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  1. The told me they received mine on the 13th. As of today, still no update as to whether it's been accepted or not
  2. Terry was wide open for 3 seconds but ok good throw I guess
  3. Yes, no doubt about it. Already seen tweets saying Trump was debating two guys. Sad.
  4. Yes there is. This is unwatchable. Less people will watch the next two because of how dumb this is. Get em all in now Joe.
  5. The new TV guy or Dave Johnson? Please don't tell me Dave Johnson is one of those people.
  6. The cowboys just won when they had a 2% chance to win the game. I can't believe folks are defending this give up.
  7. So this crew is going to call everything except an obvious roughing the punter? Ok.
  8. I only listened on a brief food run just as the 2nd half started. The criticism in the article about talking/making sounds during the play is justified, but it sounds like Julie is going to take that to heart. She (and maybe DHall too) was making random "oh and ooh" sounds in the few plays I listened to. Bram seemed fine to me. But again I only listened for like 5 minutes.
  9. So we're just going to keep letting Wentz sit back there on 3rd down? And pick apart the secondary? Seems smart.
  10. Thank god. I seriously thought they were dumb enough to let him walk.
  11. This guy dougherty trashing the nats for doing the piggyback rides. I'm forced to unfollow. That guy's really annoying. Anyways, glad we're finally hitting
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