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  1. My question is are we going to get/keep Reuben Foster, and is he ever going to be healthy and even a shell of his former self?
  2. I really think and hope so, too. Can't remember the last time we've gone into an offseason and then started the season EXPECTING to win the division. But I can't see any way that we won't be in that mode for a few years to come.
  3. To point out, that NFL Research needs to credit me for the first to make the comparison, here.
  4. I think his two concerns are durability and batted balls due to his height. However, this was his FIRST start with very limited prep time. I'm incredibly optimistic on what he can do with an entire offseason and training camp to grow, get better, learn throwing lanes, etc. Get this kid some weapons, beef up our LB core and let's kick the NFC East's ass for years to come.
  5. Let the cult begin /celebrations ensue. The Heinicke Hive is official.
  6. Tough way to go down, but fun ride tonight and Heinicke played his ass off. See you kids at the draft.
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