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  1. Thank you brother,much appreciated from me and my family
  2. Thank my friend,all prayers and well wishes are greatly welcomed!!
  3. I myself am battling cancer,and originally was misdiagnosed with what type I originally had by a team of oncologists but with this disease it is so tricky to figure out exactly what is going on inside that I in no way way blame the doctors for not getting it correct on the first go around-I have had over a dozen different biopsy’s to nail down exactly what I have and how to treat it..and believe me,if I was able to get out and work-two years or twenty on a contract I’d be grateful to be able to get my ass out there and fulfill my obligations!!..I get it that he feels underpaid at his current s
  4. Uh yeah..if he was related to them it would be considering All of the Fuller brothers did come outta Tech...smarta**!!
  5. I thought the exact same thing when I saw this video..I haven’t looked into it yet to see if he is-it would just strike me as strange that he wouldn’t be playing at Va.Tech??
  6. Yeah,I like Holcomb a lot..at least having Bostic,it’ll let Holcomb learn and develop and hopefully by mid season he’ll be ready to make the move on seeing more playing time!
  7. I like the pick up!!..there wasn’t a whole lot of options left out there as far as an experience stand point to plug and play and we don’t have the luxury of signing an UDFA to develop in a matter of months..Watching Bostic highlights,the man can cover and plays the line well..No,he definitely is Not RF by no means,but I think he plays better than say,resigning Compton back to the squad!! It ain’t a super sexy move,but definitely a serviceable pickup IMO...any other thoughts????????
  8. Ya know what I’m posting,REEEEAL TALK!!!...Sean Mcvay was on our squad and ran our offense and everything else while he was here......We let him go!!!! thats gonna BITE us for years and years!!..I think that’s going to be something that we had and let go an we never knew we had..
  9. He’ll be out the league before his 2nd year is up in Denver(hell,the way he’s going now-he might not even be there after this year!!!)..all I can say is-Thx Denver for the extra pick!!
  10. The comparison is going to be continuous between Barkley an Guice,but real talk-as long as he is dependable,healthy,and keeps us in games..he will be a Welcomed upgrade to what we have on the roster now(and since we had No shot at landing Barkley and stole Guice in the bottom of the second),it’s going to be a win-win for our team regardless!!..I CANT WAIT till the season starts,it’s going to be a totally different teams this year!!!
  11. Are you serious?????...What kind of moron is he?.Taylor was and is still one of the best to ever play that position,hands down!! He, unlike Guice had legit “off the field issues” and he got it together and brought his game to such an elite level!!..name a player since him at his position that played anywhere close to what taylor brought to the game,I’ll wait????.. His death untimely and as tragic as it was is no way to judge that man(and father too)as a bust..Peter King is a pure slug to even have made that comparison at all..having your house broken into and being killed defending y
  12. Man those are hell of a difference in stat numbers,thx for digging those up!! With out a doubt,both backs are studs at their positions but I think Guice is going to be the bigger impact player-not just because he is on our team but he adds so much more that we’ve needed for so a lot of years..I can’t wait to watch him run with Trent pulling and clearing a path for him,since both players can pancake a defender and that’s gonna be so fun to watch!! Seeing Guice highlights(and I know it was only a punter)where the kicker is the last man to beat and how he drops his shoulders and levels
  13. Everyone is dumping on Perine,but with the addition of Guice I think will help him 10 fold in the long run..Remember this kid put up Crazy number in college(yeah I know,in only a handful of games and not against Top Tier teams)but he knows how to run-if it was that easy every back coming outta college would have 276 yard game under their belt!!! Perine is a thumper reguardless & IMO he still needs another season to grow and adjust to NFL games..Guice is a stud hands down but I’m not thinking we throw Perine on the wood pile just yet but having him as a change of pace guy to help where
  14. I totally agree..having a group of “promising” talent instead of proven players isn’t enough to get all excited about!!..I know the draft is a crap shoot but other teams seem to find those diamonds in the ruff,it just would be great for a change that we end up finding ours-I mean we draft a receiver in the first round and here it is going on his third season to see if he was even worth the pick yet(and don’t tell me it takes up to three years to see if a player develops or not because being picked in the first,he should damn near be a plug,play and ready to produce type of player)..I’m really
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