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  1. I'm not saying they did great moves, but you can't deny they are set with their goalies for the next 5 years and should be one of the best duos in the league.
  2. I will give them credit now though for ending up with maybe the best goalie tandem in the league.
  3. The post race interview with Dressel was infuriating to me. Dude says it was a really tough year and he clearly wants to go have a moment not on TV to let it all out. So what does NBC do, keep him on camera as long as possible cause it's about the TV show and they, the media, don't give a **** about mental health at all.
  4. I'm gonna decide not to get banned even though this is a take that is so ****ing horrible it warrants a lot of criticism.
  5. Mobley and Wiseman could easily play together. I mean, if Wiseman wasn't a total bust, which he definitely is already because something something something.
  6. Solid trade by GMBM. I want to see more. This team needs to get younger and fast and it can gather some trade picks and younger talent if it wants to move a couple more players.
  7. Momentum is building. Please don't **** this up Shep. I think I saw there is a pre-draft press conference tomorrow by the Wiz.
  8. so laughably predictable. If an offer materials that is something this glorious and Shep doesn’t take it, I’m done.
  9. I so can't wait for your 10 paragraph response how they are too different to be compared.
  10. Everyone understands that you hate Wiseman and you think he's already a bust. I mean, 19 year old 7fters that average 11-6 and shoot over 31% from three their first year while playing 21 minutes per game and they are the 4th scoring option on a good team, those guys are always busts.
  11. Stop. A two year contract for a 26 year old that now plays great D and has become a lot more efficient offensively is not one of the worst contracts in the NBA. No one is saying Wiggins is a superstar but you could do WAY worse as part of the needed salary to come back in a deal. It's like some of you think that Beal is going to get a bunch of top-5 picks. This is not going to be the case. If you want a championship team, at some point you either need to have Lebron James on your team or you need to hit on picks outside the top 5 and outside the top 10.
  12. No. Cause Wiggins is an asset that could be traded for more picks. What would be interesting would be a 3 team trade where Wiggins ends up in Toronto, Beal in GS and the Wiz get a bunch of picks in this years draft plus salary cap space. Toronto gets Wiggins, , #7 from GS GS gets Beal, Thomas Bryant Wiz get Rodney Hood, Baynes, Chris Boucher, Flynn, Watanbe and #4 from Toronto, Wiseman, #14, and 2023 first round pick from GS and 2023 first round pick from Raptors. Wiz can waive Hood, Baynes, Boucher immediately and make a big offer
  13. They took a big swing on Kawhi when they were a team that had already won 50-59 games three straight seasons. They would also have to trade significantly more for Beal than the #4 pick in this years draft since the Wiz wouldn't be getting a DeRozan/Green type package back. So a real trade with the Raptors would be for th #4 pick plus picks that will ultimately be in the 20s. That's far worse than a trade with the Warriors.
  14. NM, you mean the Duke kid Jalen Johnson. Pass on him. Duke got a bit better once he left.
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