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  1. For the kids: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_Bag_Game
  2. And in other related news, I just got promoted to the Senior Director of the Office of the Assistant to the Regional Manager.
  3. LetThePointsSoar

    Redskins Lose Another Coach: LB Olivadotti Headed to GB

    Have the balls to state the plan. It's shrouded in silence when everyone KNOWS they're interviewing DC's and such, yet there's ZERO statement of, well, we missed our target, but our plan is __________________. For Christ's sake, the #firebruceallen trend even forced the team off Twitter for a period of time, and unless I'm mistaken, the team hasn't come out publicly and said much of ANYTHING.
  4. LetThePointsSoar

    Redskins Lose Another Coach: LB Olivadotti Headed to GB

    No one is mourning the loss....but... ....this is the second coach this offseason jumping ship for LATERAL moves. We are such a **** show right now, it's ridiculous. What's more ridiculous is the continued DEAFENING silence out of Redskins Park. Eff this organization. Bruce and Co are sticking one giant middle finger up to all of us, and I think they delusionally expect we're all actually returning next year to continue supporting their ineptitude.
  5. Ok. Dan Snyder is one of my least favorite people right now. But... A. Why is this even news?!?!? B. What, if anything, did he do wrong here? He's done a lot wrong outside of this, but this is dumb, a waste of time, and nothing to see here, move along IMO.
  6. LetThePointsSoar

    Which other NFL team is most worthy of Redskins' fans time and money?

    Feel your pain, my friend. I've got a closet full of Haynesworth type jerseys, but I wasn't smart enough to learn my lesson - Garcon, Laron Landry, RG3, Kirk, Orakpo and others. These days, I've pretty much stuck with my rotation of Darrel Green, ST and Dex. Kerrigan is the last and may ultimately be the last current era player jersey I ever buy.
  7. LetThePointsSoar

    Which other NFL team is most worthy of Redskins' fans time and money?

    Personally, I'm glad this thread got created. While I think we're all pretty much cut from that cloth or we wouldn't still be here, and I WISH I had a choice whether or not to be a fan of this ****ty organization, it's in my fiber of my being and has been for 4 decades. It's too late. But.... And I said this in another thread, I think the only way I can continue any enjoyment of football is to find a second favorite team. Until Dan sells, I'm devoid of hope. And it's sad. Truly. I've already boycotted buying my yearly Redskins jersey for the last three years, and I haven't made my yearly trip out to DC to go to a game since the Packers playoff game. And like 90% of us, it's long past anger, and on to the strongest feeling of apathy I've had in my lifetime. But personally, I've been thinking about buying a Bears jersey. Even with the doink of playoff elimination, I love watching how that team plays football. And in my own mind, even though Daniel Snyder will never know, and will even get a small portion of profit sharing from it....it's my own passive aggressive way of justifying myself to send him the biggest **** you I can think of and maybe I can go back to enjoying the sport again and not worry about what cluster**** PR nightmare will come out next from the team of my childhood. Hail. Er, I mean, Da Bears.
  8. LetThePointsSoar

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Have been in a class all day only to come for air and see the "news". **** you too, Dan. Since you already told us all to collectively **** off today as well.
  9. Lol, if you care to share what you're drinking, I'd LOVE to have an ounce of your delusion.
  10. Correct. And what IS HAPPENING CURRENTLY is a whole lot. You can't honestly think that it's not a boiling **** storm behind closed doors right now.
  11. Lol, well except everything they've done the last two decades maybe..... They've literally been shining examples of how to run the most incredibly inept organization in the history of BUSINESS, let alone sports or the NFL. It's beyond even being a punch line or even comical any more. It's indefensible.
  12. Lol, reading the boards these last couple weeks sure is something.... .... It's literally like a nuclear bomb went off a month ago and we've all been in our bunkers and now we're the 30-40 people roaming the empty streets with assault rifles. This organization has hit a new rock bottom. And that's saying something. Hail. Sadly.
  13. LetThePointsSoar

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    How sad is it that we're all getting to that point. I can't tell you how close I came to buying a Bears jersey last week. I've come to terms with the fact that I think I need a second favorite team to start enjoying football again until little Napoleon sells the team.
  14. Agreed. And then 0-16 again the following year to win the sweepstakes to draft Sunshine himself in the following draft.