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  1. I won't defend the use of twitter for anything and I'm not a Beto fan. The US simply wouldn't turn it's back on the Saudis, but I'm fine applying some pressure on them to change their ways as well.
  2. I think maybe this is a misinterpretation, but I could be wrong. I don't think he's saying we wouldn't support SA, obviously we do. I think he's saying that the US is going to go to war in place of SA. Regardless though, I think it's in response to POTUS effectively saying he will let SA dictate what we do.
  3. I’m not telling y’all to let it go. Be mad all you want. If y’all want to call for Biden to drop out, have at it. If he’s the nominee, don’t vote for him. I understand why people are mad about his comments. If you think his remarks make him worse than Trump, okay.
  4. There is a difference between questioning what people say and question their policies without playing directly into the hands of the GOP like what Castro did at the debate. Generally I don’t want to be in situations where we have to accept a bad candidate for the sake of the country but this is not an ordinary election.
  5. There is a huge middle area between Biden needs to drop out and simply not caring about an issue which means giving Biden a pass. Anyone telling Democrats that can beat Trump, who is an existential threat to our country, to drop out is misguided. It's the same logic that led to Trump in the first place. All the Bernie Bros that didn't vote for Hillary for whatever reason while knowing how ****ing awful Trump was is the same as this Biden should drop out stuff. I may not like what candidate X or Y says, but I will tolerate any shortcomings by any Dem that beats Trump. That's all this election is about for me. This election is bigger than any one issue. Those that can't see that, need to open their eyes. Trump must be defeated.
  6. **** you and your self-righteous bull ****. I ain't having it.
  7. You aren't worth getting a short vacation from here. No need to have a conversation with me again until you apologize for making that kind of BS claim.
  8. You can shove that statement up your ass. Don't ever come at me like that. Trump needs to go and every Dem is better than Trump.
  9. This is how Democrats lose. People thinking it’s about policy. It has nothing to do with policy against Trump
  10. The disconnect here is staggering. The stakes are so high so lets cut the knees out of the front runner that has a great chance to beat Trump. People that want to keep searching for the perfect candidate are only going to be disappointed. Oh, and **** Castro too.
  11. Hersh

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I never understand why people take the time to talk about things they profess to have no interest in.
  12. I don't mind most of the changes. I think he made mistakes in getting rid of some of the scouts that helped produce a top-10 farm system. This will be an interesting off-season. If they trade Villar, Mancini and Givens and don't do much in the way of signing a quality starting pitcher, I won't watch a game. I don't watch games now cause they are awful. I have no interest in going through another season in which they tank.
  13. Meet the Press haa a graphic on the scene saying "A Matter of Trust: Can we believe what Pres. Trump says?" Really MTP? What awful ****ing journalism to still even ask that question . I have no words
  14. No, it was started because Trump tweeting out the wrong information then not owning it. Nothing more.
  15. We don't want Trump to put his clubs away. He does tons of damage when he is actually sorta working.