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  1. LetThePointsSoar

    Welcome to the Washington Redskins Derrius Guice RB LSU

    Can we stop with the gloating "I told you so" crowd already? Jeez, this fanbase can literally be the worst at times, but I'm not even sure I'm surprised at it anymore. As others have said, I'm hoping he can have a Frank Gore like career, or a football version of a Grant Hill career. He is so special when he's on the field, can't imagine what he could do with a healthy season and a real head coach behind him. Get well, young man.
  2. LetThePointsSoar

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Why in blazes are we forced to sit in agony and wait? Off with his head already!!!
  3. LetThePointsSoar

    Welcome to the Washington Redskins Derrius Guice RB LSU

    Other than Brucie getting fired, the only thing I care about.... ....so? How bad is it? Anyone seen any updates?
  4. LetThePointsSoar

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    Trust me, there are PILES of sarcasm in my post. We AIN'T making the playoffs. Let's just pray Brucie gets the can, that's the only hope this season.
  5. LetThePointsSoar

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    4 in a row, or we don't go!!! Nuts.
  6. LetThePointsSoar

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    It’s nuts. But is paloffs IS now truly. 4 in a row, or we don’t go!!!
  7. LetThePointsSoar

    Who is Nate Orchard ? The heartwarming story that will make you a bigger fan.

    Love this. Thanks for sharing, Mal.
  8. Signed this week. And agreed.
  9. Hahahaha this is SO Redskins. Fire Bruce NOW and end this era already
  10. How's Carolina gonna score 3 TDs today and CMac end up with ZERO? Well hell.
  11. Can my fantasy team get a C Mac touchdown here please?
  12. Soooo.... Dallass lost Thursday. Philly might lose to Miami. Is paloffs now?
  13. 6 replies for an insomniac thread. The apathy is rampant.