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  1. Mr.Will

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    This point has already been said..But it’s still one VERY valid points I’ve read...Why in the hell would you let a probowl player(even if he’s causing locker room drama)walk for free??..Why cut him and receive NOTHING in return??..I get it,he called everyone out from coaches,players,fans,practice,film study,etc...but as a team in this league,it’s hard enough to find a player that can produce and keep,but to have one fill the void that’s been there for 10+ yrs and he rubs ya the wrong way so the answer is to get butt hurt,throw business sense out the window and “I’ll show him” but simply releasing him???..A playoff team could/would have given anything from a 3-6rd pick for him no doubt(unless it was the Cowgirls,then we could’ve squeezed a 1-2rd pick for him)..I’ve been a diehard skins fan my entire life but these last couple of seasons has truly tested me and my faith in this organization..Bad decision after just plain old bad decision is the absolute norm around here and it drives me f**king CRAZY!!!!..Good damn thing I decided against ordering my son the Swearinger Jersey for xmas and got him the laptop instead-SMGDH!!!!!!
  2. Holy S**t what a catch!!!..You need to make it happen doctson!!!
  3. Doctson is A BUST!!!!!..number 3-4 reciver at BEST!!..CUT HIS ASS!!!!!
  4. Mr.Will

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Ya know what I’m posting,REEEEAL TALK!!!...Sean Mcvay was on our squad and ran our offense and everything else while he was here......We let him go!!!! thats gonna BITE us for years and years!!..I think that’s going to be something that we had and let go an we never knew we had..
  5. Mr.Will

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    This move was great..We didn’t over reach and give too much away for him(cough-cough...DALLAS!!)!! He comes to a team and joins an already good defense,familiar with several players on the team(helps with him learning plays faster-and falls right into his role!!),adds quality an depth to one of the few spots that I felt we could’ve use a boost in!! I was watching till the mid-afternoon and saw that it was looking that we weren’t going to be active today and probably not going to trade for anybody-to be honestly I was OK with that..but this move was VERY welcomed surprise no doubt!!..I had hoped we might have drafted him years ago,but now that he’s been in the league for a few years and knows how to ball..I’m even more stoked that we made this move-CANT WAIT to see how our backfield looks in a week or two as he gets adjusted to the playbook!!!...HTTR!!!!!!
  6. Yeah,but against one of the leagues WORST passing defenses tho..Keep that in mind when throwing out stats!
  7. Mr.Will

    Let's trade for Larry Fitzgerald

    I actually like that idea!!..we have a decent stash of later round picks to bargain with,wouldn’t hurt to make a call or two to find out??..We’re by no means a top tiered,dangerous team but a couple more key players added would DEFINITELY balance us out to get us closer than we’ve been in years(or should I say decades!!)
  8. Mr.Will

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    It’s just frustrating as hell..who is this team??..they can play lights out and look like a contender one week,then totally blow Nuts on the next??..WeÂ’ll be lucky as hell if we even sniff at 8-8 this season
  9. Mr.Will

    Allen/Ioannidis/Payne = D-Block

    When I saw that play out during the game I was all over the man cave going nuts...Ion hit a decent lineman and basically picked him him and dumped him on Rogers-that’s one of my top D-plays for the year so far
  10. Y’all need to lay of the D..came up when it was needed!!!!!!!
  11. Mr.Will

    Game Day Thread- Redskins at Cardinals

    He’s out of the game with an ankle injury
  12. Mr.Will

    Game Day Thread- Redskins at Cardinals

    Damn Cam...hope it’s nothing serious!!!..I REALLY like this kid