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  1. Definitely true, I'm just happy we finally signed someone that we drafted. I think Ioannidis may have been the last one, I could be wrong though.
  2. They'll get rewarded regardless if it's by us or not lol. We are the ones that could be rewarded with fair contracts if we turn it around and make this place a location players want to play at. Teams will overpay for our DL if they hit FA.
  3. Everything in life is a choice, there can be bad choices, and this would be a choice that could cost the league some money and potentially cause an outbreak. If this choice backfires on them, they should have to deal with the consequences of it.
  4. I remember being pumped with an absurd amount of vaccines when I joined the military, half I don't even know what they were and I'm still alive and kicking. If you didn't want the vaccines, you couldn't join. The NFL doesn't need an ignorant team like ours to ruin their season, If this team wants to go down the path and players start having to sit out multiple weeks because of this, I hope there are extreme punishments for the team. I wouldn't be surprised if the NFL took draft picks away from teams that were just flat being a problem. We aren't any more special than any of the other teams get
  5. I just drink lots of water. It shields me from the flu, car accidents, herpes, and cowboys fans.
  6. So many QBs right now that are stars in the league were selected outside of the top 10. You've got to think we can get one some way, some how without selling the farm and the future. I'm slowly more against giving up multiple 1st round picks if this team keeps proving they can draft well. Eventually we will find our future guy, and he will be a just a piece on a loaded roster hopefully.
  7. Not me, there aren't many holes on the roster, Scherff himself was a premium pick so it's not such a wild concept. Well that's the catch with Charles isn't it? As of right now, he's unreliable and definitely not the reason we should be passing on a good guard prospect. Our other guards are solid but I think we could upgrade if the right player comes along.
  8. If there's no QB worth picking at our draft spot next year, it's obvious a premium pick needs to be spent to replace him. He's gone, but he'll be 30, you have to expect that he only has a few years of top level productivity left. He was older when we drafted him but we still got really good play from him. We're definitely going to need to spend a very high pick to replace him though.
  9. I know it isn't, ultimately I don't think they're going to ban fans from wearing the old memorabilia but if they thought about it, they better have some sort of plan because people did spend money on their jerseys and other gear. I don't think it's the responsibility of the team to enforce what their fans wear to the games. They did their part by changing the name, logo, etc. If fans want to wear old gear I personally don't see a problem with it. I'm going to buy a McLaurin jersey pretty much immediately once the change is made. This is a really easy group of players to roo
  10. Seems like a logical thing to have to think about with this rebrand. So far his two main priorities are the rebrand and the stadium, both seem to be making good progress. I think he has us going in the right direction, but make no mistake, his job is to clean up the team image. Would be nice if they did some sort of jersey exchange for the fans who wanted it if they were to ban the old jerseys at the stadium. That would at least be fair to fans that wanted to support the team at the games.
  11. It's definitely possible that they get lesser total opportunities, I can see Samuel getting plenty of carries and other things like that so we can utilize his playmaking abilities. It makes sense because of how electric he is with the ball in his hands in comparison to the rest of the guys on offense. I never really thought he was a great route runner, that's something I feel like he needed to work on a lot to take that next step. McLaurin should get a lot less underneath stuff this year so I expect his numbers to stay close but his YPC is going to go way up. He should be around 17 YPC this ye
  12. Wright isn't going to push any name, he might have ideas but he isn't going to make final decisions on names unless it's been thoroughly discussed and the feedback has been positive.
  13. Just watched that video and that Joe Burrow tackle was something you see LBers do but rarely a DE. I think they feel like that isn't their jobs but that's the mindset you want in your players. If you can make the TD saving tackle, it shouldn't matter what position you play. Kind words from Trent, Brandon Graham, and Whitworth.
  14. Yeah, Brown has a path. He can be the Z WR while Samuel is in the slot. It's truly going to be interesting to see how Samuel is utilized. He is the type of player that will have high variance in production depending on how he's used. Meaning he'll be just average (around 600 to 700 yards) or he can blow up for 1200 total yards.
  15. Ones I like from that list: DC Armada Washington Pilots Washington Aviators Washington Redwolves/Wolves (Wolves is preference #1, it's the cleanest and easiest to market). I also love Pilots, I don't know why but I think it's such a simple and classy name. Sounds the most like an NFL team name between that, Armada, and Aviators to me. They're both cool names but sound a little more arena football league-ish to me. We want to be the Wolves and not Redwolves so there's no opening for a team like the Chiefs to come in actually take Wolves later
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