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  1. M Arrogant who told us back in July that we're ready for the second wave We were second to USA on October 25th in terms of positive cases, if you put these numbers in perspective we're number one https://infogram.com/cas-quotidiens-le-25-octobre-1h984w95oq3d6p3 Despite all this mess I still want to believe we'll be out for X-Mas
  2. https://nflstream.io/washington-football-team-vs-dallas-cowboys-live/stream-1 http://bfstrms.xyz/watch/nfl-5 Put your browser addblock on
  3. He should have a great game today vs a depleted Pokes OL
  4. Maybe, but that would be another major immature decision that might prevent him from signing with another NFL team. I'd like to hear danny boy about him . I bet he doesn't dare to send his vanilla to Riverboat.
  5. French Soccer Roiled by Claims of Toxic Workplace Culture "But inside the federation, current and former officials said, that golden aura has masked at least two years of roiling discontent, including accusations of improper behavior by executives toward female staff members, charges of bullying by the organization’s director general and complaints about a toxic culture in which some men routinely direct sexist language and suggestive remarks toward female staff members......."
  6. He's been sick since he knew he'll be traded to the Cowboys
  7. BREAKING: Source Confirms Jason La Canfora Report, Expectation is Haskins to be Traded
  8. That's the second game I stopped watching after halftime I wanted to see more of Kyle Allen, unfortunately he got injured. 8 sacks and108 yards of total offense are just unacceptable.
  9. Post June 1st trade Dead money $2,126,202 Cap Savings $1,150,301
  10. Ron is standing still like a statue on the sideline
  11. ‘Miracle molecule’ effective against Covid found in Lille
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