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  1. we'll be dressing 48 players, as long as you include 8 OL.
  2. applications can get rejected
  3. they've still done it for decades and we haven't
  4. The Washington Redskins have existed since the 30s, not the Washington Nothings
  5. their marketing is helped by them existing since the 20s and 40s.
  6. no, you tell me what's good about it. Sometimes, the reason something hasn't been done before is because it's a very bad idea
  7. sounds like weak justification to me
  8. is it Payne or Allen who's good at reaching out and just consuming a guy you looks like they're about to run right by them? I've seen that in highlights a few times, and I swear the sudden stop is just great. It practically jukes to camera man at times. I'm probably describing it poorly though
  9. no, much like if someone mentioned a "black wolf" it made me stop and think "wait is that actually a thing?"
  10. well, I'm sorry to tell you this but until this all started the only wolf with a color in the name I knew of was the Grey Wolf
  11. Fitzpatrick looks like a guy named Jake Holland, a guy who made some goofy videos on Vine
  12. that depends on what kind of fan you are. Me, for example, I try to be rational all the time. If I think the team is middle of the road and should be 7-9 to 9=7 I say it and am only really disappointed if they're significantly worse. If we're bad enough that we're in a situation where we should be 2-14 I'm more pissed the roster got bad enough for that to happen than that we're losing games
  13. cause no one really suggested it up to this point an it's probably to late in the game to start considering it
  14. people think wolves are cool. People think redwolves sound fake I wish we could use Roughriders. Virginia and Maryland both have horse country, it has connection to a President. We could get Teddy to come over from Nats games
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