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  1. He doesn't have the athleticism of Pierre Garçon. Big différence, and it makes THe difference. He's a JAG.
  2. I hope he does take that next step, and Sweat another half step to his sophomore jump. The line needs to take over more games, and it starts with Young moving forward.
  3. I'm a hopeful type too, but he was clearly a go-to for opposing QBs last time he was playing. Not that the assignments were easy, per se. I just don't think he has "it". It was clear as a rookie that Holcomb did, and needed the development time (training and coaching). A lot of times, I think it's easy enough to see that imaginary line as to whether a player has what it takes to be a starter.
  4. Doesn't matter. Once you have accrued three seasons you have the retirement benefits. Make or break for him. If that knee isn't super fantastic, he is probably IR'ed. He could ask for an injury settlement and look for another NFL spot, but then risks missing out on accruing his third season. We've seen team at this two year mark that could have released said player and keep the around for that extra time to help them hit the target.
  5. I kind of got the feeling he was getting the old "IR until veteran medical benefits kick in" treatment. Isn't it three NFL seasons?
  6. Not me. Confident in the DEs for the foreseeable future. The LBs and safeties....not so much. As far as Parsons goes, I think he'll go in the top 15 when it's all said and done. Nothing to worry about or get excited about.
  7. Gibson is the guy though... I think I'd rather a day 3 pick ala Alfred Morris for that role. 1 - Gibson 2 - McKissic (3rd down back) 3 - Day 3 pick 4th RB/6th WR Think the needs at LT and MLB with the draft history of the coaching/personnel do not leave any room for a RB early in the draft.
  8. I think they're done at receiver. Outside shot of a day 2 pick, but otherwise I see Cam Sims and AGG getting a year to prove what they have on the outside. If Humphries is healthy and effective, they may not see too many snaps anyway. Rather use that day 2 pick on a TE.
  9. Is he better than Lucas was last season? I'd rather roll the dice with him and a plan B of Saahdiq Charles. To me, it's round 1 or nothing for LT and this is probably the best year to get it done before using draft capital to get a QB. I'd rather the MLB, but I do feel LT is the target and that may have a lot to do with it too.
  10. Why any of you expect these billionaires to be decent people is beyond me. One joker for another. Who cares?
  11. I like Collins/Davis for the WFT. Parsons does fit this defense, but I'm thinking no chance he's here.
  12. Not the premium of the 2012 trade, but rather not. 1st Rd picks 2021 = Zaven Collins 2022 = Aaron Rodgers 2023 = TE or OT *2024 = Aaron Rodgers *Conditional on a SB appearance, of course. Solidifying the defense and then trading for certainty is best. Once you get Rodgers, you keep drafting offense for the next 2-3 years with Day 2 picks keeping him upright with options. The defense is close enough but they need a big push on offense. Getting Rodgers is a bigger window than Tampa with Tom. Going for the 4th best QB prospect
  13. I see a bit of Newton in Fields. I could definitely see the interest there, but I think this is a unique draft for QBs at the top. To me, I like Trey's arm better on the outside throws and the accuracy/timeliness on the deep throws. Like the off-script vision and his movement in tight spaces. Really good feet. 1 - Lawrence 2 - Wilson 3 - Lance 4 - Fields (75% it's Falcons) Combine that with Mac Jones going in the top 15 and that is immensely helpful from a WFT perspective of talent at 19. In a reasonably strong draft they will ha
  14. These pundits are wrong. It'll be Trey Lance. The Kyle Shanahan offense is fantastic. The route designs and QB throwing lanes off play-action negate the need for an NFL ready prospect. Lynch and Shanahan are in this for the long-haul.
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