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  1. The WFT TM application got a non-final office action.
  2. Search trademark database | USPTO and under "Search our Trademark database (TESS)", click "basic word mark search" and search for serial number 90330268 with the field set to "serial or registration number" If I provide a link directly to the registration, you would probably get a message that the session expired.
  3. The USPTO website has a new registered trademark on the principal register for "Washington Redwolves Professional Gridiron Football" for providing a website featuring information relating to the sport of football.
  4. The USPTO website has a new registered trademark for Washington Redwolves Foundation for charitable fundraising to support red wolf recovery programs. The mark consists of the stylized gold wording "WASHINGTON REDWOLVES FOUNDATION" and the gray head of a red wolf all within a burgundy rectangle.
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