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  1. Caps still have Vrana and Bura as RFA and Connelly as an UFA. (plus a few other younger players) Caps need to retain as many of the quality young players as possible. They already have enough older players and they have some contracts that are really going to hurt in a couple seasons.
  2. He does add value, but at the expense of whom not getting resigned? Caps have some tough decisions coming up and I'd prefer they sign youth than 30 year olds.
  3. You are way overvaluing Hagelin. He’s a good PKer but he’s a bottom 6 player that relies on speed and sucked in the playoffs
  4. This is a terrible contract. GMBM made a couple moves to help get the Caps a Cup, but some of the contracts he gives out are extremely questionable
  5. It's cause EG was terrible at managing the cap and threw tons of money at bad players or players not worth what the Wiz gave them. So it's not Wall's contract in a vacuum but the reason Wall's contract is a big deal is that he hasn't actually won anything and he's coming off a major injury which could drastically reduce his effectiveness. Think about this, Golden State spent $25 million per over the last few years on Iggy and Livingston. Two guys that contributed a ton to their championship run. The Wiz spent $21 million last season on Howard and Mahinmi. This has been a reoccurring theme with the Wiz.
  6. Hersh

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    This will make the Lakers failure next season even better.
  7. The AD trade is awesome for the Wiz. Start taking all offers for Beal now. There are plenty of teams that missed out on AD that will pony up for Beal. It sucks the Wiz have no GM in place. They should be really active right now. It’s extended long enough. At this point, given the possibility of moving Beal for a complete rebuild, the Wiz should be taking offers. They should also be taking offers to help team with Cap relief if Parker’s contract can be used for that.
  8. I am guessing that the Caps won’t resign Holtby and could even look to trade him now. I love the guy but the business side of it makes it tough to keep him long term.
  9. Hagelin is, at best, a bottom 6 guy that can help with PK.
  10. 100 percent disagree. It’s fine tanking but they are gonna destroy arms. You need to have some stability and take care of players and not be bring up guys that have no business coming up. Ortiz, who started yesterday, had been bad all season in AAA and while he may never be successful, he’s still only 23. He’s not ready and they are throwing him out there.
  11. Hersh

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    He won’t return an all-star but a team looking to win next season could use him. I wonder it a team like Boston might be interested. Anyway, plenty of teams would be interested.
  12. One huge mistake Elias made was not adding any quality pitching this season. I know that the front office was in full tank mode, but they went into the season thinking Mike Wright would eat innings. Straily, while a semi-reasonable gamble for not much, is doing exactly what the scouting report said and has been a total bust. It's fine to cut payroll some, but they still have to figure out how to get through another 3 1/2 months with almost no quality pitching. That won't work in the AL East.
  13. Hersh

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    If they do lock up Durant and Thompson, they could trade him this off-season as part of a semi-tank to add youth.
  14. We’ve gone from suck to blow. I haven’t watched much cause why would anyone. This team is as bad as last season.