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  1. I thought Vasher declared for 2021 draft... is he going back to school??
  2. Just saw a mock that linked us to this guy:
  3. He has some Clinton Portis about him. If he is available in the 4th that would be a steal! Also, you think the ACC is weak competition?
  4. For me it's more about cost and opportunity. I'd rather stick to BPA this year, and go for a QB next year in FA or the draft, especially with the potential availability of Russ Wilson or AROD. You think it's the worst? I dunno about that claim. I guess it depends how the team views Heine/Allen.
  5. I hope we do NOT draft a qb this year. Oline, LB, cb, rb...
  6. Can we draft this guy in the 2nd round plz?
  7. Thats an interesting mock draft. bateman over parsons, horn, and farley? thats gotta be april fools gold.
  8. i dont see a single person claiming its real. do you?
  9. going to the jets is the worst “boobie prize” ever.
  10. This is april fools joke right?
  11. its not that far fetched. just based on contract value he’s the number 2 going into camp, and all signs point to a true open competition. Funny stat of the day, TH makes more than Lamar Jackson
  12. he reminds me alot of montez burfict without the penalties.
  13. next year’s QB class isnt THAT bad is it? i just feel like there is so much action at the top of the draft this year its going to be prohibitively expensive to get one of the good QBs. I admittedly dont know much about the day two qbs, but who do you cut from current bunch? do you think mills is better than kyle allen?
  14. I feel like Zaven Collins is a much better fit for the current D that del Rio is building. i was on the JOK wagon early, but ZC seems like a much lower risk and much more ideal pick. ZC to the cowboys? Ewwww i hope that doesnt happen...
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