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  1. Nuggets will be looking to make changes this off-season.
  2. to be fair, the others aren't even looking to shoot. Gordon should've taken a three and played hot potato with it.
  3. Porter has been mostly awful all series. Either Gordan or Porter just had to have a decent game and Denver's ahead.
  4. I'm not talking about me. I exercise plenty and I don't have any weight issues. I'm just not such a prick to think that it's simple for everyone to find time to exercise every day if they just made it a priority. Life is not that easy for a lot of people but feel free to make it a point to tell overweight people why they are such. I'm sure that will go over great.
  5. WTF are you going on and on about? Maybe instead of typing, you are the one that should go for a walk. Then email the researchers all your questions so you can argue with them. If you really think everyone has time every day and you lump it in with brushing teeth, you live in a bubble probably cause you make plenty of money to not face the same challenges those in less fortunate situations.
  6. I read the article. You asked a question and the company gave the answer they gave. The article literally gets into what the cost could be while still having a profit. If you want to argue with the researchers, knock yourself out. After arguing with researchers, you should go around and tell obese people that they all really do have time and they simply aren't prioritizing exercising. Let us know how that goes because it's clear that you have no idea of the struggle some people go through.
  7. https://www.cnbc.com/2024/03/27/novo-nordisk-ozempic-can-be-made-for-less-than-5-a-month-study.html
  8. The food industry does there best to make their food addictive so they can make more money. That shouldn't be dismissed.
  9. This gets into a much larger issues of how we build cities. It's not just "they don't care enough to prioritize it" when travel times to work can be long, there is a lot to get done at home with kids and neighborhoods are great for just going out and taking a walk.
  10. People go to chipotle to "eat heathy" and the serving sizes are enormous. Same happens at a lot of places regardless of whether it's actually healthy or not.
  11. yes and no. A huge problem, no pun intended, is portion sizes at almost all restaurants in this country. Cutting serving sizes would do far more than raising taxes on sugary stuff.
  12. Nuggets starters may play a few minutes in the 3rd then it's all bench. Murray shot the Nuggets right out of the game.
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