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  1. Actually history and numbers say otherwise, Griezmann scored 37 in 7 years (2014-2021) with a .4 rate, KB 27 in 13 years (2007-2021) with a .32 rate KB outscoring Griezmann during this competition remains to be seen eventhough the task was made easier by Deschamps since Griezmann played more like Kanté than a real winger. We won the Worlc Cup without him, and strangely nobody seemed to miss him. He scored vs Faroe Islands !!! in the qualifying group for Euro 2008. During this competition (most shameful probably) he is scoreless. Versus which teams had he scored ? Albania, B
  2. I trust you about Barcelona since I didn't watch any game. That's the first time I've seen him playing with such intensity trying to get the ball back with France. The only guy who always did it was Ribery. He was all over the field to the point that I don't remember he had any opportunity to score. I praised him for that but I wasn't expecting it in the 4-3-3, especially since KB and Giroud can't score.
  3. Pogba was the man, I hope he won't have any inconsistency relapse throughout the tournament. Offense is putrid with KB, Giroud, Griezmann, thanks God we have Kylian to set the game on fire. Pogba and Kylian can build a very explosive chemistry.
  4. KB scoreless as usually vs the top teams. Griezmann being possessed by NGolo Kante. First time I see an offensive player playing fierced defense like that. Kylian being denied an obvious pk, I still can't believe his speed, he could easily make the olympics in the 100m.
  5. Rudiger biting Pogba in the back and touching his nipples
  6. I could never stand the show-off white collars AH of Roland Garros. Jokovic made the effort to learn and speak french, after his game vs Nadal he said the crowd was fantastic, he has always respected the crowd, but yet many of them just throw hatred to him or cheer anytime he misses.
  7. Tsitsipas is running out of gas.
  8. WFT's Benjamin St-Juste Makes Case For Starting Role
  9. I'm quite pessimistic about it. Giroud is already starting a controversy in front of the medias about Mbappé, and I'm no fan at all of KB. Now Deschamps might have another trick up his sleeve. I wasn't a fan of his coaching prior to the previous WC but he proved me wrong. Both Germany and Hungary will play with HFA, game vs Portugal will be played in Hungary. England will play with the home field advantage throughout the tournament.
  10. He is fine https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/sports/denmarks-eriksen-had-cardiac-massage-pitch-was-able-speak-before-going-hospital-2021-06-12/
  11. "Gibson will look to build on a breakout rookie season that saw him rush for 795 yards and 11 touchdowns despite missing two games in December due to turf toe, an injury he says he’s recovered from. "It’s fine, when I’m out there I’m running, I’m making my cuts, jumping whatever I need to do. Of course, it still gets sore but every day I’m still out there running, so it’s not a problem on the field. It’s just something I’m going to have to take care of. Other than that I’m completely fine.” Link
  12. "Football is a miracle that allowed Europe to hate itself without destroying itself." Paul Auster Writer, scriptwriter and director of American cinema.
  13. Osivax’ mission is to prevent globally impactful infectious diseases. Leveraging its unique oligoDOM® technology platform. The Company is developing a universal flu vaccine for both current and future influenza infections. OVX836 vaccine candidate is in Phase 2a clinical development. Osivax is leveraging the same platform technology for the development of a universal vaccine against all existing and emerging coronavirus infections. Osivax is focused on providing proof-of-concept in influenza and coronavirus, and to applying its oligoDOM® platform broadly in other infectious and immune s
  14. Arkansas state U already using it even though red and wolves aren't attached https://imgur.com/gallery/c3YSERJ Plenty here : https://www.davidcoronadesigns.com/work/washington-football-team-rebrand
  15. I still don't get the Jrue Holiday trade ! Three 1st round picks and Two picks swaps when your team age average is 27.7
  16. We just lost bakedtater1 someone please call 911 !
  17. This is what I found, probably grade one or two since only grade three requires surgery Football Team's Antonio Gibson: Still bothered by toe June 2, 2021 06:16 PM Gibson said Wednesday that he hasn't fully healed from the toe injury he suffered last season, Sam Fortier of The Washington Post reports. After missing Weeks 14 and 15, the rookie returned for Weeks 16 and 17 and Washington's lone playoff contest, though he was limited to 185 total yards and zero touchdowns over the three-game stretch. Gibson didn't need surgery after the season, but it'
  18. Davante Adams, Julio Jones, AJ Green had turf toe too. Mahomes is recovering from it, I wish Gibson will recover too eventhough I don't know the grade of his turf toe 1,2, or 3 ?
  19. Washington Football OTA Observations: A Bloody QB, A Limping WR & Jamin Makes His Move
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