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  1. Expected but still bad...
  2. I will preface this as a long time member and lurker to the board... Here's my 2 cents on how we can POSSIBLY and immediately improve for the 2018 season (rebuttal is fully expected)... What if..... We find a way to trade a 1st & 3rd/4th round picks to Cincinnati for Dalton (a la B Johnson) late 90s... I know I know... different time...different era... And may be too much for him. Probably very much so...but the league over pays for the position... BUT... Dalton and Cousins are similar and Jay-bone groomed Dalton and he knows our system. Watched Dalton tonite and he is as serviceable if not equal to Cousins.... with a lesser cap hit...for the next 2/3 years. Now here's where we get weird... Franchise Cousins again... Yes...exclusive... Then we somehow engage the Pittsburgh front office to trade Cousins for Le'veon Bell....Assuming they won't sign him to the money he wants... Once again...sounds crazy right?! So did Champ "Burnt Toast" Bailey to the mutha****in Donkeys for CP plus a pick... Teams desperate to make an advancement make desperate **** happen... Word is Big Ben is gone after this year (supposedly)...can't hurt to explore the possibility... All hypothetical but still nice to think about... Again! This is a far fetched what if....but not out of the realm of why not.... Love this board and... HTTR!