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  1. Never been a fan of the white on whites that everyone else seems to love. Seems so boring to me. I LOVE those ketchup and mustard 70th anniversary unis though, would love to see them make a comeback.
  2. LetThePointsSoar

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    Did you go to check out? I started to order on there and had 3 jerseys in the cart for about $72, but the shipping cost was an additional $97.
  3. LetThePointsSoar

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    SG have you ever ordered from that website? I tried to get a couple jerseys from there but every time I go to check out, my bank declines the transaction assuming it's fraudulent.
  4. LetThePointsSoar

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    Love it. I've got a 5 day old newborn, and he's already got his Redskins onesie and socks. Doesn't have the jersey yet though
  5. LetThePointsSoar

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    Where did you find that? Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY.
  6. LetThePointsSoar

    Goodbye Quinton Dunbar

    Right?!? This story is just NUTS. No way is true, right? Riigghhhttt?!? Crazy.
  7. LetThePointsSoar

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    They update them with the actual number (99) by the time they ship. I was really hoping they'd have an option though in either the alternate or the color rush (of course they're discontinued though now), but all I can find are the burgundy option and white option. I've got Kerrigan and Payne, but I think that's the only two jerseys I still have of current players. Closet full of ones I don't wear any more (rg3, cousins, Garcon, etc) plus a handful legacy players like ST, Manley, Green, Cooley and Moss.
  8. LetThePointsSoar

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    I think it was a MTH thread if I recall. It was scary how much he knew about jerseys, the font sizes, spacing, etc.
  9. LetThePointsSoar

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    Lol, meh. If you buy it with the expectation you might only wear it for one year, it's not all that bad.
  10. LetThePointsSoar

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    Yeah, I've just relegated to the fact now that I may only end up getting to wear it 1-2 seasons. So while I do have some legacy jerseys like Dexter Manley, ST21 and others, I've got a closet full of Orakpo, RG3, Garcon, Reed, Cousins and others. Would love to have a Chase Young or McLaurin jersey though. But just not feeling the only two colors that seem to be available.
  11. LetThePointsSoar

    The Buying Jerseys Thread

    Mods, feel free to merge, move this or delete, but I couldn't find any conversations in the search. But where does everyone buy their Redskins jerseys? I normally just shop the nfl shop, or fanatics.com because I don't want any overseas knockoffs. I ask because I buy at least one jersey every year in the offseason, and this year I'd really like a Chase Young jersey. But the standard white or burgundy options are boring IMO. Would love to find it in the alternate, color rush, or some other option, but not finding any online anywhere. Would love to hear where everyone is getting theirs, if anyone has great options.
  12. LetThePointsSoar

    "Project 11" Alex Smith's ESPN 30-for-30

    That was INTENSE. Admittedly, I was never a huge Alex fan on the field, but dang it's hard not to root for him after watching that. Great dude. Such a story of fighting through some scary stuff.
  13. LetThePointsSoar

    Welcome to the Washington Redskins Derrius Guice RB LSU

    Still think this kid could go on to have a HOF career here. Just wait and see.
  14. LetThePointsSoar

    Welcome to the Redskins Antonio Gibson, RB/WR Memphis

    Love the highlights. Welcome to DC young man
  15. LetThePointsSoar

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    New fantasy team name Montez Sweatin' to the Young-ies?!? Anyone? Bueller? Eh, whatever....