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  1. It will not surprise me if her base turns on her. Either way, it’s good news.
  2. Some of the things you said you believe in are the opposite of what the GOP has become. For the record the GOP=Trump. They are indistinguishable.
  3. He was excellent save for the one time he almost **** the bed handling the puck. I thought the Caps' passing was a lot crisper last night as well. Better job defensively too.
  4. One illegal being one too many and that justifying the wall and the billions of dollars it would cost is racist AF.
  5. Easily their best game since raising the banner. They dominated. Need to start seeing that consistently.
  6. Caps dominating performance through 57 minutes. Super fast third period is nice for these late games.
  7. Great 40 minutes. Hopefully they close strong and don't allow this to become a close game.
  8. Holtby almost Holtby-ed. Wow that was close. Great move by Oshie.
  9. I was about to yell at Kuzy to shoot in the slot but Ovechkin did his thing.
  10. Do you currently oppose the GOP in its current form? If so, what would you like to see happen to get back to the items you listed?
  11. The GOP will almost certainly fall in line. McConnell, who claims to love the Senate, has ceded all power of that chamber to POTUS. He’s pathetic.
  12. I love this story. It's a great representation of how screwed up the GOP is today. As an environmentalist I'm happy to see old coal plants go, but this was done based on economic reasons. Trump tweeting and other GOP members trying to force an ineffective, outdated plant open should go against what the GOP used to claim to believe. It's literally the free market functioning as it should and they now hate it.
  13. I'm curious as to what conservatism is considered these days.
  14. O’Day pitches for Atlanta now
  15. Hersh

    ***2018-19 NBA Season Thread***

    Am I the only one that doesn't find Harden's streak impressive? Dude took 34 shots tonight to get 42. He was in a game a couple weeks ago when they were getting crushed to, seemingly, get his 30 points.