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  1. If we're going to hire Weaver, we need to hurry up and do it. I would guess he and Macdonald would be vying for some of the same staff.
  2. I assume this is why people are saying it's a done deal. Johnson has probably started contacting potential staff and asking them to wait it out. Word got out somewhere.
  3. I actually teach at that school. Del Rio's kid was some kind of assistant, as well.
  4. I think so, too. That being said, from the back angle (which is where the ref saw it from) it didn't look as bad.
  5. Yeah, but it also seemed like he limped back in and finished most of those games. Hopefully, Forbes has that toughness.
  6. What still needs to happen after the 20th? I know a league vote makes it a slam dunk, but will there be a time period of funding and contractual procedures before Harris actually takes control of the team, or does the 20th mark the transfer of ownership?
  7. It would be fun to get Cooper Rush, just so I can listen to Skip Bayless whine about it.
  8. I'll just keep calling them Redskins. I'm old enough to be grandfathered in...and to not care if it ruffles feathers. I probably would have switched to Redwolves or Hogs/Warthogs, but I'm not ever calling them Commanders. I just won't do it.
  9. Totally! I'm not suggesting that he deserves sympathy. I just find it odd that people can't seem to fathom why he would be so stubborn about selling to Bezos. It seems clear to me, even if I don't like it.
  10. I'm talking about how Snyder feels about it. Not reality. You have to try and see it from his perspective. If he truly believes that Bezos used the Post to force him out, then he'll dig his heels in...and I would, too, if I felt that way.
  11. I hate to defend anyone named Snyder, and I can't wait for their reign to be over. That being said, I can understand why they don't want to sell to Bezos. If I owned a house, and I felt like my neighbors forced me onto selling, so they could buy it and expand or move their kids in...I sure as heck wouldn't sell to them...even if they offered $10k more, which I think is comparable for my finances. Maybe I'm spiteful, too. I would love Bezos as an owner (though I'm excited about the new Harris grouping), but I totally understand why it isn't likely to happen. Some things are more important than money, like justice. In Snyder's opinion, Bezos owning it would be unjust.
  12. I feel the same way, though. I'm tired of running the math to find a way that we can still sneak in, if the right combination of teams lose. If we can't win one out of four, then we should be out. Watching the game today, I found myself less sad that we didn't stay alive for one more week and more sad that it was obvious we aren't good enough to be a playoff team. I am encouraged for the future, though. New owner and we have some legit talent on the roster...just not enough yet.
  13. This could add a little credibility to the theory that Bezos is a done deal...so he moves on to the Suns.
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