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  1. carex

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    why do you believe those mediocre seasons are the false ones, and not this season?
  2. carex

    SI: Bezos & Amazon Want In ...On the Redskins?

    unfortunately only billionaires can afford the Skins right not unless we got several borderline billionaires to team up As for moving, Bezos owns a Washington paper, is planning on building a big hub for his business in the area and would probably like to be near the political heart of the country with the anti-billionaire politcal landscape setting up
  3. carex

    2019 Game Day Thread

    the lineman should have taken the ball, they were dead even, that's a lateral I believe I've seen that recently
  4. carex

    2019 Game Day Thread

    the reason they called that was cause of the length of time he'd released the ball before the second guy got there
  5. And those doctors are the reason he had to have that chunk of his skull removed. He should want their licenses to practice medicine. The only thing the people higher up in the organization have to do with that is that they're the reason he went to those doctors
  6. oh, as much as some people would like that, medical misdiagnosis is at least partly on the doctors Even if you get the people who hired the incompetent doctors fired, the doctors are still incompetent and would need to be replaced for the problem to be completely solved
  7. sure. But so does the rest of the team, and if the teams medical staff is the cause of his problem then him saying, "no just get me out of here, I don't want anyone fired" is him screwing over his teammates for what he wants.
  8. Trent was a perennial Pro Bowler but there was only one year he was our only one. You see the Redskins as separate things, the players and the front office. Others see only the Redskins, one entity and since Trent doesn't want to be here, then what he's done for the Skins doesn't matter. Plus since this is a personal health issue people look at his actions and think "well I sure wouldn't handle something like this the way he did," so that can lead to a lack of sympathy or just general disagreement with him behavior
  9. the Skins are the NFL's fifth most valuable franchise this is 100% Williams' story, Allen is merely responding to it. And unless we traded player for player trading Williams would not help us win a single game this year I don't know that they love him, I've heard they've had some issues with him
  10. For me Trent lost the reason to believe them when he said the medical staff endangered his life, he didn't want any of them fired and recommended Penn come here.
  11. and yet we're out of it enough that our OLB are caught up in coverages and it's a problem. A 4-3 base eliminates that
  12. okay... we didn't actually do much scouring the streets for tackles. Austin Howard could play guard and tackle but everyone we signed was, as you said mainly for guard I'm not sure what your point is here?
  13. Our base front seven generally includes three linemen who are good to very good pass rushers and run stoppers and two OLB who are good pass rushers and I'm not really sure about runs. The only way to change that is to remove one of them. And if you're gonna do that why not play a 4 man line
  14. the fact that we had to scour the street for players is a sign our depth got hurt too. We finished the season with seven OL on injured reserve.
  15. Cooper missed time, in fact that's why we were able to sign him off the street and Nsekhe also missed a couple games