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  1. Bootleg is the way. crackstreams or worldcupfootball both offer sites that will stream all the games. I havent paid for Sunday Ticket in 10 years.
  2. low energy sleepy idiot. LESI Trump is a lesi. Wish I could watch this trial on TV cuz the media is doing a bangup job of reporting it different ways.
  3. Probably some Oregon alumnus. You are right, always at least one.
  4. Definitely not. If MM is playing then this team is not playing for anything meaningful other than higher draft pick. Same thing w Brissett. I could care less about the backup either way as in a previous post I think this clears the deck for a "QB Controversy-less" season. NOBODY is going to be banging a table to get MM in the game, that's for sure 😂
  5. Brissett is objectively more reliable and consistent than Mariota. Not sure by a wide enough margin to warrant the extra $2 million guaranteed, though. Maybe JB thinks he has a better chance to play by going back to Ne?
  6. Starting to get a sneaky feeling this Coleman guy ends up starting the season at left tackle. Might be one of those Adam Peters day two gems…
  7. It seems like a decent amount of fans want Mayhew gone. Im wondering why? He isnt redskins royalty or anything but he was a great player in Washington and part of the best team of all time (‘91). And by all accounts he didnt have much power during the ron era. I hope Mayhew sticks around.
  8. I felt this way initially. But after having some time to digest it all, Mariota is the perfect choice. This way there is zero chance any fans clamor for the backup to get in the game… Id challenge you to find a single skins fan that wants to see MM start or play. Ill wait 😂 Howell is a good dude, landed in a good spot and has a great chance to make some noise up there with the sea chickens. He’ll either beat Geno in camp, or get in the game when Geno gets banged up, which he has a habit of. That happens Geno could get wally pipped. The right move for the commanders was to either commit to him or move on and fully commit to the new guy.
  9. Tress getting emotional about the whole thing. Wow. Love that guy's attitude.
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