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  1. Expected but still bad... https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/redskins/confirming-what-many-expected-report-says-no-alex-smith-redskins-2019
  2. I will preface this as a long time member and lurker to the board... Here's my 2 cents on how we can POSSIBLY and immediately improve for the 2018 season (rebuttal is fully expected)... What if..... We find a way to trade a 1st & 3rd/4th round picks to Cincinnati for Dalton (a la B Johnson) late 90s... I know I know... different time...different era... And may be too much for him. Probably very much so...but the league over pays for the position... BUT... Dalton and Cousins are similar and Jay-bone groomed Dalton and he knows our system. Watche
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