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  1. Yeah...I got nothing on that one. Really, really wanna believe. Lol. This is why we feel so snakebit though. Every time it looks like we are going in the right direction the rug is pulled out from beneath us
  2. Could it be possible that the hire would be to serve as a mentor to bring smith up to speed to take over the GM role in the very near future? That way dude can retire and we keep Smith. I dunno trying to find any silver lining to this.
  3. Brees will either return to NO or retire. I'm pretty sure he's said in the past when considering retirement that he wouldn't play for another team. That being said I'm pretty sure he retires.
  4. No that’s not a joke. But drafting well doesn’t equate to wins. We’ve had far more going on here preventing wins than anything else. We’ve been more a victim of hurting ourselves more than helping. Hopefully that’s a painful past now. But I still believe that everything being equal I’d take our drafts against theirs.
  5. I’m not at all impressed with the Titans draft picks in the last 5 years. We’ve had much better drafts in my opinion. Hard for me to get behind a GM hire that’s had in my opinion worse drafts than ours. It would be nice to get an admin guy but still let Smith handle the draft
  6. Curious what AGG does next year too. Keep forgetting about him as a possible option for depth
  7. I was just thinking putting us in the playoffs eliminates us from Hard Knocks doesn't it? That would be nice to not speculate on that this year.
  8. Paloffs here we come!! Yeah that Josh Sweat stuff was pissing me off. Not sure if it’s deliberate or not. He’s definitely a moron so hard to say for sure
  9. Can we change the title now to "Welcome to the scrap heap, Dwayne Haskins?"
  10. Dallas wins and we have to win. Giants win and we have to win. Basically if we don’t win we go home. Which if Haskins even suits up will happen.
  11. To me the most obvious move would be to try to go after Darnold. That's a nice option as a backup QB and I can't imagine him wanting to be a backup.
  12. I love what she said. But in truth I could just watch Kay saying whatever she wanted to. lol
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