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  1. Someone has to explain to me how a QB can play 2 years at one of the top programs in the country and in his 2nd season as a professional and still has poor mechanics.
  2. Only our team picks players based on marketing and ticket sales. In every other city the GM understands winning means sales and a good quarterback is the best way to winning. Their actions make that clear. They all know if their team doesn't win they're going to be replaced. Are you saying they pass on a better method to build a team and draft a quarterback for reasons other than winning? That's preposterous, their livelihood depends on their team winning and they draft with that and that only in mind
  3. I know you're joking but the point remains I'm taking the words and actions of the professionals who do this for a living over message board posters. And the professional who do this for a living clearly put a high emphasis on the quarterback position, there's really no question about that at this point in time
  4. Yeah I'm glad you brought that up. A concern I had to start the season was we didn't hear any reports, I mean none, of Haskins delivering the ball on target all through camp. all we heard was how he's working hard, studying, etc. At some point they're going to have to realize that if the quarterback can't hit what he's throwing at consistently, and this has always been his issue going back to college, he can't be the guy you build around
  5. Of course they're not, but they are being evaluated when compared to their peers. It's insane to think a message board poster knows more than professional GMs, that should be obvious.
  6. yeah if anything I was concerned they were going to be throwing too much to the backs. This makes very little sense to me. I love to see Gibson in the open field play on the role of Darren Sproles
  7. If you are saying that a professional general manager doesn't know more about building a team roster than we do and I think I'm going to end this discussion now
  8. No I hear what you are saying, and I am not trying to devalue the offensive line. I'm simply pointing out that virtually every team that stays in contention for a decade does not go the route of a good OL and an average QB. Tennessee is by far the exception, by and large the teams playing in January and advancing in January are not quarterbacked by a middle of the road QB with a great OL. We've seen this pattern for decades which is why I'm surprised we are still debating it. Again GMs know more about building a football team than you and I do. And again they spend enormous draf
  9. Pretty sure we've had this discussion before. Russell Wilson has never had a good OL, as mentioned once Cousins replace Griffin and Collins replaced Campbell suddenly they moved the ball with the same OL and weapons. No to me it's always going to be about the QB. Every draft we see teams using top picks, or more revealing trading multiple high picks, to take a QB. They don't do that with other positions. If the GMs really felt the way to build an offense is to build the line and find a "decent' average QB they would not be trading such draft assets on a QB. But they don't do th
  10. Well sure there is if they pass on a good QB prospect to take an offensive lineman.
  11. The biggest fear I have is that he shows just enough to give the team hope, so they stick with him and he never develops. And I think this is the most likely scenario. To steal lines from another thread, including my own, if teams did what some of our fans want them to do the Cards would still be waiting on Josh Rosen to develop because he has shown flashes and has a big arm. Most often if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck. We have an entire season to find out if we have a player or a duck.
  12. Exactly what I was going to say. Teams and fans hold on to hope way too long. I was guilty of it with Campbell and RGIII. I've learned my lesson. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck, and we have an entire season to identify if we have a player or a duck.
  13. My thoughts exactly. I still can't believe fans still undervalue the QB position. If you have a bad QB you have no chance in this league. Of course they should take a QB with the first pick if one is available and Haskins continues to stink. As another poster pointed out as soon as Cousins replaced Griff, and Collins took over for Campbell, suddenly they could move the ball with the same OL.
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