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  1. Hersh

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    I 99% agree. I leave 1% to small things like sleeping in one's own bed, knowing the rink bounces, and a random player/goalie that just plays better on home ice and that makes a difference 1 out of 100 series. You're right
  2. Hersh

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    It's a 24 team playoff format. I'll be more interested if they every finalize anything.
  3. Hersh

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    I saw Tampa and Carolina voted against the playoff format. Tampa actually makes a good point. Teams that don't get a bye won't be playing the same high level intense games. Some round robin format for the top teams to determine seeds is totally meaningless in empty stadiums where home ice isn't a thing.
  4. Hersh

    The Quarantine Thread

    I really want to make a crude joke here but some of these Priests may be legitimate good people.
  5. Hersh

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    You mean build out rinks? If they are gonna do that, maybe not pick a place where it's 115 degrees out? I bet you could find enough rinks in a place like Minnesota where college teams have rinks. Could probably reconstruct them pretty quickly for the right dimensions. Every college team rink within an hour or two.
  6. Hersh

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    They gonna run games 16 hours a day on the same surface? I think you have to have 4 rinks plus those city’s practice rinks. I don’t see how the ice could withstand that many games in one rink.
  7. Hersh

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    The system is the problem but, and I know you know this, it's far deeper than consumer spending or excessive spending. For me, start with (personal) health care, the poisonous crap we subsidize and mental health then get into issues around consumerism.
  8. Hersh

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    It will be weird to come back and suddenly try to have playoff level intensity in empty arenas after 3 or 4 months off.
  9. I don't disagree but the swamp has also come to mean anyone that doesn't do exactly what Trump wants or doesn't kiss Trump's ass or doesn't protect Trump's business interests or whomever Fox News tells Trump is the swamp.
  10. Not a surprise. GOP has zero principles. It's likely historical investigations will out several of these people as outright traitors to our country.
  11. Hersh

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    Same reason they don't see a sudden spike in Covid cases. People are still social distancing and staying home so jobs aren't coming back. But don't worry about that cause the dow jones is solid now so **** the little people.
  12. Do you really not know the answer to this question?
  13. Hersh

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    First it was the the fed pumping trillions into the economy then it's investors being disconnected from reality and now it's a few companies heavily weighted on the dow jones driving it up. Some of it is bat **** crazy. Disney stock going up makes no sense at all. They've been crushed and will continue to get crushed no matter how many Disney+ subscribers there are.