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  1. Again I'm unconcerned that Chase Young will become a great, dominant player. And I do believe many great pass rushers take time to develop. But other than Mack, who had 4, here are the pass rushers I thought of off the top of my head and their rookie sack totals. It should be noted that every good pass rusher takes on double teams on a regular basis: DeMarcus Ware: 8.0 Von Miller: 11.5 Joey Bosa: 10.5 Nick Bosa: 9.0 Aaron Donald: 9.0
  2. I didn't chart this game. I did look back at Detroit and they were not doing 3 step drops all game, Chase was double teamed by designed 4 times for the entire game.
  3. That play showed what a good football player Chase Young is. And he has made several plays like this. But @GOATFrerotte has made solid points. Once again I watched Chase exclusively, and once again the narrative that he is constantly getting double teamed is simply not true. Of course Barrow threw a lot of quick 3 step drops, but that was not the case for the Bengals for the entire game. At this point in time he is not making plays in the backfield, he simply needs to learn better technique as a pass rusher as his bull rush is his most common move and it's not working. But this
  4. I have been making this argument for years here and it continues to fall on deaf ears by a segment of the posters. Nearly word for word. Why fans can't see how Ryp and the others did in fact play like franchise QBs and when they didn't the team reverted still amazes me.
  5. Man why do you have to be up and alert so early? I caught my mistake and corrected it, now you come along and make me look like the fool that I was.
  6. Then just how do you suggest the team address the glaring need at the most important position in sports? As my link clearly shows finding the next Dak Prescott is a much longer shot than finding the next Herbert at the top of the draft.
  7. From what I have seen the big knock on taking a QB high in the first round is how many bust. While this is certainly the case, more so than any other position, it's also clear that this team needs a franchise QB and as the link below shows the top of the draft is where most good QBs are found, the hit rate past the 1st is pathetic. http://www.drafthistory.com/index.php/positions/qb
  8. I will never root for a loss harder than today. At least I don't have to root for the F'ing Giants this time.
  9. Yeah I didn't get that line either. But I would bet that Chase gets 1+. But then again he went against back tackles before and got shut out.
  10. I'm not read to get rid of Kyle. It has to be said that much of this roster was constructed with Bruce Allen in control. With that said I still believe the "hits" drafted recently are not really hits with the exception of Terry obviously.
  11. I sure hope you are right. Me? I'm leaning towards the league stripping the WFT of their first round pick next year. Isn't that how it always works, the fans pay the price around here?
  12. Yeah I'm hoping an team steps up and wins a few games to put this division title nonsense to bed. Then Ron may be able to return to Dwayne to get another look, I think many of us would like to see that before a final decision is reached.
  13. By definition the team picking first is the worst team in the league. That applied to Cleveland, Arizona, and now Cincy and all 3 QBs have played well since entering the league. It also applied to most every other QB taken first overall who have succeeded and there are plenty of examples of that. While there should be no question a QB drafted by Andy Reid will have a better situation I never believed that the situation was 85% of the reason a player succeeded or failed. Plenty of good teams have had rookie QBs fail too.
  14. Saying he was good as a freshman is not like hyping him when he was entering the draft. By the time he was drafted many questioned him, many were critical of the Jets' selection at the time. Not sure how your point is relevant as we discuss prospects that are entering the draft.
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