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  1. That guy squatting on names needs to be publicly shamed. I don't understand why you would do that other than to just be a troll.
  2. That guy hasn't even coached a single game for us and already has more on his plate than Gruden had and is handling it like a professional. I feel more bad for him than anything, he's basically #2 in the pecking order of determining the name of a historic franchise.
  3. I definitely think the team has been sending out feelers. It caught on very fast, I didn't hear anything about Redwolves until maybe 4 or 5 days ago. Once we have the name, I'd be interested in seeing how fast a logo comes out. Once the logo is complete you'd have to imagine the team would give Nike the okay to create the uniforms.
  4. I figured there could be a good chance of someone squatting on the name, but the "professional football team" part of it is what made me look at it in confusion. There are no recent Warriors pending names, I looked up other names but nothing popped up but there is a good chance something could have been filed. I don't see why the local guys would leak things like this and we become the Braves.
  5. I hope not, I just figured I would let people know that trademark came into effect recently. I wanted to do some investigating tonight and came across it.
  6. This whole Redwolves thing would seem kind of cruel if we became the Braves but that trademark is live and pending lol. I've already embraced the Redwolves name and accepted it since all the local guys out there are tweeting it. This trademark is out of California though.
  7. Okay guys, maybe this is a thing, maybe it isn't. On July 5th, 2020 the Washington Braves professional football team was trademarked. I just thought it was interesting but I don't know much about the subject of trademarking to be honest. It's marked as "LIVE". There currently is no trademark in for Redwolves. Sauce: http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4803:yiiua1.2.1
  8. This is all happening so fast. All of our media guys are hinting at Redwolves. Mods, I hope you all are prepared. There's going to be tons of new accounts created just to vent, or people that never come on that never get on this site that all of the sudden care so much about the Redskins.
  9. Parsons in this defense would be wild. I'd probably like our young D more than any other in the league if we were able to grab him.
  10. No need to get all defensive, I wish my beer gut looked like his.
  11. That's an ideal NFL defensive linemans body, some of you guys are crazy. It's rarely good to be all muscle in the NFL, they can be prone to more injuries. You need a little extra bulk because your body will be taking hits. Chase also looks like he might be 270 right now, which is scary. A 270 pound defensive end that has the body of an overgrown safety.
  12. It has been pretty cool seeing people post logos (in the other thread mostly), I haven't seen one that quite hit the spot for me personally yet though. Even though the logo wouldn't be a classic, it has to have a classic look in my opinion. This team has rich history. On another note, a Chase Young Redskin jersey could seriously be a worth something in 20 years.
  13. I can't wait to start a new chapter with you all. Lets get this **** going and embrace our new team name with open arms.
  14. I think the team needs to release a poll with names they like. This way, if it sucks and people hate it, we have nobody to get mad at but the people who voted for it. I just don't want Ron taking any heat for the name, he doesn't deserve it.