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  1. So WHY did Gruden bet his job on this guy???? THEN didn't change him mid season when CLEARLY he was in over his head?? WTF?? You had Ryan sitting there and he didn't take the life line. THAT IS DEMONSTRATIVELY STUPID. How that crew was chosen to lead the skins is beyond me
  2. If EVERYONE knows what you are doing and you don't adjust..how the hell do you expect a QB to produce..... Jay is the reason the O didn't go...NOT DH He's also the reason Smith got hurt..freeking sending the blocking back out against that D front..GOD I am glad he's gone...
  3. Hopefully that translates into more speed and nimbleness. Frequent criticisms of him last year. 15 pounds is ALLOT. That alone should make a big difference .
  4. So Thaddeus runs a 4.67 and NE's Gronk ran a 4.68 and people are saying he's too slow???? Seems a big body at the LOS that can block & catch in the 5-8 yard window fits our scheme (running/short yardage/High % throws) exactly. No drops and he only had 1 season of play time...that's big for me and it didn't cost a thing...
  5. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001112170/article/chiefs-cb-bashaud-breeland-arrested-on-multiple-charges Looks like we made the right move..
  6. So...... Trent's ego has been blown up He now realizes he has to play to get to that big contract next year The Team has sent a clear message to malcontents Haskins will have a pro bowler protecting his blind side and if the locker room can tolerate A Brown...they will tolerate TW if he does his job RR has established who is in charge The BEST Trade Market still lies ahead during the season back filling injuries (IF RR chooses to trade) Whats the problem you say?????? At the beginning of this thread THIS was the preferred outcome (mi
  7. If you think about it 1) Trent is a Top Talent 2) His last contract $$ is affordable 3) If you get the 8 mil in fines the #2 becomes obscene 4) He will be motivated by greed in 2021 5) We NEED a GOOD/Great LT to evaluate Haskins 6) Trent in OUR offense will make our run game click If I were to gamble..I'd gamble on Trent producing better for us in terms of results and $$ than ANY value NOW for all other options
  8. A motivated TW playing in 2020 for a large 2021 contract is the best solution to all this. IF/When TW plays for the skins..there is NO WAY he would tank on the last year of his contract. Get real...Trent will play and play hard FOR THE SKINS if we don't trade him. And I would NOT trade him for less than a 2nd until the last day of the trade deadline. Thats the way I would play it. It teaches players the skins roll over days are gone and we get the best tackle in the league playing hard for us in 2020 If RR starts winning..then who knows what will happen. Dumping TW just
  9. Hey Trent...better get that Skins helmet to fit if you want to get paid in 2020
  10. For Trent. We have lots of time to trade him into the season deadline.
  11. Or gets Haskins to put in the effort by showing him what a professional does. I am sure that will impact Haskins
  12. Because Rivera didn't kiss his ass and he knows he'll be held accountable (like all the other malcontents). That and the whole team will be laughing at him for how bad HE screwed up. EVERYONE WAS sympathetic at first and he managed to turn that 180 degrees to full on hate.
  13. Poetic Justice if nobody wants Trent. RR should stand put. He has all the cards
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