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  1. Why don’t they just sign Ryan or Breeland and get it over with rather than sign these 3rd stringers? I get the need for depth but let’s get some talent we know will make the team
  2. Man I take one day to step away and the poop hit the fan. What is going on? Not a fan of these moves today. Dunbar needed to go but they must have not got any good offers for him. Go out and bring Breeland back and maybe they can save the day
  3. Lovi

    2020 ES GM's Mock Draft....

    Young went #1!? I’m already disinterested. Lol
  4. I kinda hope at this point they don’t go after a FA WR. None of them excite me that much and I think there is cheaper and at least equivalent talent in the draft. OT to me is the biggest concern
  5. I kinda liked Hentges last year. Looks like he may be the guy. Haskins did a good job finding him as well. He’s as good or better than everyone else that’s out there still. Draft we know they will get one somewhere
  6. I think hungry players are also far more coachable. I don’t pretend to know their process or thoughts but I do like the people in charge. Willing to see their plan play out before I resort to the (usually eventual) hate and vitriol
  7. I think they will be better just getting a competent coaching staff for one. No idea how much better cause they couldn't have been much worse but I guess we will see. The defense will certainly be better than last year on that alone. Also adding Chase Young will help. Offense I think depends a lot on how Haskins improves. He left a lot of points on the field last year missing guys.
  8. It's not about just spending money or getting good players. It's about getting the right players (and hopefully cheap). The skins do not have my stamp of approval for the past like 30 years or so, but it is a new regime. New hope I guess. And I don't have anything better to do but hope. At this point i'm all-in. Can't dump them now. But I think they aren't going to just go burn a bunch of money at this point unless they extend their own. Draft will be exciting though