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  1. looking around, RG is apparently harder to play than LG and a position that's likely to deal with an elite inside rusher one on one
  2. we released a retiring free agent to be. That makes no sense
  3. I don't want a number 1 who costs a lot and pushed Thomas to 2, I want a 1B to Thomas' 1A or a 2. I wish people would stop thinking constantly thinking about upgrading solid starters and spend more time on upgrading backups who aren't good enough
  4. I'm not a fan of many of the names people are suggesting, but Washington Football Team Sucks If we're not going to use a real name then we're the Washington Burgundy & Gold
  5. we've been naming teams for animals for over a century, there are no cool animals the haven't been picked
  6. Unless we're changing to the Maryland or Virginia Football Team, the name still has to fit with Washington
  7. you know what Renegades puts me in min of? Rebels. So, not the best idea, I don't think
  8. yeah, that's why we had to trade him last offseason or get nothing for him
  9. You know, if Joe Theisman had walked into the 1987 training camp and said he wanted a comeback, even Joe Gibbs and JKC wouldn't have wanted it to happen
  10. yeah, well, I'm not sure how well he'd have held up after our early OL, and maybe his leg would have given out sooner
  11. weren't we already to street free agents on the OL by that point?
  12. I am glad to see people supporting the team on this. As happy as I am for Alex's success last year, I don't know that I wanted him on the team last year either, at least before hand. Hell, the potential left side of our line, Christian or Lucas, Martin or Schweitzer didn't exactly scream all pro going into the season. We all had plenty of reason to hope he would choose to move on
  13. they have a pretty good OL who were spending some time holding and as I understand it we switched a few things up to try to confuse things and well, it being totally new to us impacted us negatively more than it helped us against them
  14. I swear I have seen multiple times where Allen is engaged with a blocker, someone tries to run by and he just sticks and arm out and sucks them in
  15. look, man we have to many holes to think we can get away with just filling in the draft. We try to stand pat, we will regress
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