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  1. Im not high on mac jones at ALL. Hard pass for me. Id take the risk on this guy instead Pitts is an intriguing guy. I could definitely see him falling to 15. I feel like Owusu going to be the actual pick, though. I have linebacker as the bigger need and if he is there you gotta pull that trigger.
  2. Renegades sounds cool. does this mean my old R gear goes UP or DOWN in value
  3. the chargers did this and had a decade and a half of middling football by letting the wrong guy walk out of the building (arguably?).
  4. Stop defending captain spray tan by saying he is a jokester. None of his stuff is funny. None of it. plus you really sound silly when you also melted down over a tan suit.
  5. **** you bolton. I hope nobody buys your stupid book. also, is trump still impeached?
  6. I hope you didnt curse us by announcing too soon, but it’s a safe bet
  7. The question is, how do we unify bernie voters? my bro-in-law is a bernie voter and he told me the other day that he’d vote for trump if bernie doesn’t win the nomination... w t f ?!
  8. http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/secret-service-skipping-reports-on-payment-to-trump-resorts-wapo-78365253559?cid=sm_fb_maddow
  9. Wow. Great read! https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/03/the-2020-disinformation-war/605530/
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