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  1. Hersh

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Leaked Photo of who sits on the Iron Throne at the very end. Everyone has been wrong and IT IS AWESOME!!!!
  2. A few reasons I don't view it as a choke, aside from how good Carolina is: 1. how many long, exhausting playoff's the Caps have had recently. Not just the physical aspect but also the emotional aspect. All those years being legit dogs in the playoffs, followed the Cup win and crazy aftermath last season, has got to be draining. I think we saw the same thing with the Pens this year. That's a lot of extra super intense hockey games over the years. 2. It's a huge difference not having the same head coach 3. We've seen this inconsistency all season and we've seen leads blown all season. People kept expecting that the Caps would just flip a switch when the entire regular season said otherwise. 4. If not for the timing of the all-star game, this team may not have even made the playoffs. They had the worst stretch of any Caps team in years in January.
  3. Are you really suggesting that losing to the Pens in the second round the two seasons prior to winning a Cup were considered upsets? You realize that those two teams were the 1st and 2nd best teams in the entire league in 2017 and the 1st and 4th best teams in the entire league the year before. It's the awful flaw in the way the NHL does the playoffs now. Hopefully they change it soon.
  4. Hersh

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    I don’t think it needs or should be a good outcome necessarily, (I don’t think a good outcome is possible given all those that will die) just not the NK. This is no real investment in him emotionally regardless of the emotion. Plus, at this point how often has good actually prevailed in this show? Some people have gotten what karma had in store but largely the good people have been through hell and had lots of family and friends killed. There is a reason that wasn’t a show. The human conflicts make this show, not the WW
  5. I hope you are right. One thing I haven't understood, given the Caps drafting a lot of defensemen over the last 2-3 years, is the Caps signing defensemen to long term deals. If they keep Niskanen, there is really only one open spot over the next two seasons.
  6. Hersh

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    There is virtually no chance the Night King ends up winning it all. That leaves no room for continuing the story someday and that’s worth a lot of money.
  7. It didn't happen all season and the Caps looked spent. A longer off-season will be good for this team.
  8. I'll believe the O's has a ton of quality depth defense when I see it. I do think Siegenthaler was good and should get a real shot at making the team, but I would not bring everyone back next season. I'd definitely look to move Niskanen and I would consider moving Holtby depending on the return. The latter is really tough cause he helped bring the Cup up and has the iconic stick save in the Finals, but from a business perspective, I'd consider it. My other priorities would be: Extend Backstrom Extend Ovechkin Sign Vrana Sign Connelly Burakovsky can go depending on his contract demands. Gotta draft better and really focus on offense. Get younger on defense and potentially in net.
  9. Again, Carolina had the 3rd most points in the NHL since Dec. 31. This idea that Carolina is a bad team, when they were 5 points behind the Caps for the season, is just silly. Carolina is legit, just like the Islanders are this year. The Metro was crazy all season and the Caps showcased what they were all season, extremely up and down team with zero consistency.
  10. It’s fine. I don’t consider the Islanders or the Canes a rival
  11. Backstrom was also huge and he’s under contract for only one more season. The Caps have no ability to rebuild for at least 4 seasons
  12. And a good coach makes adjustments.
  13. You don't think coaches are important?
  14. Yes. They didn't want to commit the years or the money. I mean, why would you want to pay the guy that leads the team the first ever Stanley Cup in DC
  15. Holtby taking it hard. He knows he let them back in it with the short-handed goal.