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  1. Consider me in the camp that has seen enough. I'd love to be wrong, but I have a hard time believing that Kyle Allen can't operate his offense better RIGHT NOW. Could care less who has the higher ceiling. Let him develop on the bench, a la Mahomes rookie year. But you play to WIN THE GAMES. Kyle Allen 2020 = Todd Collins 2007, perhaps? Hail.
  2. I thought of this thread as soon as they were going for it. Ridiculous.
  3. We're good again! We're GOING TO THE SUPER BOOWWLL!! I love being an over reactionary die hard...
  4. I've seen enough to really believe in this defense, even with Young and Matty I on the sidelines.... ....I wish our offense was even just slightly average.
  5. Welcome to the dark side, LK. I don't even want him GONE, I just want him on the bench to learn and grow instead of having to watch him under center. He's not ready. It's obvious.
  6. My fantasy team would like to place an order for an Antonio Gibson TD this drive...
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