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  1. Not only that, but Dems cleaned up in state wide races in 2018. This isn't a red trending state at all. Dems just get ****ed by the epic gerrymandering that the SCOTUS conservatives decided to pass on.
  2. I know you meant well with this statement, but you might want to think more about the history of this country.
  3. It would have been fascinating to see who would've emerged if Biden stayed out and we started in states that weren't whiter than white.
  4. I wish the commentary would stop that we have a great economy now, it's so misleading. If all presidents started deficit spending over a trillion dollars while in an already solid economy, of course the numbers will look great. The fact that we have over trillion dollar deficits should be causing a bit of a panic. The moment we have a slow down, we are ****ed. How good would the Obama recovery look if deficits stayed over a trillion dollars every year he was in office?
  5. Hersh

    The Impeachment Thread

    Something from Bolton or maybe just trying to show Roger he has his back so he doesn't spill the beans. It's a blantant attempt to influence a federal judge on behalf of his friend. It's remarkable how the GOP looks the other way if not actively encouraging behavior that they would instantly impeach a Democrat for doing.
  6. TBF to whomever posted it, sometimes we don't take into account how brutally bad the rest of the Eastern conference is. The East is ****ing awful. If they played in the west, they'd be Timberwolves and GS bad.
  7. The so-called moderates are far more progressive than you give them credit for these days. They may not all be for single payer but the party is all in for health care for all.
  8. Hersh

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    If Holtby was giving up soft goals, we’d all be in agreement and he’s certainly be terrible at times this year. This recent stretch he’s been much better. It’s not easy to simply stop every shot. Takes good defense and luck as well as skill
  9. Hersh

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    It’s not Holtby. He’s kept the Caps in the last few games. The defense sucks
  10. serious question cause definitions of progressive may differ: what do you consider progressive positions on health care, climate change, tax reform/wealth tax, and whatever other issue you defines progressives?
  11. Hersh

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Missed the goal but so far it’s been all Vegas from what I’ve seen. Not much puck control for the Caps
  12. Appreciate it. When I was scrolling on mobile, the titles of the videos don't show in their entirety
  13. Please say what the videos are about when you post. It helps me know what’s worth looking at and what isn’t. Please and thanks
  14. who isn’t a progressive in the race?? The far left needs to wake the **** up and realize where the Democratic Party is these days. Fighting Climate Change with alternative energy, health care for all in some form, gun control, equal rights for all, and on and on. Many are moving toward a wealth tax. One is mostly certainly a progressive without saying “you will get everything for free” and “all corporations are evil.”