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  1. That Colts offensive line is legit though. They kept Rivers pretty comfortable. They only gave up 21 sacks all year. That should help at least some.
  2. Honestly, his draft pedigree is the only reason anybody cares. If he had the exact same career but were a 4th rd pick instead of 3rd overall, nobody breaks a sweat worrying about where he's gonna go. But he's got that residue of folks thinking he's got untapped potential. And people blaming Adam Gase.
  3. This dude parlayed 97 total snaps this year into almost $9mil. lol You never know when opportunity's gonna come knocking at your door. All credit to him, he was ready and seized the moment.
  4. Letting Galdi go seemed crazy, but even more so seeing who they gave shows too, especially on the 980 side.
  5. Getting a 25 year old QB just entering his prime in Watson would seem antithetical to mortgaging the future. You're acquiring the future, rather than giving it up.
  6. I honestly don't think he'd win the job at all, even if we don't do anything else at QB.
  7. On Facebook, I get a lot of Kurt Warner references when people try to argue how Taylor Heinicke's going to be the next stud coming from the depths of obscurity to nail down the QB position.
  8. I would add #5 "trading the farm" or it's cousin "trading the house".
  9. I think your $20M number is way too high. That's first team All-Pro territory. They're not top 3 DTs. None of them are elite All-Pro types, there's not even a pro bowl amongst the 3 of them. Now, the idea is they're on the upswing still, but currently they're not Deforest Buckner/Chris Jones/Kenny Clark types who are age comps that recently got big deals. You could probably get away with $10-15m a year, each. I think the Eagles, Colts, Bengals, and Steelers have 2 DTs making more than $10m a year. It's doable. Without knowing what else they're gonna want to spend money on though.
  10. I can agree with this. I think we can part with one of them and still be ok. I think Settle is a better next-man-up than most teams have at DT.
  11. What's keeping the Raiders from contending is they don't play any defense, not the QB. They give up 30 every week (29.9 to be exact). I don't know what the deal is with him and Gruden, but that relationship never seemed all that warm from the beginning. Am I wrong for thinking Derek Carr isn't a bad option? He's improved since Gruden got there and the last 2 years have been the best of his career. Frankly, I don't see a whole lot of difference between Stafford and Carr. Stafford has more gunslinger/flair for the dramatic (even though their late game heroics in recent years are
  12. It took a QB catastrophe for them to call Heinicke to begin with.
  13. Ok, well, the 24/7 title he got is a BS joke title they have around for laughs. Gronkowski had it once, Kyle Busch, Santa. They've given it to announcers, senior citizens, celebrities, mascots.
  14. I assume you meant he’s "a" WWE champion, not "the" WWE champion.
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