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  1. It never occurred to me that the investigation team may have purposely leaked this to force the NFL's hand to make it public. Excellent point.
  2. I could never smoke weed in the morning, Wake and Bake was never for me. My headaches come around dinner time for some reason but that's a good time to medicate.
  3. I'm kind of the same way. I have a card for a nerve condition and it does help. But the edibles I get at the dispensary don't do anything, and I don't want to eat the whole package. For some reason the vapes are the same. They have a big THC level but they don't really work for me, hardly feel a thing.
  4. It is obvious that Snyder has no interest in selling so we should forget about that just happening. I too question the source of this story, I mean this is the Sports Junkies not Woodward and Bernstein. But I can't believe they would stake their reputation on such a story, they reportedly sat on the story for a few days which if true also leads credibility. But it still comes down to the commish. He is the one to recommend they take it to the committee of owners. And with his comments about how Snyder has really cleaned up the organization I have my doubts. I don't trust Roger o
  5. Given the options that are out there I'm fine just rolling with Heineken and Alan and seeing how that works out. We already know all the other quarterbacks mentioned either can't play at the level we need or are going to be far too expensive.
  6. I'm glad to hear they are not in the Watson derby, that cost would have been prohibitive. In no way do I want them to give up picks for Darnold or Carr. I like the idea of building draft capital and rolling with Taylor/Allen for a season. If only next year's QB class was better, not sure who they would target as a vet QB with draft picks as trade bait. Who would that be? Probably nobody worth trading for in most instances unless they can find the next Mark Brunnel (Jacksonville version) sitting behind a star QB.
  7. I feel like an old man but I do agree. So many pre-game, in-game announcers and sport talk radio personalities are now geared towards a younger audience. I think it's great that woman are now getting these opportunities but unfortunately I can't stand any of them. They try to be too hip with slang talk. I liked the old way better than all this schtick.
  8. I get all this, I think most of us can agree. I just don't see the point of bring up that he is was 11-5 as a starter when he didn't play that well. 64% completion rate and 170 yards a game only shows one thing: he threw a ton of dump offs and check downs.
  9. He also wasn't very good, this too is a fact. So what are we doing here?
  10. Yeah I don't understand why this is so hard to understand. This game is not as simple as "Alex Smith was 11-5 as a starter", there was much more to it than that. I would never call Mathew Stafford a mediocre QB with a low ceiling. He is much better than that and better than Carr.
  11. Happy to learn they are turning the page on Alex. I wish him the best. But I still maintain that list of vet options is putrid. Cam Newton can no longer play, we saw that last year and saw why he was available for cheap when nobody wanted him. Giving up picks and a new deal for Sam Darnold is completely insane and I don't see them doing that. My perfect scenario is to find a way to trade up to draft Lance, then roll with the 3 young QBs and see how they sort out.
  12. I think most of us believe that once you are fully vaccinated, and almost 100% certain that you will not die or even become hospitalized, we feel that the pandemic is in fact "over" for us. Now that does not mean we won't still have altered behavior but I know the wife and I can't wait to go out to dinner with friends again.
  13. Excellent summary, one nobody should dispute. Yet we all know some (well really we're down to one) will.
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