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  1. Just watched Cocoon. That alien chick throws that “thousand rays of light” sex move on Steve Guttenberg in the pool.
  2. Kinda tired of the pork belly craze. Who wants to eat a fat slab of flaccid bacon? I like my bacon thin, crispy, and sexy as ****. The funny part to me is that as a kid you think the adults have their **** together.
  3. I just saw a woman spell the word “quarantine” as “corentine”. Bless.
  4. Deep Impact. Hadn’t seen that one since the theater. Forgot how bleak that movie is. It’s mostly just a bunch of family members saying goodbye to each other. Morgan Freeman is like “our efforts to save you have failed. You’re all gonna die unless you are one of the 500k lotto winners”. And then he describes how everyone is gonna die. The producers of this film have zero ****s.
  5. Yeah. Maybe season two will have less pegging. Fingers crossed.
  6. He was just a guest on one of the shows. I put it in the TV thread but I watched the first season of The Sinner will Bill Pullman and Jessica Biel. You would definitely like it if you haven’t seen it yet. Getting ready for season two.
  7. I saw Vanilla Ice on the Food Network talking about feng shui, color patterns, and his time at interior design school. It’s never too late to follow your dreams guys!
  8. I feel like the UCLA game drained the Zags. Lots of emotion and energy spent. They just seem flat. Props to Baylor for a great game. They were great tonight.
  9. I imagine the guy who botched those 15 million doses at J&J will have a hard time at future job interviews. ”Aren’t you that dude who screwed up those 15 million vaccine doses at J&J?” ”Nah playa. That was my cousin.”
  10. I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I watched Season 1 of The Sinner. Bill Pullman and Jessica Biel are both pretty amazing. Would recommend.
  11. Rivera played along side Mike Singletary and coached Luke Keuchly. I’m pretty sure he knows our LBs are trash. I gotta think we draft two LBs early this year. I don’t think there’s been a lot of opportunity to upgrade significantly in FA. We shall see.
  12. Tip of the cap to Roy. Dude won a lot of big time games. As a Tar Heel fan, today is a sad day.
  13. I see a lot of “extend player X” before they’re too expensive chatter. In theory it’s great, but it doesn’t take into account the players and their agents. They want max dollars. Takes two to dance.
  14. If we’re gonna be a good football team we’re gonna have to beat other good football teams. We shouldn’t be afraid to play anybody. Bring on the Bills.
  15. Announcer 1: Shooting free throws is not a strength of the Trojans. Announcer 2: We’ll, they do get to the line a lot. Announcer 1: Good. They need the practice.
  16. One of my friends plays around with special effects makeup. He got bored over quarantine so he made a bunch of “Michael” from The Lost Boys masks. Pretty wild.
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