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  1. Thinking TE is a need position doesn't necessitate a devaluation of Thomas. Two TE sets still happen in the NFL, and in some ways it an important non-starter position in a way that the slot receiver used to be as opposed to a full back. Now they have it locked down for 4 years between Thomas and Bates*.
  2. Scherff was projected as a RT or G. Basically common knowledge at the time that he wasn't a left tackle.
  3. You forgot to talk about snaps. Vea played great, but he's not playing all downs.
  4. All about offsets. Possible that they let Allen leave and WFT signs a player at that price point. Perhaps then Scherff brings back a 3rd. Losing Allen in FA may be the contract that cancels out the incoming FA, but either way I think they lose one or both without compensation. In your example, if the team hadn't also lost Mariota, the Conklin return wouldn't have been nullified but reduced (a round or two lower).
  5. I think we're more likely to see a high pick spent on a RT or a corner. Sure, they may have found a starter on day 3 this year, but Jackson will have two years left on his deal and it can take a corner a couple of years to hit their stride. It seems like a DB is on the radar again, and it's generally easier to find one on day 2 and generally easier to get a tackle on day 1. This organization goes after needs over BPA, so maybe you're right that they don't see the strength at guard. Forgetting about Charles. Schweitzer slides to the right on hi
  6. Exactly. They're going to do another Samuel/Jackson tier FA contract next year, and that will cancel out the Scherff compensatory pick. The silver lining is not giving out the big deal because there's nothing coming back. Very high pick? I dunno about that. Maybe Charles isn't the guy? They still picked up a viable starting guard two years ago in Flowers, then Schweitzer last year and Flowers this year again. If he can stay healthy, all indications point to Charles having starting ability at guard. I would be
  7. I think he's maximizing his worth. He'll go to market after hopefully a healthy year and cash-in.
  8. Found a second opinion. Doesn't really count in this case, imo. NFL has great doctors, we're not talking about getting a 2nd opinion from someone other than your small town doc. Still not worried about it. This isn't Texas summer weather we're talking about.
  9. Isn't it SOP for teams at this point? I figured it was at least. Too good of an opportunity to raise a massive amount of funds. And you know what they say: the market dictates the price.
  10. Wow. Really does feel like the team acquired upper-tier FA talent on O (Samuel) and D (WJ3). Still not paid as much as Josh Norman was paid, am I right? Better times are definitely here. Often lost in the ability for JDR to transform defenses within 2 years is the addition of talent that suits the scheme.
  11. My only real issue with Allen is that he isn't disruptive and likely hoping for a cap disruptive contract. He's there a bunch, but he's not a finisher. Looking at highlights of Ioannidis. He is dominant at times. Throws people around and tosses them out of the way to finish. Allen is a technician. Ioannidis is a wrecker.
  12. I don't see the harm in letting them both walk: Scherff and Allen. It's a short history for this FO, so it's hard to say what they'll do. They've talked about having hard limits on contracts As you said, they did commit to Roullier who has become one of the best at his position. That was at the end of his four-year deal though, right? But.... If they signed McKissic and Thomas to extensions this year, and then McLaurin and Holcomb to extensions next summer, we'll have a good read on the FO. Only McLaurin seems guaranteed of an early deal.
  13. That's where I feel it's going. I'm a rugby guy, so I'm not unhappy about it. Strategic in tying themselves to Washington and 'bland' doesn't offend.
  14. This is a billionaire club paying people to compete against others for profit. I have no illusions. Dan looks to have been suspended unofficially. We've heard Tanya is now the co-owner/co-CEO taking over day operations and management for the rest of the summer. We also previously heard about the stadium tours in Europe and NA. Slapped on the wrist. $10 million and suspended behind closed doors.
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