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  1. I really haven't watched football in years. I used to be glued to it, and even though my interest was declining at the time it was evident that he was an impact player. Stood out on tape.
  2. Other than a replacement for Reed at TE, hard to see a target more predictable than LT for the first rounder next year. They've drafted weighting position in the first round before. Not holding my breath with Christian. Feel as if Moses will inevitably injure himself, and the FA pick-up will be the only reliable starter at those spots. Hopefully the TEs are blocking a bunch this season and letting the inside work go to Sims, Gibson and Terry. On offense: Sims or Gibson Defense: Holcomb (as said before) or Sweat/Young or Moreland. Foster might b
  3. Holcomb Behind that line, he will be a beast.
  4. Ryan Anderson And Daron Payne better have a breakout year considering Derwin James and Tremaine Edmunds are studs. Simply put, he needs to be that dominant force inside and the one to allow the rest of the interior the one-one-ones. I hope he is this teams Aaron Donald.
  5. He seems like a change of pace back to me. Would be great to have in shotgun, and seems to embrace pass protection responsibilities. While he ran between the tackles in college I don't see him holding up. Gibson pick makes more and more sense with the Guice news, but either way I think Love was always slated to be the heir apparent to Chris Thompson.
  6. I agree, however I don't think it's that black and white. As long as he's average, they'll do well. We saw that when Alex Smith was at the helm. If you can get the defense and ground game performing at a high level, you're golden. The Rivera hire speaks to ground game and defense. If Reuben Foster and Holcomb are out there healthy and playing smart, the sky is the limit for that front seven.
  7. Very similar situations, then they added a premier rusher. So, this season it's the coming out party for that group.
  8. I hear you on this point, and yet I am struggling to see Allen as a long-term piece aside from the leadership. Keeping him st 3 tech over someone more athletic like Payne is likely a mistake. No issue with Ioannidis and Settle on the nose.
  9. When Gibson motions from the slot to the backfield, it will be hard not to. Without a TE threat, I think that will embolden teams to do it all the more. Other starter out wide will be a rookie.
  10. Like others have said, it's nice to cash in on a third rounder right away with the history of wide receiver busts. No doubt Terry is a legit #1. Teams quickly treated him that way. You can't double Terry all the time when you have 8 in the box (Gibson and Peterson).
  11. Three DV incidents and rumors of bipolar disorder aren't recipes for success elsewhere.
  12. Suspect you'll see it often with the plan to use two runningbacks featuring Gibson heading to the slot pre-snap.
  13. You want to carefully manage expectations, and I see your point, but it's hard to see him doing poorly with the depth along the line. The advantage of a 34 to 43 conversion is the defensive line gets a boost. If he's not being talked about as DPOY, then something else went horribly wrong along the way. I like how they filled out the back end and keeping costs down. Hoping they are eyeing a FS next year on day 2.
  14. Ego won't let that happen. If he plays 4-5 more years at a high level, he's a Hall of Fame guarantee. Can't leave that glory up to chance.
  15. Eh, I think there will be more free agency moves than in the past. Partly due to the current cap space available, but also seems logical in the first year to invest in players you want as leaders and tone-setters. There are so many good options at FS in this free agency that the safety position need not be worried about. They'll get the corner in free agency and have to overpay (James Bradberry), but probably one grabbed in the fourth round too. Puts Moreau behind Dunbar, and I think Moreland has a future in the slot. Don't think it is as dire as others make it out to be.
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