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  1. Prezactly. Obviously if he had played better he'd probably still be starting. I agree with you the benching was for poor play, the demotion to inactive was to send a message with regard to effort.
  2. Ron has no obligation to cut Haskins. He is holding on to him perhaps as trade value and in case the other 2 get hurt.
  3. Someone on the radio yesterday compared these 2 with Beck/Grossman. Allen is obviously Grossman with the turnovers and Dwayne was like Beck, completely incompetent. But as we all should know by now none of these players are starting NFL QBs
  4. I don't care if Kyle goes 9-25 with 3 picks, that won't magically turn Dwayne into a less crappy QB.
  5. Exactly. All this parsing of every single word Ron has uttered is taking away from the real point. And that point is this team doesn't have a quarterback
  6. If Ron's plan was to tank for the high pick he would have simply kept trotting Dwayne out there, problem solved.
  7. Yeah I don't see how anyone can watch those 4 games and come to any other conclusion than Dwayne Haskins sucked. It's mind boggling actually. Again with his cement feet the only way he will succeed is to have really good accuracy and an understanding of what is happening in front of him. He has neither.
  8. I get what you are saying. But I still think fans are being too hard on RR. He took on a terrible roster, he tried his best to develop a young QB who struggles with accuracy and simply is not willing to work. Those are 2 bad hands to be dealt, fans are bailing on Ron Rivera too quickly. Had Haskins not totally sucked we would have a different take on our coach and our team's future. But he did suck and there's not much you can do to overcome terrible play at the most important position in the game. Haskins threw himself under the bus. I still can't believe so ma
  9. Not that I am debating you but how do you know he missed a ton of opportunities downfield?
  10. The gymnastics people are going through to somehow justify the play of a QB the entire league knows is terrible is a source of amusement for me. I keep telling myself I'm done with the topic but I can't help but to return just to see the responses.
  11. Not a chance I'm watching a "Highlights" tape of Dwayne Haskins.
  12. I've read that stuff, I also acknowledged his turnovers and clearly said I'm not taking up the cause that Allen played well. But his play was not nearly as bad as Dwayne's which can only be described as pathetic this season. And again Kyle made plays Dwayne is simply incapable of making. Allen was not missing easy throws in the flat, in fact he made a difficult throw over a defender to the back. I know these were in response to a poster's claim but really pulling out 3-4 drives over 4 freaking games is only more evidence to how poorly Haskins was playing.
  13. I still can't believe posters are claiming they played about the same. Now again I'm not championing Allen for having a good game, his 2 turnovers were huge. But he made plays Dwayne simply can't make. He escaped the pocket and delivered a first down throw on the run, a play Haskins is simply not able to make. Same with the TD run. Hell even that funny looking lob over the defender to the back was on target and necessarily high where Dwayne was missing backs on simply throws. Allen took the team down for what could have been the winning TD on a beautiful throw on the fade. Again we just d
  14. I'm kind of shocked that you don't believe it to be honest after hearing all this other stuff and seeing his behavior for ourselves (selfie, draft party at the bowling alley etc).
  15. I can't name them but they came from multiple sources this year, last year, and before the draft. One article I read quoted Urban Myer as warning Ron that you needed to keep on Haskins to get the most out of him. That was a bit concerning to me, motivation should not ever be a factor with this job, but I was willing to let it play out.
  16. But it wasn't just Grant Paulson. At this point in time if you still don't believe all the rumors that have been coming out for 3 years now (including college) of Dwayne's work habits by now you will apparently never believe them.
  17. I'm a huge believer in getting the best QB you can find. But no way would I have wanted them to take Tua over Chase. Too many health questions with Tua, Young is a prospect you can't pass up and the jury was still out on Dwayne at the time.
  18. Then maybe you should have quoted that poster and not me? Just a thought. Peace.
  19. Yeah I hope it doesn't get shut down for rules violation, this is the hottest topic we have going.
  20. When you are committed to developing a young QB you don't bring in a former MVP who will be looking over the QBs shoulder. No you commit to that young player and that's exactly what Ron did, again another example of how Dwayne has been treated unfairly is utter nonsense. He was handed the starting job with no competition, he crapped the bed and that's on him and nobody else. You may have to start believing this wild conspiracy theory but I don't have to as I never believe Ron started Dawyne just to satisfy the owner. As I said I believe he believed he may be able to develop
  21. Your last paragraph is a point I made earlier. He tried Dwayne, it was a complete disaster, he saw the division was there for the taking (he never imagined this early in the season thus the no time outs) so he made the change. Sounds reasonable to me, he gave the guy he thought he may be able to develop a 3 month audition through training camp and into the season and then went in another direction when the QB obviously could not play or learn the offense. As for the rest of your post I don't think he tried to get Alex hurt. He simply saw his new starting QB in week 5 injured, he
  22. My predicting came true, which was not much of a bold prediction, but it was simply too soon to label him a bust in March. As for everyone getting there eventually that's just not true. @stevemcqueen1 will still be making excuses. Just like with RGIII, Kerry Collins or Tim Couch some fans will insist they were "ruined" by their original team and not hold the player accountable in any way.
  23. It sounded pretty clear that Ron had options when he was interviewing. I highly doubt he took this job with the mentality that he had a stiff at QB who he was going to be forced to trot out and probably lose early just to satisfy the owner. Who would start a new job with that plan? No I believe Ron took this job with the thoughts that he could develop a QB with obvious talent.
  24. I always believe his bust potential on draft day was huge. But going into the season I just couldn't label him a bust at that time, now THAT would have been premature and unfair. But the way this season has played out since training camp (where there were viturally no reports of him lighting it up, instead we have reports of defenders purposely not making interceptions) and for the first 4 games it should be clear who he is and what he is.
  25. Obviously I am one who is very down on Dwayne. But even I didn't conclude before the season that he was a bust. I saw what others did at the end of the year, even though I was skeptical of him all along as a player even someone like me was willing to give it a chance. I firmly believe Ron thought the same way, he was willing to give a QB with this much raw talent a chance.
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