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  1. It would be a lateral move at best for Cowden, I highly doubt he takes the position if he isnt the GM.
  2. If this fails, its on Rivera for sure. He gets no passes, a division title on a 7-9 record won't allow me to overlook him only hiring all of his buddies. All we know is we hired him to be the GM and he wasn't close to the most qualified candidate. Everything else is speculation and like you said, meant to make people feel better.
  3. I call bs on hiring 2 guys. It seems like it's more of something to hold back the reaction of the fans until this cools down.
  4. I've never even heard of Eric Stokes until just a few days ago. Hes the Director of Pro Personnel in his 1st season and guess where he came from? Carolina obviously. If anybody is getting groomed for GM it's definitely him. It almost seems like him and Kyle Smith have the same job.
  5. I actually like your FA, I hope we sign Hooker to a prove-it deal just like we did with Darby. I don't want him signed to a long-term contract with his injury history.
  6. Something is wrong with this list, I don't see Antoine Winfield Jr's' name anywhere on here.
  7. Shades of Shanahan and John Beck coming from this quote. Are we really going to see a repeat of 10 years ago?
  8. This team is always stuck in the past. Always so afraid to promote one of their own or hire the next hot-shot candidate for a position. Hurney, seriously? That's a joke of a hire. Maybe, I'd be okay with it if he agreed that our draft structure stayed in place. He's still not good in FA or trades though, it's a total "meh" hiring.
  9. That's a slap in the face to Allen imo. The gap between Brockers and Buckner is huge and Allen is in the middle of it.
  10. Lavonte David just loves football and loves being out there on the field, that's a guy you never have to worry about coming into camp out of shape. In that mic'd up video he went out of his way to shake Rivera's hand and said "I respect you so much man". Hes a bit older at 30, but definitely has a few more years left in him imo. His career stats are very similar to Bobby Wagners yet he never got near the hype Wagner did in that 2012 draft.
  11. The only saving grace is that we're an NFC team. I dont know if its possible but maybe there's a way we can also absorb the dead cap hit that Houston would take making the trade. We have cap space and that should be used smartly in any talks trying to lure Watson here.
  12. Deshaun Watson is a pipe dream. All this talk about it is setting people up for disappointment, Miami is going to get him.
  13. I'm not concerned about the GM search. Kyle Smith isn't going anywhere, this roster is his baby and he built it, I'm sure he will want to see if it pans out. Once we start having 10+ win seasons, expect Kyle Smith to start getting interviews because he will have been seen as the mastermind behind this young successful roster. After a 7 win season, we are still safe from Kyle going anywhere. We need someone to work the phones for trades. It makes sense to keep Kyle doing what he's really good at, which is evaluating talent, assembling a team of scouts, and making a big b
  14. I really hope Smith and Chase are both gone before pick #6 but something tells me the Eagles will get one of these two.
  15. Must suck to be a player of Bostic's caliber in that scenario, dude probably wants a game signed jersey too but he doesn't have the status, just look at him there patiently waiting lol. He'll end up with a game worn sock.
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