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  1. Just heard from him in a french (RDS.CA) TV interview that he is very excited and a bit surprised to be here (even if we had a few interview with him, he hadn't feel that they wanted him that much and he is really happy about it) , he is very happy that the team seem to have a plan for him, he is willing to follow whatever the plan is, open to plan FS or DB or ST. He wanna ball and he is gonna give everything he have to fulfill is dream!
  2. So whatever grades people are gonna give us, question is, are we better after the draft? My answer is yes! We got ourselve a LB and a WR wich could both be day 1 starter, a DB with number potential 2 and ST star qualities wich happen to be very intelligent and a great character guy, athletic and most importantly from my hometown (Vive le Quebec!) Also Some depth in DE, a intriguing prospect at TE, a LS, and hopefully, some surprise that will make us very happy (think about Curl...) well, great week-end and now to FA and maybe other surprises (trade and all!) Thank for our FO to make it so fun
  3. I expect us trading down with TB to get some draft capital for next year!
  4. No debates on this
  5. Some people seem to think we need to draft day one starters with our 3rd round pick! I remember, not so long ago, even day one QB were expected to bench a year or two. It's crazy how fast things change!
  6. Well, I hang around since 2010.... was on the HailRedskins.com before I just don't post that much ...
  7. Nope, we are picking a great #2 CB in round 3. But we gotta give him the chance on his first year, i say, by year 2, this guy is our stud no2 CB. We cant expect all 3rd rounder to be probowler on day one....
  8. St-Juste is nothing spectacular but he is reliable and he is gonna get the job done. Not the Interception hype guy, but the guy you want to shut-up #2 WR on opposing team. Also great on special team. A great pick, not a spectacular ceiling, but a high floor. The man is gonna be stellar on our Special team next year and a great addition to our defense in 2 years (and a contributor day 1)!
  9. I'm so hyped on this guy! He is a brilliant kid. This guy didnt even speak english before he move to US at 17 years old, and still got is major in sport administration. Guys is a bright one and he know what he want and what he need to to, to get it: (Translation follow) Le demi de coin de six pieds trois pouces et 200 livres qui a joué avec les Golden Gophers de l'Université du Minnesota devrait être sélectionné lors de la deuxième journée du repêchage de NFL, mais St-Juste veut contribuer immédiatement au sein de l'équipe qui va le choisir. « Je veux avoir un impact immédiat,
  10. Guys, i know it's french, but i post this cause i think maybe some of you would be interested! https://www.rds.ca/football/nfl/nfl-le-quebecois-benjamin-st-juste-est-encore-pret-a-impressionner-les-recruteurs-1.11264272
  11. Indeed , he would maybe have been there later, but damn, i have confidence in our FO for the first time in such a long time, and im so happy that this Montreal guy was choose. ... But still, i'd say, you right, maybe a bit of a reach, but not by far, and also, that mean they see something! Guys, it's a great pick!!
  12. Guys, this is a great pick, i'm so happy! This guy is from home and is possibly a future stud. I had secret hope we'd go for him, and we have! Hail Redskins, be ready for QUEBEC POWER! (He will probably be great in 2 years!) Here everybody here will be hyped that he was taken in 3rd, and I'm hype that it was by us!
  13. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah still not picked? What is the thing we don't know about this one?
  14. I'm with you guys. I would take Rodgers thought...
  15. I'd bet Sewell too... or a surprise?
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