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  1. 49'rs just fired DC Wilks....scapegoat for Kyle's play calling late in the game?
  2. https://fanrecap.com/article-691361/?utm_source=washington-commanders&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=nfl-mk&fbclid=IwAR2VuCAvLaQXs39sEmlvXSDdDCLu17bnepNGZQ1U9Y4xp0XAycwhceHBRtc Joe Whitt DC
  3. Ben really F'd us with his signals....The FO was all in for Ben and let other teams grab the cream while we waited. I'd like to know if it was $$ or what..the game's crash and burn...
  4. "I'm bored, I'm broke, I'm back". The start of it all https://youtu.be/EF5SGK1YiUo
  5. Ben is [ mod edit : "Believed to be"] in https://www.totalprosports.com/nfl/washington-commanders-have-their-new-head-coach-report/?fbclid=IwAR20a-XIEnNNWj70j3z1H3OVrIovwxliRUQwNfrL_VIP_ejfWaMw6jowpec
  6. He's interviewing with the Eagles Monday for DC....won't have to worry about Philly next year https://fanrecap.com/article-256014/?utm_source=washington-commanders&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=nfl-mk&fbclid=IwAR0pGnqaTiznXiTNHPgWTWi4LfpvtXAFk5zOHz3hA3oWLmdisVQOjU9mk-Y
  7. Ask Belichick how he'd handle it. Yes..sometimes you have to set a tone. Clearly, Jay made it clear he was "One of the Guys". You can't manage as "One of the Guys".
  8. When can the new coach (whoever that may be) be allowed to meet early with the players and introduce his program? New Owner & Coach...what does the league allow these guys?
  9. Gruden was a good strategist. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to have the gravitas to instill a seriousness in the players to be a champion. Camp Gruden never practiced at an intensity that translated to game day. His teams were never "hungry". Name another coach that allowed a player to twist his nipples. Too laid back.... That and he tolerated incompetence from his DC...This is more on Dan not being able to attract good coaches
  10. I just wonder why RGIII considers himself a relevant Redskin/Commander?? Why is he posting as a Skin in the 1st place. Nobody cares . I just remember all the "Daddy Favors" Dan bestowed on this selfish player and him THREATENING players and coaches about "having pull" with Snyder.... FM..
  11. Lets see how much muscle/weight he can put on in the off season without slowing him down. The new coach wouldn't have put a rookie on top receivers out of the gate. He needs to ditch the "fly" routine though...Lets face it..the WHOLE D sucked and the coaches did NOTHING to adjust. Fresh Start..see what he looks like in May....
  12. What is funny about all this is the "Players" are all claiming they LOVED RR and he was a Players Coach...blah..blah..blah. Then why didn't they PLAY for him? Why didn't the give that extra to study/prepare/execute game plans. Yea..the coaching was crap but (especially the secondary) should have worked on communication among themselves to improve the coverage schemes. How may times were the safeties caught flat footed or a CB handed off coverage when NOBODY WAS THERE.... The team was LAZY..just like the coach.
  13. NO. Not with ALL the 1st Rounders he had to play with...not even close. The other coaches didn't have those picks...
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