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  1. Silvernon

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    We traded down in 2011, rather than take a hall of fame talent, and the other selections didn't work out. Middle rounds weren't very strong in hindsight. Go with elite talent. Top 5 in the draft is a golden opportunity to find a potential hall of famer. Young is that guy in this draft.
  2. Silvernon

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    We're ready for the Marvin Lewis and Kyle Smith tag team.
  3. Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees
  4. Silvernon

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think the draft process will see Herbert elevated above him. Accuracy is a big factor. Realize I could have this wrong, but to me he's the better prospect. Honestly, I have no doubts. I guess we'll see how it plays out.
  5. Silvernon

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    How do the Bengals not go QB? Justin Herbert looks the part.
  6. Silvernon

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I hope they avoid the need priority ( Thomas over Young), but they have demonstrated need > talent a few times in recent past. It'll be tough to land at #2, but that's where Young is going.
  7. Silvernon

    Redskins vs Jets Prediction Thread: The Bowel Bowl pt. 1

    Yeah, Haskins will have turnovers this week. Big week for the tank. Hope the Dolphins make something happen versus the Bills.
  8. Silvernon


    It's all about easing him in, and then letting him take the lead for the last quarter and see how he does through heavy use.
  9. Silvernon


    Agreed. Definitely need to see what he's the last quarter of the season to better prepare for the future.
  10. While potentially true....Sweat looks like a prototypical SLB in the 3-4. To really make the 34 defense work, an elite WLB with an exceptional first step, and the ability to bend around the corner, is essential. We haven't had one of those since the 34 was implemented. Also, very confident in Payne, Allen, Ioannidis, Settle. Would like to see these guys on the field as much as possible. Been a long time working towards having that calibre of talent on the DL Finally here, let's keep going with the plan. If we had R.Foster with Holcomb, I think the defense would be world's better. Even Apke has been a significant upgrade over Nicholson. Imagine an Early Thomas calibre back there.
  11. What's the consensus here....three picks?
  12. Silvernon

    Redskins vs Bills Prediction Thread: Fate Is The Weight Of Circumstances

    Talent with poor work ethic does not change overnight.
  13. Might be able to re-sign him if Scherff leaves. Keeps the holes from growing too much year-to-year.
  14. Maturity is clearly an issue. He's not ready. Has all the talent, but has to learn to put the work in. He will or he won't. Might as well make him earn it.
  15. Silvernon

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I'm not opposed to firing Bruce Allen and Larry Hess to keep Trent Williams happy. Both should be out anyway,