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  1. It’s a limited time thing like McRib. My aunt’s got a ****ing reminder set on her phone for that ****.
  2. My aunt is addicted to the fish sandwich over there. It’s pretty hilarious. She’s getting a tooth pulled tomorrow and was freaking out that she might not get another one for a while.
  3. Dude in front of me at the Bojangles drive thru paid for his order and then drove off before they gave him his food. High as **** would be my guess.
  4. Never thought I would cry at a picture of Kurt Loder, but here we are.
  5. I’m seeing that he has a shattered ankle, and two leg fractures...one of which is compound. I think Tiger is done. Sad day.
  6. I saw some disturbing stats on Meet the Press this morning. Blue collar workers of all ethnicities are joining the Republican Party. Biden’s presidency is starting to feel like a temporary speed bump on the Republican railroad.
  7. It would be hilarious if that thing panned around and showed a ****ing Walmart in the distance.
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