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  1. And that’s okay with you? There are three reasons the government is shut down. One is no longer around in Paul Ryan. That leaves Trump and Mitch McConnell. Those two are the only reason the government is shut down still. There is zero blame on the party that has repeatedly, in unified fashion, voted to keep the government open.
  2. As PB said, every Dem would vote to reopen the government immediately and Manchin just voted to keep sanctions on Russia. Funny, Bernie missed that vote. Who cares what he said for his own WV politics.
  3. Giving money to the hostage taker would be the dumbest move ever.
  4. Hersh

    All Things Boxing

    Gee, I wonder who will win in Vegas on Cinco de Mayo weekend if it goes to the scorecards. This fight is already fixed.
  5. Dems in the Senate missed a golden opportunity to elevate a woman the lead. Be the first major party with two women leaders. Plus it would endlessly annoy Trump.
  6. I'm impressed with how Pelosi is hammering this message. "The Secretary (referring to Neilson) should be advocating for the employees there to get paid." That's a terrific body blow by Pelosi.
  7. How is Pelosi not acting like an adult? The House Dems are the ones that have passed bills to reopen the government. This is a GOP shutdown a long time in the making. From the GOP not allowing a vote on the bipartisan immigration bill a few years ago, to the House GOP not immediately passing the Senate bill right before the shutdown to Trump agreeing to sign a bill then saying he won't sign it. The only ones acting like adults in this particular issue are the Dems. Where is Mitch?
  8. What do you think the Wiz could get in return for Wall?
  9. Probably smart cause if you say Kuzy should be on the third line, you’d get the same response but with ridicule Damn, you rarely see Ovechkin getting that pissed.
  10. Really disappointed in the Caps planning for the backup goalie situation. You don’t want to ruin your good back up goalie in a game like this by just letting him get beat time and again. Hopefully they learn from it. I’m way more pissed about that than the actual play of everyone else
  11. Caps were bound to have a bad stretch. That’s all this is.
  12. That’s a laughable penalty call
  13. If Holtby can’t play, they need to have a back up that can get on the ice. Copley, while hung out to dry a bit, should have been pulled.
  14. In Raleigh I have the NHL package on direct tv. I’m pretty sure playoff games are on various nbc channels which is not part of an nhl package