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  1. I think Bernie has a broader appeal than people give him credit for. Of course, we will be yelling “he can’t win” at each other for the next six months until we all believe it.
  2. AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy

    The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Batman blew above the legal limit.
  3. Pretty great times we’re living in. is there anyone out there that can say they will trust the upcoming election results? What a **** show this is gonna be.
  4. Get your fist ready. I know folks are concerned about Wisky staying red, but isn’t there a decent/good chance to flip Florida?
  5. I’m not overly concerned with polls right now. What’s more interesting to me seems to be the swell of voter enthusiasm in the big cities. Dems just need to turn out and I think we have a good chance.
  6. Bloomberg's night is almost as bad as this new Stone Temple Pilots album I decided to check out tonight. Almost.
  7. I think we all get it by now. Thanks. I think Bernie has a chance as the nominee, if that's how it all plays. I think people are underestimating his support, even if they disagree with it.
  8. Personally, I want everyone to back the Dem nominee. I would like to have all votes. I just get tired of Trump voters/swing people who keep acting like they need to be courted in the face of the atrocities committed on a daily basis by this administration. If you need to have your ass kissed at this point, after the kids in cages, open bigotry, and destruction of democratic decency just because your taxes are in a good place, then of course there will be a heavy dose of "well, then go **** yourself."
  9. AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy

    The Impeachment Thread

    Woohoo! Another impeachable offense. Let’s subpoena Dana and throw his ass in prison when he decides not to show up.
  10. I'm gonna look it up and use it tomorrow. I wish Warren was doing better in the polls. I would be excited to vote for her.
  11. AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy

    The Impeachment Thread

    **** John Bolton. His opportunity for a Boo Radley moment has passed.
  12. AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy

    2019 MLB Thread (Trout re-signs with Angels, 12yr, 430m)

    **** everyone on that Astros team. And **** the owner too.
  13. AlvinWaltonIsMyBoy

    Favorite songs from the 90s?

    Not sure. But if you do, please don't post Lightning Crashes.