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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Cleveland Football Team


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that's how you ****ing do it! that was a great drive schemed up by Turner and executed by DH and the offense. DH made great throws, o-line gave him time to throw and Wright with the dtive-saving tackle.


very impressed with that scoring drive. we looked competent and that TD throw was on point.

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You want proof we have a good coaching staff? DC went to Inman after the TD to tell him he ****ed up and gave them good field position. Just being that forward and honest with cats from a coach not even on his side of the ball shows how cohesive we are as a unit. To me at least. 

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Scott Turner woke up this week and didn't wait until the 2nd half to get a little more loose and up tempo.  Good stuff.


Also, look I am not going to say Inman didn't deserve the taunting penalty, but if you are going to throw the flag on that, then why was a flag not thrown on the Cleveland safety after the hit on Gibson went he stood over Gibson and got face to face with him when Gibson was getting up?  I don't see difference.

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