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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Cleveland Football Team


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Martin needed to give a hand to help out on the run by McKissick there. Impossible reach for Roullier.


They tried an inside move on Christian there... Again, has some plodding feet but he was able to power down well enough to cut off the defender. Can't complain about that.


So far I'd say the weakest link is Martin. Christian isn't perfect, but he is absolutely improving. Hope that carries.


Concerned with Haskins and McLaurin's communication. They've misread each other a few times this year. 


Haskins had two good plays, one bad ball and a miscommunication. Not the hit rate you want from a QB with time. Hope he settles. 

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Just now, Yng Lady88 said:

why cant we ever stick with things that work. we get DH/offense into a rhythm with up-tempo, deviate, and things fall apart. that just needs to be our style of offense unless we're up major. 


Think the calls were fine but the QB just missed/ someone wasnt in the right place. 

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