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  1. carex

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    what if he never passes concussion protocol, how can we let him go then?
  2. it would have killed a hell of a lot of time, and I do think he shouldn't have gone in, but I'm not sure it would have killed all of it with the XFL's rules
  3. you're overlooking the times these guys spent winning in the NFL
  4. not really. See your POV on someone being a loser here, ignores that these guys have spent a ton of their lives winning. Plus these guys even did win some in the NFL. Matt Elam was a two year starter in the NFL., but got hurt a lot, Eli Rogers was an undrafted free agent, but started at times for the Steelers and beat out other player McGloin has the same thing going for him, but he's showing himself to be an asshole
  5. see, in this case we totally wouldn't mind you calling him a loser, you're misinterpreting people's issue with the word Does the college team get held down to an XFL's team roster size?
  6. that was sportsmanship. They took the hardest option and then used a trick play with a low option of success
  7. interesting the number of QBs in the XFL with attitudes
  8. there's also new players coming in every year and salary cap rules that means if two players are tied on ability the cheaper guy is going to get the job
  9. the audio people getting plenty of use out of Taker's music
  10. that's not the way most people think of winning and losing, and I can see some of these guys back in training camps