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  1. I'm pretty sure that's the case. He seems like he's limited in practice and on the injury report just about every single week and often comes out of games having gotten nicked up. But then you look and see he hasnt missed a start in 4 years.
  2. Well, he gets away with multiple false starts just about every week, so it evens out.
  3. Guice and CP's NFL careers don't really have a great track record of health or durability.
  4. I think I would take the deal if I were him. You're a 70 something billionaire, you probably shouldnt give a crap, everybody already thinks you're guilty, you're allegedly caught on tape, and they're not trying to get you on anything about the trafficking. Take that and get on with your life. You're just prolonging the embarrassment and opening yourself up to more risk.
  5. justice98

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Eh, I find this practice reprehensible. Reprehensible's probably too strong, I just dont like it. lol I mean, I want as little spoiled as possible too, but if you cant craft a trailer that doest spoil anything, then make a better trailer. Dont sell people on things you have no intention on delivering on. It's effective, but unethical, IMO. If this were any other business, it would be frowned upon. But that's different than what the Russos say they/Marvel are doing. Because yes, a trailer house might get early footage before the final movie is cut. That's understandable and just part of making movies. But the Russos are suggesting they go into the trailer process intentionally trying to put fake stuff in there. Completely different scenario.
  6. justice98

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    It won the oscar for best animated movie, so I think it's properly rated. lol
  7. Collins yeah, I dont know if Rodgers-Cromartie signing is really that big a deal. He's kinda sorta a name, but safety was a glaring need too. But having said that, who were they gonna spend resources instead at WR or LB? The WR free agent market was utter garbage. They at least have people in place at LB. Run out the Foster boys, draft an OLB and call it a day. They had nobody at safety. Why cant we have money tied up in the secondary this year? A) it's only for another year probably, and b ) where are we going where we need a ton of cash in 2019? Who are we spending it on that's worthwhile?
  8. justice98


    Kinda funny they make sure to add their birthday in there.
  9. The WRs in free agency are/were pure garbage, trade or the draft were the only good options. Even with Crowder and Harris, our WR corps was pretty pitiful.
  10. I'm unmoved by this, as long as we dont go into training camp with him as the top option. I want them to throw bodies at the problem. Some viable vets, a upper to mid round draft pick, and a few flyers and longshots.
  11. I think he's done an amazing job. I I think he's coached up guys well. He's taken high potential guys and made them reach it (Scherff), taken middling guys and made them starting caliber (Long, Roullier), and guys that might not be in the league and gotten something out of them (Nsekhe, Bergstrom, Cooper). That's not even mentioning the pure scrubbery he got saddled with in emergencies that they pulled in off the street to have to play. (Painter, Catalina, Howard, Bowanko, Clemmings). That game 2 years ago on the road against Seattle when they started 4 backup OL, including 2 signed the week of the game if I recall, was an impressive display of OL coaching. They didnt dominate, I think they had 40 yards rushing or some such thing, but they had no business even holding up at all. I give Callahan a lot of credit for that. I dont think just any OL coach coulda done that. I used to give Callahan crap for the woes of the run game, but we probably had the worst blocking TEs in the league and when you gave him an actual NFL caliber starting running back, a running game magically materialized.
  12. justice98

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    I coulda sworn we were under .500 when he played. Not like we won a lot. I guess we coulda been further under .500, but since when do we celebrate that?
  13. justice98

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    Sheehan's take on this was basically the exact same as mine.
  14. justice98

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    Let everybody wear every number. If somebody wanted to wear 28, 81, 44, etc, I'm fine with it. I have to say, I've spent 0.00% of my 4 decade history as a Redskins fan wringing my hands over what number somebody wore. I dont think its disrespectful, it doesnt offend me, I'm really emotionally unattached to numbers and jerseys.