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  1. why would their not be infrastructure in place in 15 years? If you can get off at the next exit now, you’d certainly be able to with an EV 15 years from now. 13 years ago, the Chevy volt was the first plug in hybrid with 30 miles on the battery. Now we have all EV that can go 300+ miles. Tech will only improve over 15 years.
  2. Don’t get why Butler reached in. Let him go to the basket and get a two
  3. JVG is right that it’s a horrible replay rule.
  4. How far are people in rural areas really driving nonstop?
  5. Solar on the house charges the Tesla wall unit battery generator which ultimately powers the car being recharged at night.
  6. How many drivers are going nonstop for 400+ miles in a single day? Almost none and those do stop to eat and use the bathroom. Getting solar panels to be more efficient should be a nationwide, we are going to the moon, type project.
  7. How anti-America the GOP really is? Cause I don't view this as a both sides issue especially on the act of voting.
  8. Agreed. One of the main reasons I said 3-5 years is that Murray and Jokic are signed for a few years at only $30 million per and they will have money coming off the books. Plus, this front office shows they can draft well without being at the top of the draft.
  9. And they didn't. Murray, Jokic and Porter Jr with a great supporting cast over the next 3-5 years is a team built better than OKC teams.
  10. If the Nuggets don't win a title over the next 5 years it will be an OKC like failure.
  11. I'm sorry, but this has me laughing. So what's coming? What is the goal of your comments/rants?
  12. The NHL does a pretty good job with awards. They should actually have two awards for defense, one for best offensive defenseman and one based on actually playing defense without regard for points. Something similar to the Rocket Richard trophy
  13. That speaks to your moral compass. (It's not good)
  14. Did you notice the what Trent Lott said? "We can't continue to filibuster men, women and minorities unfairly..."
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