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  1. You can add “buckle up folks” into this profanity as well
  2. Haha yea, only me, his mother and all of extreme skins (now) know the story. I think I’ll keep it to myself until he develops my sick sense of humor later in life. Yea wild man, this whole situation just got me a bit emotional. but we will all have a lot to discuss in the coming days.
  3. My younger son has the middle name “Jay”, he was born in 2014 after jay was hired. Thought it would bring luck to the team. i feel sick.
  4. I just think it’s has great comedic value. I’m also extremely inappropriate in nature and I find humor in things I probably shouldn’t.
  5. The uniform potential with this name is off the charts! Flat black helmet would be a start.
  6. Few I thought could be cool in all seriousness. Washington Wolves (simplicity and roll of tongue) Washington Wardogs (check out the definition) Washington Dogs (hate to steal the Cleveland vibe though) Washington Artillery (local metal band here had a song called “amen to artillery” and it ****ing slapped)
  7. This would be amazing. Then sets a fedex cap aflame and puts on a UPS hat. Revealing what can brown do for you stadium.
  8. If we go warriors, and we already have the wizards... then that leaves either the caps or the nats to roll healer.
  9. The Washington Good Guys. It would make every other team presumably “the bad guys” and always keep us in good faith.
  10. Off topic, but **** max kellerman, in fact he will now be referred to as “the other guy on first take” because I find his name offensive.
  11. But do we have the animals permission to use their name and likeness? What about the animals feelings? Or how the animal is being depicted? How will we ever know if the animal is truly being “honored” and not misrepresented.
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