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  1. Mr.Will

    Mason Foster released

    Making more room on the books for Trent-Jordan reeds,Sprinkle and maybe even Norman expendable
  2. Mr.Will

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Thank you brother,much appreciated from me and my family
  3. Mr.Will

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Thank my friend,all prayers and well wishes are greatly welcomed!!
  4. Mr.Will

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I myself am battling cancer,and originally was misdiagnosed with what type I originally had by a team of oncologists but with this disease it is so tricky to figure out exactly what is going on inside that I in no way way blame the doctors for not getting it correct on the first go around-I have had over a dozen different biopsy’s to nail down exactly what I have and how to treat it..and believe me,if I was able to get out and work-two years or twenty on a contract I’d be grateful to be able to get my ass out there and fulfill my obligations!!..I get it that he feels underpaid at his current salary but he wasn’t breaking an arm to reach into his wallet to give any of those millions back on either year he wasn’t able to play a full 16 games..Trents not happy,I get it but bring it to the powers that be and deal with it like a true professional,not wait till you can hold the team hostage and threaten to leave or be traded!!..I’ve always loved how he played and represented himself for the sake of this I’m just extremely disappointed in how he’s acted and played his hands..just my thoughts on this ordeal
  5. Uh yeah..if he was related to them it would be considering All of the Fuller brothers did come outta Tech...smarta**!!
  6. I thought the exact same thing when I saw this video..I haven’t looked into it yet to see if he is-it would just strike me as strange that he wouldn’t be playing at Va.Tech??
  7. Yeah,I like Holcomb a least having Bostic,it’ll let Holcomb learn and develop and hopefully by mid season he’ll be ready to make the move on seeing more playing time!
  8. I like the pick up!!..there wasn’t a whole lot of options left out there as far as an experience stand point to plug and play and we don’t have the luxury of signing an UDFA to develop in a matter of months..Watching Bostic highlights,the man can cover and plays the line well..No,he definitely is Not RF by no means,but I think he plays better than say,resigning Compton back to the squad!! It ain’t a super sexy move,but definitely a serviceable pickup IMO...any other thoughts????????
  9. Mr.Will

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    That just might be the plan since we haven’t drafted one yet
  10. Mr.Will

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    112th and 131st,my bad
  11. Mr.Will

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    For the bills 121 and 130 picks
  12. Mr.Will

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    We traded our pick
  13. Mr.Will

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I just yelled the same thing!!
  14. Mr.Will

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Were bout to be stuck with Haskins now...Pleeeease trade back right now!!!
  15. Mr.Will

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    This point has already been said..But it’s still one VERY valid points I’ve read...Why in the hell would you let a probowl player(even if he’s causing locker room drama)walk for free??..Why cut him and receive NOTHING in return??..I get it,he called everyone out from coaches,players,fans,practice,film study,etc...but as a team in this league,it’s hard enough to find a player that can produce and keep,but to have one fill the void that’s been there for 10+ yrs and he rubs ya the wrong way so the answer is to get butt hurt,throw business sense out the window and “I’ll show him” but simply releasing him???..A playoff team could/would have given anything from a 3-6rd pick for him no doubt(unless it was the Cowgirls,then we could’ve squeezed a 1-2rd pick for him)..I’ve been a diehard skins fan my entire life but these last couple of seasons has truly tested me and my faith in this organization..Bad decision after just plain old bad decision is the absolute norm around here and it drives me f**king CRAZY!!!!..Good damn thing I decided against ordering my son the Swearinger Jersey for xmas and got him the laptop instead-SMGDH!!!!!!