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  1. It's making a decision by not making a decision. And for all the good things that have happened on the football operations side of the house, it's the reminder that as long as little Napoleon is in charge, we'll never have proper leadership. Just so damn frustrating.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/03/23/jason-wright-washington-football-team-could-remain-permanent-name/amp/ Can we talk about this for a second? Wasn't sure where to post or discuss it.... ...but who in their right minds actually wants to KEEP this non name, name? This is absurd. I said it before, but if this is truly the best they can do, I'm OUT. And I'm not kidding.
  3. This thread, man. I hope our front office is FAR more level headed than we are, lol. Like if we trade up in the draft JUST to select Mac Jones? Come on', man. I get trading up, but only if it's for a world beater. You take what falls to you at that point.
  4. Agreed. He went toe to toe with a defense that shut DOWN arguably the best QB in the league.
  5. Am I the only one surprised there aren't more rumors about Jordan Love being traded? If they're going to stay with Rodgers, he's a guy I'd definitely be picking up the phone and inquiring about. I'd much rather roll the dice on a guy like him than Darnold.
  6. I'd love for us to do a blockbuster deal for Watson or Fields, but I fear it might not get done. Outside of Watson, Fields or Lawrence, there's not a QB out there that I'd rather see under center before giving Heinicke a real shot at starter. If anything, this is where I'd love to bring in Fitzpatrick to back up Heinicke to at least set a realistic floor for the QB play.
  7. All this talk of Fields, do you y'all really think he's going to fall in the draft enough where we could move up to get him? I just don't see it personally, but most people I see posting about it, I am certain know way more than I, so now you're all getting my hopes up a bit. When we were 2-7, I was all in on tanking for landing Fields at the #2 spot. I think he's a generational player. Perhaps some of it comes from watching QB1 on Netflix and becoming a fan of him in high school, but man this kid is solid AND has a great head on his shoulder to boot.
  8. That's the beauty of draft speculation, but don't remotely agree. Zach Wilson has bust material written all over him. I think Fields ends up the best QB in the draft. And if that's what it takes to move into top 3, we have to walk. There's only one QB this offseason who's worth remotely that cost, and he resides currently in Houston.
  9. Huh? If we move that kind of draft capital for anyone other than Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields, we'd be insane. That's Chicago Bears /Mitchell Trubisky territory. If that's the only option on the table, you stand pat and see what's there at #19.
  10. I'm not certain it's NOT enough, but of course none of us will never know unless Houston does actually trade him and we see the deal. But they're not getting a top 3 pick out of this draft. A. They don't want to send him to an AFC team, and if you're sitting already on a top 3-5 pick and have a chance to draft one of the top 3 players in the draft, why even spend that much capital to get a QB who may or may not even be better than what you could have drafted by staying put? I think Carolina, Detroit or Atlanta were our only real competitors here, and Detroit is likel
  11. Hypothetically, if we could give 2 firsts, a 2nd, their pick of any QB on our roster and Montez Sweat for Houston to give us Watson, would you do it? I love Montez, but tell me where to sign. Periodt.
  12. Breaking news, WFT has just offered 2021 first & third round picks, 1st round picks in 2022 - 2026, a stadium, a Bentley, their firstborn, a hooker, and a hand job to Houston for Deshaun Watson.
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