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  1. It is. Right up there with trying not to run around the swimming pool.
  2. There’s not a sack on every passing play in the NFL. Thought I’d point that out.
  3. We’ve got a lot of deficiencies, but this team has showed up to play and has improved week over week. Solid coaching job I think.
  4. Gibson’s quickness in the hole reminds me a bit of Earnest Byner.
  5. Vikings defense is trash. I expect our pass rush to get to Dalton. Let’s ****ing gooooo!!!!!
  6. Skins +3. We got a taste of healthy Chase Young last week. Dude is gonna wreck today’s game. Texans -3. Lions looked putrid last week. The worst I have ever seen. Stafford’s hand looked limiting at best.
  7. I still can’t believe that Scotty Mac didn’t draft Justin Simmons. Dude’s Sparq score was ridiculous and played on a great defense at BC. He was on the board in the third I think and it was and still is a huge need. Sign me up for Keenan Allen sweepstakes in the off-season. Dude can get open in his sleep.
  8. Kerrigan needs to do more! I know he leads the franchise in sacks but he never impacts the game! Chase Young is gonna be a monster. Sorry for those who can’t see it. I understand the hindsight bias of maybe drafting a QB. I think Herbert is gonna be the guy everyone wishes they had taken. I love Tua but don’t think he holds up.
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