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  1. i don’t know but earlier in the season he couldn’t stay in front of anyone. But that also could be the entire team in general. It certainly could be attributed to bad coaching too.
  2. certainly not from the FT line these days buy his Portland game was good. Westbrook is finally taking fewer threes this good stretch of play. Maybe that will be a permanent change in his game
  3. That’s like extrapolating when Westbrook has a super efficient shooting day that he’s been a great shooter all season.
  4. wiz fans standards are low He’s solid offensively for his role but he’s dreadful on defense. Perfect Wiz player
  5. Why didn’t Bertans play? sums up everything that is wrong with the NBA all cause of analytics. Rui is solid offensively. If you have a really good on ball defender at SF and a good rim protector in the middle, you have a good starting 5.
  6. I can see myself being okay in the future if certain states want to secede. These people are super ****ed up and there are tens of millions of them. Their country would implode so quickly.
  7. Though the Dick Grayson is a total psycho storyline is gonna get old quick.
  8. I had no idea what to expect but it’s pretty good. Though a bit too gory at times.
  9. Any of y’all watch Titans on HBO Max? I don’t know what it was on before.
  10. It’s very odd that there is no indication of braking. For some reason, he was clearly not paying attention. The natural reaction is to hit the brakes if you lose control. The sheriff saying he wasn’t drunk is meaningless. Most people think pain pills before alcohol when it comes to TW.
  11. Jesus: “I’m trying not to judge here but Jesus Christ, some of y’all are ****ing crazy.”
  12. Wiz had made a nice comeback but they went away from what got them back in the game. Beal just gunning in the 4th when it was the non-stars that were getting them back in the game.
  13. I missed that but I would be surprised if they went into surgery without having some idea if he was on something.
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