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  1. skinswillwin06

    Does having a million dollars still qualify as rich?

    No. Rich means you could stop working at any time and still have enough money to do whatever you want without any concern you'll run out of money. $1 million does not accomplish that these days.
  2. skinswillwin06

    2019 MLB Thread (Trout re-signs with Angels, 12yr, 430m)

    I don't even really mind the pick your opponent. I mind the 7 teams in each league getting into the playoffs. Dilutes the 162-game regular season. Little point in caring about what happens during the grind.
  3. skinswillwin06

    Simulation Football League

    I saw it on Eleven Sports or something one time. Gotta say...dumbest thing I may have ever seen.
  4. If Epstein ever gets fired in Chicago, I sadly think Rizzo will be all but gone.
  5. skinswillwin06

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    And most of those 9 years, the D was BOTTOM 10.
  6. skinswillwin06

    Game Day Thread -Eagles at Redskins

    I mean... the game was in Philly. That's not really "in town"
  7. Except plays don't happen in slow motion. What is Anderson supposed to do?
  8. Wait what? How is that a helmet to helmet flag? He was a runner who also lowered his head?
  9. I was scared Max was gonna fall
  10. Zim crying is everything
  11. I ordered right after they won...projected to get here by a few days before Thanksgiving. Thinking of just cancelling and going to Dick's. Stupid.
  12. His index finger was bent in like 3 different directions and he couldnt make a fist. I think he's been injured dating back into the regular season
  13. Turner just showed how ****ed up his right hand is. Holy **** that's bad. What a warrior