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  1. whatever they feel about wearing it some people don't like looking at it. You say clean, we say boring
  2. so glad to see someone else with sense. White on white is terrible. and I apply that to every NFL team. Give me color damn it.
  3. carex

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    it's the word more.
  4. carex

    The 2020 DB thread

    most people's fourth CB isn't that great
  5. carex

    The 2020 o line thread

    Schweitzer is from Atlanta, Lucas is from Chicago
  6. carex

    The 2020 DB thread

    Alexander has not played for the Rams yet. They signed him to the PS and then a futures contract
  7. carex

    The 2020 DB thread

    and everyone else is telling you it is only a minor factor
  8. carex

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    he'll be a rotational DE opposite Chase Young. He'll compete with Sweat for who is the official starter and gets the most snaps
  9. I hope he's okay, because COVID-19 can do lasting damage from what I understand
  10. carex

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    that is the reason to keep him yes. I've been suggesting trading him, but it was always for a starter or for a high enough pick you figure you're drafting a starter
  11. carex

    The 2020 DB thread

    I mean they're not world beaters but we do have four new linebackers(counting Foster), two new corners and two new safeties
  12. carex

    The 2020 DB thread

    this is his old home, we picked him up last year On another subject, isn't Rivera known for being pretty cheap about DBs
  13. I don't consider McKissic a lock at all. I think he and Latimer were insurance in case they got no one at those positions in the Draft. Gibson and Gandy-Golden make the odds strongly against them making it(besides Latimer's arrest) Quinn did get hurt at the end of last season, he got a concussion against the Panthers. And looking at some stats the big differences are Sims averages 1.5 yards more per catch and he hasn't been on IR three times in two years. But I looked at PFR and they were both targeted 20 more times they they successfully caught balls. I don't stuffy stats really, so I hope thats not as bad as it sounds at first glance