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  1. justice98

    Building the 2020 Roster

    If he got any support from management, he'd probably be much less talkative. All he wants out of life is for guys to care and work hard. He's just ahead of his time here, cuz he'll be gone, then a new regime will try to instill the principles he lamented Gruden couldn't. My concern is, I feel like if he loses a step, he's finished.
  2. Don't like to hear that about the infection. Even if it's cleared up and resolved now. Still sounds like his knee went through a lot. I tend to think "good as new" might not be what we see in 2019.
  3. justice98

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I can live with Cooper and a rookie or FA at LG. Preferably a vet FA though, because Cooper and durability don't exactly go together. It would be an upgrade over what we were planning this year. Since Lavauo was the fallback after they were planning on going with Arie as the starter, at first. Even if it worked out as planned, it wasn't going to be any good.
  4. Gruden probably agrees with Foster. But his response was as pitiful as it can get. That is not a leader. And if Bruce had any guts, he woulda demanded some punishment for insulting a fanbase that they're already hemmoraghing. This wont stop the bleeding, covering for players that get away with open disdain for the fans.
  5. Did we ever find out what the Las Vegas shooter's motive was, accomplices, anything?
  6. They can think that if they want to, but a random car rolling up on some kids is suspicious. I wouldnt care what they were stopping for. The rap battle bit coulda been to just lower their guard before they get robbed. Now, it wasnt, but I wouldnt want my kid to be got on some foolishness. Nor do I want them losing rap battles. Gotta train my kid to spit bars now, just in case. But, if it were me, if a random SUV rolls up on me, I'm gonna be prepared to scrap. lol
  7. justice98

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    It's like you have to get the guy that can pick it up the quickest, because almost none of them know how to do anything. They dont take snaps from center, they arent required to read the field, they dont call plays without cue cards, set protections, mechanics are probably not taught well. Almost feel like Spurrier was 15 years early trying to run his college offense in the NFL. lol
  8. justice98

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    That feels like every Heisman caliber spread QB though. Frankly, it just feels like college quarterbacking in general.
  9. justice98

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    One thing I noticed about this team is that the relatively new people come in and it doesnt take long before they are aghast at the attitude and culture of the team. Guys that have been here a year or two like Swearinger, AP, Jon Allen come in here and say to themselves (or the media) "what the hell is going on around here?" The guys who have been here just kinda accept it and go with the flow. Or are beaten into submission.
  10. Dang. Then I dont know. lol At least it's not a guy I like, like Allen or Kerrigan or somebody. it actually is fine if its true since it'd be a guy I wanted off the team anyway.
  11. justice98

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The crazy thing is, they're still in the mix for a playoff spot and top 5 in the draft. lol
  12. It doesn't seem legit to me. The twitter feed of the guy who's DMs these are allegedly from is a troll. And he's locked it now, so you cant even see. I dont think Foster even knows this person to be saying such things in DM to a complete stranger.
  13. With all due respect to Mr. Khashoggi, only journalists would say that journalists under attack were the person/people of the year. The media thinks the public cares about them and their struggles.
  14. Trent Murphy is a name I hadn't heard in a while. lol