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  1. what are you asking? Are you asking if we're swapping the guards with Scherff out?
  2. and didn't one of the guys he covered on Sunday have a total of of 22 catches in 2 games?
  3. he's one of the key reasons we're 1-1 instead of 0-2
  4. his best year in college came with Haskins throwing him the ball
  5. there's almost 1700 main roster spots in the NFL. Player trades in the NFL are rare https://nfltraderumors.co/list-of-2019-nfl-trades/ I count sixty-five. And it looks like some of them are the equivalent of us trading Doug Dutch for John Beck
  6. okay, so why isn't he already on IR? Get Garnett or Piersbacher up.
  7. I've seen teams down big take the timeouts, I've also seen them not take the time outs
  8. as I said Peters was their starter last season, and they never successfully replaced him. Also Peters was signed back to play RG https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/jason-peters-signs-eagles-right-guard So, they returned 3/5s of their OL from last year and played 3/5ths of the predicted starters since August
  9. It was not mostly backups and that needs to be dropped. Their right side was backups but their center and left guard were the regular starters and their left tackle was last years starter even if they had planned to replace him
  10. so what. What good does dwelling on it do?
  11. that fumble almost immediately after Landon Collins INT is going down as what screwed us
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