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  1. Way to early after back to back years with the Bye coming in Week 14? I'll take it in Week 7 if it's that the case
  2. Could be the SNF opener in Dal@ss instead of on Thanksgving. I'll take that instead of on Turkey day
  3. Not looking to get into trouble, but can anyone point me in the direction of the name change thread? Looked all over the Tailgate after it was moved there, but can't find it
  4. This team on Thanksgiving vs Dal@ss is so bad for us fans, but would be such a big draw for the NFL. Daniels on rational stage would like RG3 12 years ago. Here's hoping it doesn't happen like it did back then although the outcome was nice back then
  5. Any word on if Daniels has reached out to Tress for #5 yet or if not what number he's going to wear? Not a major issue, but still wanting to know
  6. This team will be competitive. Being a playoff team will depend on Daniels' development throughout the season.
  7. This looking like the end of the Ovie era with them selling off a lot of pieces and still making a valiant effort to make the playoffs. This team is probably on the verge of a serious rebuild now
  8. Peters and Co. already doing more in their 1st draft than Rivera and the clown show did in 4 years. Good and sad at the same time
  9. The run on CBs started with DeJean and is continuing. Could've had him here though
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