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  1. The Shape of Water - Fantasy flick about a mute woman who falls in love with the creature from the Black Lagoon. Sounds silly in text form, but this is a barn burner of a movie. When it won Best Picture, I assumed Guillermo Del Toro went soft to please the academy. Boy was I wrong. Arguably his best film, and I am a huge Pan’s Labyrinth fan. Don’t miss this one if you haven’t seen it yet. Michael Shannon is fierce...again. Still on the fence? The trailer should help you out. Red Band - NSFW
  2. Summer of Soul - doc about the Harlem Arts Festival in 1969. Incredible. Solid Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone footage is worth finding it in a theater. Will win a lot of awards. (4/4) Nomadland - Gorgeous and raw movie that follows Frances McDormand as she lives out of her van. Depressing look at displaced and forgotten Americans. A poetic punch in the gut. (3.5/4) Crawl - A young woman gets stuck in a flooded crawl space during a Cat 5 hurricane. Things get interesting when the alligators show up. Solid horror trash. (3/4) Vice - Christian Bale gives his tur
  3. Great move. Happy for all involved. Mostly happy for my ES handwringing brethren who searched far and wide for examples of why Rivera would lose all his good players to FA. Solid effort fellas. I enjoyed the drama. TC starts tomorrow. Let’s ****ing gooooo!!!!
  4. I shot a cat for you yesterday. I’m really into symbolism.
  5. I splurged and got myself a Tempurpedic mattress topper. My journey towards old man badassery has hit a snag. I bet she can hula hoop. Did Sound Tribe play the theme to 2001? That cover is filthy.
  6. Can we stop with this narrative? Tampa picked up a workmanlike win against an inferior team. The transitive property isn’t very accurate. The Bucs could’ve beaten us by three TDs if they needed to.
  7. Amazing must watch. https://streamable.com/4bpiuv
  8. I’m down with Limu the Emu but I think his buddy Doug needs a solid ass whipping.
  9. My Friday night is going so well that I’m watching Guy Fieri share a plate of fish with Vanilla Ice.
  10. Pretty sure M. Knight’s new joint is just a documentary about Myrtle Beach.
  11. I hope it’s not the wolves. I hate the NC State Wolfpack and all the stupid howls and wolfie hand gestures they do. If we are the wolves, please do not participate in such noises or gestures and physically reprimand anyone who does. Thanks.
  12. Just stay away from Myrtle Beach. I got an STD from just riding through with my windows down.
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