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  1. I think there might be a trust and reliability factor though that comes into play. I don't think it'll solely be who's the more dynamic runner. If there's ever been a guy that's unfazed by a little competition, it's gotta be Fitzpatrick. Who's more used to it than him?
  2. As far as baseball names go, Guardians is no worse than calling a team the Red Sox or White Sox. Those lame ass nicknames are just grandfathered in to acceptance.
  3. I guess it depends on how much maskless Victor Von Doom you get vs masked Dr. Doom. I doubt they wanna hide Cavill behind a mask if they can help it.
  4. Trump is gonna skate. This Trump Foundation thing won't touch him. I know they're banking on Weisellberg flipping, but Cohen flipped and we still got nuthin. All you kept hearing were all these investigations in NY or other places, but I doubt anything actually sticks.
  5. Man, that's painful to see. This league will continue to be shady and insincere as the day is long.
  6. The league seems to be putting it all on Rivera and Wright to fix it and keep it fixed. And incredulously, thinking the wife of the guy responsible is somehow gonna help. If this isn't a huge crock of you-know-what. What are we, stupid? He voluntarily removes himself from day to day ops, but inserts his wife so he can still be involved in day to day ops via proxy.
  7. How he's survived this long not getting cheap shotted in retaliation is amazing. At best, he gets in a pushing and shoving yelling match. I think he's genius in the fact that he knows his value relative to the people he's screwing with. He's going home, so if he can otherwise injure or get somebody more valuable punished in the next series, probably seems worth it. Having said that, Frank Kaminsky was trending for being inches from Beverley and having zero interest in having CP3's back. lol
  8. I think he needs a top shelf, championship level kinda coach as well to get him to the next level. I dont know who that is, but it's not the guys he's had. Great player, but Giannis at this stage of his career can't have a game like Durant just had. He's got no shot, for one, and he's afraid to go to the line. I think he's something like 15-27 at the line in this series. In his "game for the ages", Durant goes 13-16 at the stripe.
  9. That game was more about the Bucks than it was about Durant. Brutal performance by Milwaukee and Budenholzer, in particular. Middleton and Tucker were getting cooked and they never thought to put Giannis on him.
  10. Tenet. Big Nolan fan, but this one doesn't do it for me. Thought my second viewing of it might make me appreciate it more, but I'm just meh on it.
  11. I get why people think Heinicke's potential is an open question, because the only thing we saw up close was exceptional. I just think it's wishful thinking. I think we know what he his, but the options are such, what the hell. Might as well let him battle. I'm just saying, I think Allen can beat him straight up. I don't think the difference between the two guys over the long term is much of anything.
  12. In regards to the QB competition, I think Allen is too easily dismissed in terms of the backup QB race. I take Ron at his word that any of these 3 dudes can be the starter week 1, but I still think it's Fitz's job to lose. But I get the vibe that the assumption is the #2 gig is Heinicke's to lose. I think it's closer between Heinicke and Allen than most probably do.
  13. The amount of hand wringing about the Lakers is hilarious. Quite clearly, the season hinged on injuries, particularly AD. They were 21-6 before he got hurt. He went to LA, went 1 for 2 on titles. To me, that's a successful Laker tenure anyway you look at it, even if they don't get another one. To the extent that AD can't be counted on to be healthy, maybe their window is closed. If it is, so what. LeBron will be 37 this year and should really have one foot in retirement. Anything he does at this point is extra. True statement.
  14. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/03/us/politics/ufos-sighting-alien-spacecraft-pentagon.html?query Personally, this is huge, but I'm sure it'll get spun as "nothing to see here". It says the opposite to me. The questions it raises and implications are enormous, even if it's not ETs. Free NYT account gets you the article, BTW.
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