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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Cleveland Football Team

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that's how you ****ing do it! that was a great drive schemed up by Turner and executed by DH and the offense. DH made great throws, o-line gave him time to throw and Wright with the dtive-saving tackle.


very impressed with that scoring drive. we looked competent and that TD throw was on point.

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You want proof we have a good coaching staff? DC went to Inman after the TD to tell him he ****ed up and gave them good field position. Just being that forward and honest with cats from a coach not even on his side of the ball shows how cohesive we are as a unit. To me at least. 

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Nice, Haskins looking accurate today, he short armed that one ball that should have been picked and the deep ball could have been better but much much better from Haskins so far today. 

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Scott Turner woke up this week and didn't wait until the 2nd half to get a little more loose and up tempo.  Good stuff.


Also, look I am not going to say Inman didn't deserve the taunting penalty, but if you are going to throw the flag on that, then why was a flag not thrown on the Cleveland safety after the hit on Gibson went he stood over Gibson and got face to face with him when Gibson was getting up?  I don't see difference.

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