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  1. Darrell Green Fan

    Terminate Manusky

    I don't see how there is any argument on this, totally classless move by a totally classless organization.
  2. Darrell Green Fan

    Which other NFL team is most worthy of Redskins' fans time and money?

    I honestly tried to move the Ravens. Last game of the year that's what I watched not the Redskins. But when the playoffs started and Ravens fans were getting all chesty about their QB who has not mastered the art of the forward pass I just couldn't do it. So now I am a man without a team, I'll just watch the Red Zone Channel.
  3. The Trump Cult has made it perfectly clear that they only consider national security important when a Dem is involved. We have a sitting President being investigated for his relationship with Russia and all they can do is fine fault with the investigation.
  4. Excuse my ignorance but with control of the House can this be revisited? Why can't Mueller simply interview him/her?
  5. I'm glad to see that private meeting with Putin is being discussed. I've often wondered if the interpreter can be interviewed. That meeting has not been given nearly enough run. A President under investigation for colluding with Russia meets privately with the Russian leader, why is this not discussed more?
  6. Yes but Trump does not have to be directly involved, just as Nixon never broke into Watergate, to be in trouble. This certainly puts in play Trump orchestrating a cover up and obstruction which I kind of always felt was the case all along. The firing of Comey alone looked like obstruction to me.
  7. I have been thinking this all day. This Manafort news is huge and pretty much the smoking gun evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia which shoots a hole right "nothingburger" crowd's claim that there was nothing found. Kind of suck that they burried the lead but this story is not going anywhere, it's just the start.
  8. Darrell Green Fan

    Taking Action To Make Redskins Park Listen

    My only consolation to the realization that Snyder has stolen my love for my team is all this losing hurts him more than it does me. I firmly believe he is desperate for a winner and it's just never going to happen.
  9. Darrell Green Fan

    Taking Action To Make Redskins Park Listen

    While I've love to see Bruce Allen fired as long as Dan Snyder remains so will the same results.
  10. I'm not familiar with his work. Stupid me, I just assume people mean what they say and believe their arguments when debated. i'll keep this in mind and not bother with him then.
  11. Wait first you argued that if not for the play of the QB they would have had deep playoff runs because the team was so solid, now you are saying they were limited due to the cap space of Kirk's salary. You need to take a position and stick with it. Either this was a really good team with a good OL, strong weapons on offensive and an "opportunistic defense" as you had claimed earlier or they weren't all that and limited due to the handicap of the Cousins salary. Can't have it both ways. I'll close by saying, again, that your argument that those 2015-2016 teams were rock solid and poised for deep playoff runs if not for the below average QB play is nonsense for the reasons I have posted. I have yet to see one poster agree with you on this assessment, so there's that. Have a good weekend.
  12. So now you are blaming Joe Barry's incompetence and eventually firing on Kirk Cousins? Just stop, you are embarrassing yourself. Hate on Kirk all you want, his play certainly backs up the position not to sign him here. But your arguments are so bad it's hard for me to continue. The '15-'16 Redskins were not just a decent QB from deep playoff runs, that was complete nonsense. They had a ton of holes as I have already explained.
  13. You said "The 2015 and 2016 Redskins were a decent qb away from making serious playoff runs´╗┐ ". So in your mind with a QB like Derrick Carr or the like you are claiming they were poised for consistent deep playoff runs. When I pointed out the holes on this team, specifically a poor defense, crap at RB, special teams that have never been special and an offensive line with several week links you claimed "you know I'm right" Given that not sure you should be criticizing anyone for "hyperbowl".
  14. Again with the Kirk reference when we were discussing your defense of a Redskins defense that was so bad they fired the defensive coordinator. Look you just claimed a team with crap RBs, several week links and no depth along the OL, and a defense that did not produce (again they fired the DC) and have concluded this was a team capable of a deep playoff run if not for the QB. Well unless that QB was Drew Brees, and i doubt he could have pulled that off, your comments were easy to find fault with.