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  1. That was the first time since the Cup run that I was really fired up about playoff hockey. I just didn't expect **** when Reirdon was behind the bench.
  2. Wasn't a penalty when Ovechkin went down, but is an awful missed called when the dude hit Oshie. Helmets don't just come off on that part of the ice.
  3. That's a punch to Oshie's face. WTF
  4. Hopefully Samsonov is back next game. Sucks for VV. He had earned the playoff start. Had a solid rookie year.
  5. Just turning the game on. What happened to VV? I see Anderson in goal.
  6. I think it's a testament to how good Russ is and that's it. Being below .500 and getting into the play in game doesn't say much to me about the team. On March 1st the Hawks were a game better than the Wiz. The Hawks are the 4th seed 9 games over .500. The Wiz are the 10th seed 5 games under.
  7. I agree. In a crazy season, no big deal. Long term though, no thanks. I bet the owners agree to extend it though cause it's more money in their pockets without paying players anymore.
  8. All the teams in the play-in are missing important players. Count me as not a fan of the play-in. The idea that it brings more teams into the playoffs doesn't mean anything to me when so many teams already make the playoffs. 2/3rd of the teams are now in the playoffs with the expanded play-in.
  9. I generally agree but if it's $300K or $250K for some tax raise, that shouldn't be off the table.
  10. This should not be a redline. $400,000 is a lot of money almost everywhere. It should be significantly less than that.
  11. Just took my ETC, MATIC XML (Stellar) gains. ETH to $20K LOL Let things come back down and get back in.
  12. Always a nice surprise to see the market way up in the morning. I had bought in ETC, ETH, XML and Polygon (MATIC) over the last 24-36 hours
  13. One is currently not permitted to buy or sell on ripple on Coinbase. Only hold whatever you have.
  14. It bounced big time after that. Are any sites in the US permitting the trading of it these days? It's under investigation by the SEC now. This could go in the Tesla thread too.
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