poll in favor of the name, are glad they have a spokesman that knows what they should think about an issue to speak out for them.
  10. The anarchists will be after the Washington Monument next. Eventually the name Washington won’t be allowed. Where does it stop?
  11. If Sammy were coming up today he probably wouldn’t weigh 180 pounds, his 6’2” frame would probably be carrying about 225 lbs. Really hard to compare eras. On a side note, It is amazing that Sammy had punting numbers that would top anything from the current era. One year he had a 45.9 yard avg. Just read your post after I made the post above. Pretty much stole your thunder. Sorry