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  1. They don't have to be all-pro if the DL does what it was drafted to do. I'm curious about the LB group.
  2. To me any punishments to the team would feel like a punishment to the fans. We've been through enough. Bring criminal charges against the people who did wrong and let us move on toward positive things.
  3. Yeah at the risk of sounding completely insensitive, it might be really bad on a personal, moral, or even economical level (probably all 3). And we've been hearing all week of this really really bad scandal coming out. But if it leads to a competent organization and a better owner I'm not sure how this can't be good news for us in the long run.
  4. I think i'm not going to worry about what they come up with until they come up with something. Then I'll complain. Probably. Nothing will be the same and I'm not a fan of change so it'll be hard identifying with something new no matter what it is.
  5. If they are going with a wolf, particularly a red wolf I'd want it to be, I dunno...red? And I'd rather see something snarling then howling
  6. What like the Redskins didn't kill themselves? Cause I'm betting they did lol
  7. I like the Old Bays. lol. I bet even McCormick would sponsor us. Stadium could be the crab pot. haha
  8. The more the debate rolls on the more I envy teams like the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Blues.
  9. I know. I'm just being hopeful they don't have all the info. They said buckle up yesterday and it went down like this years Free Agency. I just want good news not followed up by bad for once.
  10. I hope this is the ominous news JP was referring to the other day.
  11. I can only imagine the backlash we would get for going with the Washington Savages. WINCE!
  12. Red Tails. I can’t get behind it. I played the chase the tail game for long enough but now that I’m married I don’t think I could get away with singing Hail to the Tail every Sunday.
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