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  1. I think most of the time you lose value when you just throw a player in as a trade chip to move up. Also, we have to remember that not all 1st rounders are created equal, Buckner went for pick #14. I'm thinking a late 1st or early 2nd is probably good and fair value.
  2. I think we could get a late 1st for Payne due to how young he is with two years left on his contract. That 1st round status goes a long way. Payne is a really good player but you have to trade one of these 4 DTs and I think he would get the most value. There is zero point in having depth, if you have a player like Settle sitting on the bench only getting 5-10% of your snaps at most. We have to take advantage of the depth we have at DT to continue filling out the roster.
  3. Having an injury like that puts you on a difficult path just to get you back to where you where prior to your injury, let alone improving as a player. We need to stay away from drafting injured players.
  4. Teams seem so much more willing to give up on their young QBs these days. Their windows have gotten very small. Denver probably thinks Lock won't ever become a star type QB so they might as well roll the dice on a new QB. Many fans overvalue high picks IMO. I really wouldn't be surprised if the return is less than what people anticipate, it's typically a case by case basis. Maybe Atlanta really likes a player that will be there at 9. I think the value is low but 4 to 9 isn't that huge of a drop.
  5. Apparently, Denver called Atlanta and made an offer for #4. https://www.si.com/nfl/broncos/news/broncos-falcons-draft-trade-trey-lance-justin-fields-rumors?utm_source If that's all moving up from 9 to 4 costs, I'm kind of upset we won that Eagles game now
  6. The Lions could really use him, but I'm guessing if they pass on him, his next chance is at 11 to the Giants or Eagles at 12. If he doesn't go to one of those teams, there's no telling where he goes.
  7. Yeah, he's extremely dry, Trask is kind of the same way honestly. These are all pretty good points that you brought up. He's a hard eval for me, he looks the part but he doesn't have the actual arm talent traits that special NFL QBs have. Ball doesn't really pop, but he does throw a nice spiral, has good touch, and the placement seems good for the most part. He stands out for me because of the fluidity in his game, there's not a lot of standing around or wasted movement. Mond is kind of the opposite for me, seems very robotic or mechanical and doesn't move around in the pocket as e
  8. I couldn't pass on Smith when he was still there, the value was way too good even though another WR isn't a massive need. I have this strange feeling he does fall though, just not all the way down to 19. I haven't watched too much of Radunz but it seemed like good value and it fills a need. I'm okay with taking a tackle in the 2nd if someone falls into our laps in the 1st. I liked the first 5 picks, but I almost wanted to pass on Mond because he has a low chance of panning out. Can get a good quality player with that pick, potentially a day one starter, which Mond will not be.
  9. Woke up and decided to do a mock. I could live with this draft.
  10. Every time I watch Davis Mills, my immediate reaction is "man, that guy looks like an NFL QB". I think he just looks so natural at the position and it's immediately noticeable, he makes it look easy. His footwork, he seems to throw a consistent tight spiral, fits the ball in difficult windows, and he looks like he processes the field well. I watched an interview though and he comes off as very timid and nervous, i'm not sure if he's an alpha type leader, but then again Alex Smith is quiet and leads by example, so that leadership style can work. He looks like he's been extremely we
  11. I knew I was forgetting someone. Hightower is good, but they have a lot of prospects that seem to underperform at the LB position IMO. I'm not saying it's some Alabama curse or something, but it is something I thought I'd point out. It's not like their DT prospects where almost every one of them perform. Alabama recruits and develops really good DTs, linebackers have it easy there.
  12. No, he was pretty good in Baltimore and one of the few Alabama LBs in the last 10 or so years that turned out to be a good player, unless I'm ultimately forgetting someone. Currently though, he hasn't played in two years and will be 29 to start the season, I think the chances of him getting back to how good he was in Baltimore is slim, I've also heard rumors that football isn't his primary focus.
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