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  1. I'm skeptical all these QBs are going as high as people think. To hear people talk, there's gonna be as many as 4 QBs going in the top 10, between Lawrence, Fields, Lance, and Wilson. I dont see it. The first 3, yes, but I feel like Wilson could be had mid to late first rd. Then you got the Trask fans that thinks he's a first rd QB.
  2. So he's gotta be the 3rd guy to make it to the active roster. Matt Flanagan was on the PS for a few weeks, but got cut before getting called up.
  3. From a purely statistical standpoint, Kirk is gonna have a pretty consistent and impressive run when his career is over. I feel like I had to emphasize that before somebody starts in with the "yeah, but.....", and then hits me with a list of things he doesnt do. lol
  4. I think it's masked by the level of competition. We're literally playing the only teams in the league worse than us. There's only one of those teams left, so we'll see if we maintain this growth when actual non-JV teams show up. Not that they have to win, not at all, but will they still look like they're headed in the right direction. We played tough teams early, didn't look so good. Then the dregs of the league showed up and not coincidentally, we looked better. Is that growth necessarily? We'll find out.
  5. The problem is we're 4-7 talking about winning and being relevant like we can see it without a telescope. lol I dont think we're at a crossroads. The division part is what's screwing everybody's heads up into thinking there's more going on than is actually going on. It's the same stuff that's always going on. But because of this ass division, 6 wins could get you a home playoff game.
  6. Did anybody notice that the gunner released and was WIDE OPEN on that fake punt? lol Danny Johnson got caught in no-man's land covering 2 people. The punter underneath and #26 over the top, and he's waving for the ball. And Cedrick Wilson is standing back there with 10 yards of room to think about it.
  7. Way to much smiling for Saban. It probably pained him to do it that long. lol
  8. That guard saved Dalton from getting murdered by Chase Young.
  9. Gibson with 14 touches in the first half. This is what we've been looking to see all year. Get the ball in his hands.
  10. Our new stadium needs to have some shenanigans we can pull out when necessary.
  11. Darby had good coverage and then just seemed to forget what he was doing.
  12. So watching the actual clip itself, I swear it sounds like he threw in an "I didnt" in his response. Sounded like, "no comment, I didn't, no comment".
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