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  1. Mark my words, there is NO chance it's a name with strict ties to the DC area (i.e. Sentinels, Senators, etc.). This isn't the Caps or the Nationals. You've got a storied franchise who has a MASSIVE fan following with ZERO ties to the DC area. Many of whom are fans BECAUSE of the NA heritage. You'd lose way too much of the fan base and in turn lose too much money in the process by alienating that group. While the name won't have direct NA ties, you can't swing the pendulum that far where it only has DC area reference. This is why I still think RedWolves or Wolves are
  2. Thanks SG. Still can't figure out how to watch live. In the past, you could order a NFL Gamepass subscription, but when you Google it, it says it's unavailable for purchase this year.
  3. Anyone know how to watch preseason games this year? I thought about spending the money for the package vs gambling on free streams, but can't seem to figure out where to even buy it /how to view. Looks like from what I Googled it might be part of NFL Network now but before I add the channel on directv, wanted to make sure I'm right.
  4. Chase that low at 35 is a travesty, rookie or not. He's gonna be a MONSTER this year.
  5. As a Native American fan of the team, it's bad enough that we've been forced to change the name, but that ship has sailed and that argument is over and no longer valid. I, for one, feel at least relief that we won't have to hear about it any longer even though I'm frustrated by the name change. But banning old gear?!? Hell no. I will always rock gear with Chief Two Guns White-Calf's likeness. Even 30 years from now. Hail.
  6. https://youtu.be/VP6UVJfYjCs Man, watching this video has me so damn hyped. That clip at the 1:59 mark of Payne walking out of the locker room with Chase behind him....like we're getting ready to unleash two monsters from hell. This D line is gonna be FILTHY this year.
  7. Ready for them to announce it already. Not really sure why it even makes sense to announce that we WILL announce it on this timeline. Now we have to hear about it stretching out all season...
  8. Happy 4th, ES fam. 5 weeks and 5 days until first preseason game. Not that I'm counting, or anything.
  9. This whole momentum building around WFT or WFC potentially being a REAL contender makes me so frustrated. Do the right thing for once- announce it's RedWolves and let's roll.
  10. Not at that level, they don't. It's all "ifs and buts" at this point, but the amount of drive killing drops where TH hit receivers in stride (looking at YOU, Cam Sims) and flat out just couldn't make a routine catch to keep drives alive, was absurd that game.
  11. I hate this guy so much. I'm also so optimistic about this year's football season ON THE FIELD. My only coping mechanism is telling myself over and over that they are two separate, unrelated, unconnected entities. I am all of us. Hail.
  12. My original ES screen name was Impeach Snyder, but I sent a message years ago to MTH and TK to change it to LetThePointsSoar.
  13. I absolutely LOATHE Daniel Snyder. This is such a sham, it's pathetic. I hate that man, for destroying the franchise of my youth.
  14. Anyone talked to, or heard anything from World recently? I'm friends with him on fb, but I think he must be taking a social media break. Miss seeing him post.
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