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  1. I legitimately don't understand why they need to postpone the game. Over 85% of them are vaccinated.
  2. Thought for sure we'd never hear from him again. Maxwell grew into the role decently but I'm happy to have FP back
  3. Korda and Opelka are probably the best chance. Opelka should be a better version of Isner - and with that serve it just takes one hot week and you're in the quarters of a major.
  4. Our starters are so so bad outside of Stras and Max.
  5. Why is Stevenson trying to bunt with the bases loaded and 2 outs?
  6. That is hilarious from Davey. What an absolutely atrocious call
  7. This is miserable to watch. Terrible baseball, terrible color guy. Sad stuff
  8. Yadiel Hernandez was a good story early on, but I've seen just about enough
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