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  1. illone

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    Low risk, high reward type move. Judging the statement by Doug Williams, anyways...
  2. illone

    Remembering Sean Taylor

    Anyone have the link to when he used the "shocker" technique to make Tiki fumble? Feel free to post any other Taylor moments as we remember the best safety to ever lace'em'up for this team.
  3. illone

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    We get at least 2 weeks of being in first place
  4. illone

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    I Love Dix! Needs to be a tshirt.
  5. The better Defense wins this one. Alex Smith tops 200 yards passing, and Docston grabs 7 passes. Skins roll 31-9. Skins tab another 7 sacks to their resume, and a pick for Norman and HaHa.
  6. illone

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins Pretty cool!
  7. illone

    Bring DeShean Jackson Back

    Yes, and yes. Where do I sign? Always a big fan of his, and he is better than any WR we currently have on the roster. He could be a decoy all year and open up the middle for Reed and Davis. SIGN HIM! *Sign Peterson too*
  8. illone

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    I didnt take the time to read the entire thread but man it's early in his tenure here. I am no Alex Smith fan but he isn't turning the ball over and when was the last time Kirk Cousins was 4-2.....? I'll take what this team is right now, and hope Smith will get more comfortable in the offense.
  9. This game should worry me, but it doesn't. Skins should push them around. Don't let Atlanta game fool ya, they don't have a good dline. Eli gonna be running for his life. Skins roll 31-9.
  10. Eagles are not gonna go away. They have the talent to overcome a 2 game deficit considering the Skins are 1-2 injuries on defense away from being mediocre again. The fun part is this team is winning BECAUSE of the Dline. Cant remember the last time I said that... We will be favored in a lot of those games and definitely have a chance to win 9-10 games.
  11. illone

    Redskins vs Cowboys Prediction Thread: Who Wants To Be On Top ?

    23-21. Redskins win with one minute left. Alex Smith does something Captain Fumble could never do: BEAT DALLAS!
  12. Keelan Cole is better than anything we have on this roster right now, and he went undrafted. This team needs an overhaul. Richardson is just a guy, Docston is a bust, and Crowder cant get open anymore. Can we start over?
  13. illone

    Redskins vs Colts Prediction Thread: Will the Redskins "Luck" Out?

    Its just one week but it sure is nice seeing that Redskins emblem as the #1 rush offense and #1 overall Defense. Skins roll a lot to a little. Colts get bucked.
  14. illone

    Redskins vs Colts Prediction Thread: Will the Redskins "Luck" Out?

    Skins roll in this one. 34-13. Luck will throw a ton of picks. AP with 150 rushing yards. Smith with 250 and 3 TDs. Paul Richardon goes off. Defense gets 5 sacks.