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  1. Let’s ****ing goooooooooo!!!!! These new executive orders are just bogus trash trying to sway some of the elderly he’s lost because of covid. Seems desperate. I smell weakness.
  2. 3-4 on the season Jags -3. Fat Gruden and the Stache make beautiful music.
  3. That was a pretty garbage game for a conference finals. Sloppy.
  4. Seeing more and more stuff about Trump assigning electors in battleground states to vote for him no matter the results. Sounds like another loophole in the system that he will exploit. God help us.
  5. People can pick at Joe about this or that, but from where I’m sitting I think he’s run a solid campaign. The ads have been targeted and sensible. Excited for the debate next week. With a strong performance, I feel like Joe can pick up enough momentum to carry him through Election Day.
  6. Nuggets with the greatest run of must win games in playoff history. Dudes just won’t die.
  7. Chinese take out in LA is great. I worked in Beverly Hills for a stretch and I ate Kung Pao chicken like it was my job during the week. Other than that, the LA food scene sucks. Can you spend a ton of cash and get some good grub? Of course. But their everyday food blows. That’s why everyone in LA finds one restaurant they like and then they eat there all the time.
  8. Sounds like the “Rosenstein told Mueller not to look into Trump’s financial dealings with Russia” theory holds some weight.
  9. I wish I felt the same way. Collins, Murkowski, Romney all vote no. Pence breaks the tie. New right wing nutter religious zealot on the bench by Christmas. But I’m gonna hope you are right. And I hope Mitch’s arrogance costs them the Senate.
  10. Watching Nutty Professor 2. Sherman Klump’s flabby ass pulled Jada Pinkett and Janet Jackson? I might need to put on a few pounds.
  11. Got no problem with them giving Cam the ball on the final play. Great football game.
  12. Glad to see it only took two weeks for the QB thread to turn into the resident ****hole. Just like old times. Haskins has to be better at the simple stuff. Gotta hit the easy ones. Let’s hope he can turn this around.
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