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  1. Good one. I find it weird that we have any problems at all cause Trump said he was the only one that could fix things.
  2. He got Luke to trust the force which led to the first death star being blown up? We can also make up a lot of stuff like he got Han to come back and shoot at Vader's group of tie fighters. Also, he clearly was playing mind tricks with Luke the entire time to get him to become a great jedi. That's what I'm going with and he couldn't do any of it while he was alive.
  3. I love the simplicity of these episodes and, to me, it makes for a much higher quality live action product than way over the top CGI stuff. It brings back the feel of the OT that was more about the people than making the most ridiculous fight scenes possible. Less is way more at times. Did he become weak or did he become more powerful than you could possibly imagine?
  4. How and Why will Kamala destroy this country? BTW, per your original post, would you please point me to Trump's health care plan (that is better than the ACA) or his plan to eliminate the debt? He said he would do those things as POTUS. Just wondering.
  5. Best Mandalorian episode of the season by far and we tend to think every episode is awesome
  6. 2nd this. My 6 year old loves it as much as me. We've watched it multiple times already.
  7. That would be awesome. So much better than the Wiz just going 41-41 and being the 8th seed.
  8. It should be an organizational policy that the team always listens. Doesn’t mean they are shopping a player and players need to understand that side of the business.
  9. Does anyone doubt that Wall is on the market? I have no doubts. So far Sheppard is a really weak GM.
  10. I’m convinced there is a pee tape with her and either POTUS or Don Jr. I imagine her calculus is to run for office in a heavily red Trump district so she thinks she has to lick his balls as much as possible, but damn.
  11. Who is running this organization, the players or the GM? Deni needs playing time. You don't draft a guy 9th to ride the bench when you are trying to win now.
  12. I get that people want younger appointments for some positions, but it’s also feels like some people are never happy. Avril Haines will be the first woman to serve as DNI and is only 51. That’s pretty awesome. Per John Kerry being the Climate whatever he is, this is the first time Climate will be a part of National Security at this level. It’s a big step in the right direction even if people prefer someone besides Kerry.
  13. But how much run is he gonna get? If Bryant doesn't fit in this offense as well and isn't good at defense, why keep him? I just don't buy anything Sheppard is selling now. If he wasn't shopping Wall, he would've said so last week when the rumors started. Also, backups playing minimal minutes won't make this team a lot better defensively. It has to start with your top 5 guys in minutes being better defensively.
  14. It's not a knock on Bryant, it's wanting to move on from Wall. This organization is still totally inept.
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