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  1. I'm honestly terrified of what the next couple of months are gonna look like with this madman throwing everything but the kitchen sink out there to cause mayhem and chaos.
  2. Ron's approach to building the offensive roster feels like why people like to go with offensive minded head coaches.
  3. Yeah, the Swiss army knife component of Gibson seems to be missing in the early going. I imagine not trying to overburden the rookie, but his WR skills were supposed to be part of his selling point. Frankly, I thought he was more receiver than RB coming out, just from the scouting reports. Even though looking at him, I would never think he looked like a wideout. Just turning and handing it off wasnt what I was thinking would be the best use of his skills.
  4. Belichick basically was doing that. They drafted 10 QBs in the 19 years after Brady became the starting QB. I think Holmgren drafted 6 in 7 years in GB.
  5. These are useless comparisons. For every one of these, there's literally half a dozen highly drafted QBs that were bad to middling early and stayed that way. Joey Harrington, Tim Couch, Josh Rosen, etc, etc. The list is long. Now, I'm not making a judgement one way or the other on Haskins, just that cherry picking other QB successes doesnt really make his case. At any rate, if we're riding with Haskins and giving him a fair shake, he should get this year AND next, based on the talent deficit around him. I dont know if folks have the patience for that.
  6. We're probably focusing solely on the talent around him if he just hits open people.
  7. I dont think it's useful to use rankings after one week. The Cards didn't exactly play a strong passing offense in week 1. But regardless, playing along with your premise that the Cardinals D was a stiff test, Haskins left plays on the field due to his own deficiencies, particularly maintaining his mechanics and accuracy. I dont wanna hear about the other side when our guy is just plain missing people and airmailing throws. If you're already behind the 8-ball with the talent around you, you cant afford to not take advantage of plays when they present themselves, a
  8. He is who we thought he was, not a TE1. I was amazed there was any expectations for him. Having said that, he should have 2 TDs this season. If he can do anything, he can use his size and be a red zone threat. If you put it out of the reach of a 6'6" guy, cant blame Thomas. He's probably more of a situational guy, rather than a guy that should be getting volume snaps. But when Baugh and Sprinkle are your competition, Thomas is as good we got.
  9. Let's be fair, Logan Thomas is 6'6" and it was out of reach. Nobody was coming down with that.
  10. All the mechanical adjustments in the world arent gonna make Haskins be accurate. Sometimes either you have it or you dont. He leaves way too many plays on the field by just missing plays that are there by just missing people.
  11. That's what they did last week, especially in the second half.
  12. Yeah, agree 100%. I dont wanna sound like a broken record, but this run gane is gonna be a problem. My prediction was we would be the 32nd ranked team in rushing, and seeing them in live action didnt make me feel better. The three headed monster at RB works when you're a Shanahan. When you're a Turner, you probably need better options. It was fine against Philly, they got by, but it's gonna catch up to them when the defense isnt pummeling the opposition and giving them the ball with great field position. So are we out on Wes Martin already? Last year when he got to
  13. He had a couple close ones. He's definitely a beat early on some snaps, but it's not egregious. I find my eyes drawn to Moses at the snap on every obvious passing down.
  14. I saw Jordan Reed caught a couple balls today. Forgot he wound up on the 49ers.
  15. My concerns about Gibson as a running back werent alleviated by this game. You're just hoping he breaks one, but I'm not thinking he's gonna be a guy to get any kind of consistent volume or success. And Barber getting 17 carries does nothing for me. This run game is gonna be a struggle all year.
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