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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Cleveland Football Team

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Just now, Simmsy said:

How much time did we take up?

Not enough. Team is still losing the TOP battle as they've done all season. That said it's been close this Quarter- WAS 6:02  CLE 7:14

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How about the ****ing late hit? 

Isaiah Wright is for real. Another example of Rivera playing the right guys when they’ve earned it through competition in practice. 

Where the hell has this play calling been? Getting Mclaurin involved early. I know we all know it but good lord he is SPECIAL. He has everything. For a smaller guy he is strong as hell and in addition to everything else he’s special after the catch too. 

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havent been able to look at every detail of all his throws, but i must say Haskins looks less skittish and rushed in his throws and in the pocket in this game vs last week.


Ron and Scott both mentioned he was rushing too much last week and his brain was moving too much

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