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    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    In the rotation..until he supplants Kerrigan
  2. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Payne/Allen/ Ioannidis /Settle with Kerrigan/Sweat/Holcomb puts the best talent on the field. Holcomb replaced Brown OK last year so sticking with the 3-4 scheme is not doomed because of Foster going down. Bottom line...Foster was a risk taken and lost. It won't cripple the D so I'm not panicking.
  3. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Right...The skins took a "Risk" with High Reward and LOW..again LOW Cost. They missed for 2019...2020 who knows. So WHAT? It's early..we have backups and "could" get more. Brown was often out of position and didn't live up to Rep. The Sky is NOT Falling. Maybe..just Maybe we can get back to a 4-3 and put our real strength on the field more (The D lineman). We've f'd around too long with this 3-4. Get rid of it!1 Especially with Collins able to crash the box... We have ALLOT of talent available to run a 4-3. IMHO
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    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Don't they scan these guy's knees wayyyy before OTA starts..flexibility, strength...why the hell don't they wear supports for OTA's so they can get into football shape gradually?? If you are NOT going full speed..wear a f'n support brace...geezz- Even if you NEVER had a knee problem. You don't NEED speed in these practices right now???
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    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Assumption based on NOT seeing any preseason games from Haskins 1) Jay KNOWS Colt can run his offense and likes Colt's aggression. I think he trusts Colt to Start and give him the shot (*i* think he's deserving of) 2) See which Keenum shoes up in preseason (Maybe work a trade for him if Colt looks healthy and Haskins shows progress as backup. 3) Let Haskins run the scout teams and some 11 on 11 and see how he does against our D. If he can beat OUR D.. then step two/trade Keenum. Thats how I would play it...Unless Keenum lights up the preseason..then Colt may get cut.
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    Welcome to the Redskins Montez Sweat Mississippi St.

    Dexter Manley ran a 4.55 40. I remember him as a rookie gunner on ST. Totally trashed opposing overages...I wonder if they'd risk Sweat in that capacity given they have *some* depth to give him breathers on D. THAT would be (was) fun to watch... This guy is BETTER than Manley... Kerrigan/Sweat > Manley/Man looking forward to it.
  7. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Welcome to the Redskins Montez Sweat Mississippi St.

    So with Sweat's speed, and Kerrigan keeping double teams off him...can he be used in a wide-9 attack and disrupt/pressure the QB. Seems "we" the Skins stay pretty vanilla with our schemes (no fun at all IMHO). Kerrigan runs a 4.7 vs Sweats 4.4. Why not run a Buddy Ryan 46 with these two guys? Has the leagues passing games made these defense passe? Our interior line should be able to force the plays outside to these guys... I hope they do some creative stuff for once!
  8. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    They'll make a men's cologne after him - "Yes Sweat"
  9. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Poll: What kind of fan are you choosing to be - post draft edition

    Too early to invest any "optimism". Save that for preseason games when I see a product. I "like" how the draft went..curious if AD makes the team with the RB's we have now. Has he lost anything from last year....wondering about the safety position...Just Thinking :p
  10. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    So.. 3 Great Consecutive Drafts by the Skins FO. Will we see some changes in opinion as to the competancy of said FO and Dan Snyder not interfering? Just wondering PPS: All the angst about Alex Smith trade and how we should have tanked last year to get a QB. Well...Alex was the best solution to for 2018 and we STILL got the 2nd Best QB in the 2019 Draft @ 15!!! Yea..bad luck on the CAP hit with the injury..that is just Football..I'd say the FO compensated for that with this rookie class though.
  11. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I hope Ryan will help Manusky adjust. That's why I liked bringing him on. I agree..the D crumpled 1/2 way in and we got NO Pressure..I think we fixed the pressure and those 3rd down completions will at LEAST be reduced. THAT was a real problem..too many easy 3rd's. THAT has to be fixed and I hope Pressure and Collins and mabey a CB/safely hybrid in this draft. We will be better on D this year player wise and coaching so I think it will work. As for Haskins, Jay did it with Dalton. Timing routes and practice..lots of it and a O line addition this draft..can be done. THAT and Guice and AD is a BIG upside this year. I am hopeful..we have upgraded from last year
  12. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Exactly as *I* had hoped. #1 we got a edge rusher that is going to make the D scary. Get turn overs. Play field position, pressure BIG TIME #2 IF he even starts, we have a QB who is accurate and won't turn the ball over- Short quick routes and a running game to complement = Move the sticks-eat the clock We don't NEED a Read Option QB to run this offense. This O will EAT the clock and the D will keep the points down. WORKS FOR ME! :)
  13. The Patriots D throttled the Rams....and THEY were considered next to the Greatest Show on Turf team...Brady only scored one TD...10-3. If the goal is to NOT GET FIRED ,Bruce and Jay, this path has the highest probability of success and get a QB next year after surviving. The Skins Fans of old LOVE Defense and serviceable O with a Good RB. We NEVER had a Franchise QB and won doing the above.
  14. I agree...I had always posted that you build a dominating D FIRST and have a Good running game on O to control the clock and win like the Ravens did. I actually want our 1st pick to be a Edge Rusher on D to pressure the QB's and force turnovers with Collins and Crew and play short field. We HAVE a Kicker to put some points on the board. Secondly, I like McCoy to run a ball control O and let the D eat.... I want to see what Rob Ryan's impact on the LB's will be (hopefully he'll influence Manusky to be aggressive) I love to watch a wicked defense play hard ball... *i* predict a 8-8 and mabey 10-6 if we get to Philly early on and flip one more in our first 6 games...
  15. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    2019 Redskins Schedule Rumors, Leaks, & Predictions

    Thinking the same thing. Only positive is that Offenses chemistry develop more slowly than the defense. Our D is going to be destructive...good to catch these teams early in that scenario. PLUS us having a GOOD/Great running game with AD and G. Like you said..we will know early but I don't think we'll be a walk over team for them.
  16. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Starting QB 2019???

    YA..perfect sense. A QB on the outs with a club that chose him 1st round after 1 year and deemed "unfit/expendable" is going to pass on a club trading for him as a starter (redemption) because he doen't like the "Name". That kind of speculation is self aggrandizing at best...and at worst falsely portrays a culture's perspective to cause division IMHO
  17. I was too...wondering if they could Mod or amend the offer by a year BEFORE Training Camp. Get an Option at least. Bruce could hope for a loyalty benefit but I ask for an option year
  18. DJ was 4.67 40 yard 205 Lbs Collins 4.5 40 yard 215 Lbs Faster, More mass and NOT A PITA loud least not yet
  19. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Starting QB 2019???

    Given the status of the club/cap...*I* think we owe Colt a shot at a full season. He's been a team player..waiting..performing. I would hate it if the Skins didn't give him a shot. Next year looks pretty iffy...good D to leverage. If Colt plays close to what Alex did and doesn't force the ball and/or fight for scrub yards and take risks that get him hurt I don't see why we can't compete and MAYBE get lucky with a High Power smash mouth running game tandem. I vote to give Colt his shot and don't go for a Foles or other Vet this the hand as it stands. What is there to risk...moving up in the 2020 draft is the worst case.
  20. Say it ain't so Joe!! The fans are hammering him for dissing the cold......just's going to be BRUTAL. Kirk and PRESSURE is like Oil and Water and its going to be intense from the start of Training Camp. Wish he would have stayed and worked with Jay..BOTH would have been better off but greed won't do that for ya. least he's rich for life right...
  21. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    Stay put with Alex and evaluate his comeback up to the Draft. Draft a QB but don't force it. Don't be trades for a QB I haven't given up hope yet...we went 6-3 with CONSERVATIVE QB play..nothing special except low turnover with GOOD running game. Ya we went 1-6 when Alex went down but Colt went down right away and had to go to scrubs..OL too..went with Scrubs (a couple of keeper scrubs which is a pleasant surprise) So my *hope* is based on 1) A MUCH Better running tandem with AP and Guice 2) A BETTER OL with Return from IR and competition with the replacements (Draft OL) 3) Colt is protected with #2 and plays healthy and can do what Alex turnovers 4) Better LB play with + Foster, Draft and Rex coaching/helping Manusky get agressive 5) Teams will take the skins lightly and not prepare 6) The Dl line Payne and Allen start crushing it 7) We solve the safety issue and the CB's step up AND Manusky quit playing soft and blitz..force QB hurries (solve the ILB cover issue..geez) I Like Colt....I think he can be a game management QB and lest AP&G feed play action. IF we for once keep starters on the field..I think we can compete. BUT the Coaching staff needs to step up accountability, "Get Creative" and ADJUST the flow of the game. If Jay can't call a better game..bye - bye
  22. The Hangman- C_Hanburger

    Press Release: #REDSKINS NAME ROB RYAN AS INSIDE LINEBACKERS COACH why did Manusky constantly require them to cover Slot/TE as IF they had to the tools VS Blitz the QB and force a throw to mitigate that weakness??? I would HOPE Ryan will coach that to Manusky...aggression. IF nothing else..there will be somebody screaming at players for poor performance. Something HAD to change..we could use some of Rob's passion
  23. The Hangman- C_Hanburger


    Ya..we couldn't have played a more soft defense with the DB's playing off and NO Blitzs . Drove me crazy how 3rd and 9 was converted so easily because the LB left gaping holes in the coverage...some of that was speed..but why CALL/PLAY it if the talent can't execute??? I think Robby would rather bring all 11 to smother the QB than play those coverages. Anyway...a LB coach position...what the big deal..kick the tires and see if Rob is hungry..
  24. The Hangman- C_Hanburger


    Someone who can help Manusky???? That much experience has to be a good sounding board. I know Rob plays with aggression..I *think* the gripe was Too Aggressive/Too Often. Gregg II..maybe Bottom line..Manusky needs help and this may be it