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  1. Are we really arguing that Young's situation is so different than all the d ends in the league and all the d ends that have been rookies before, that he simply can't produce more than he has? That's the argument we are going with. He has 2 sacks and 4 qb hits in the last 8 games. There is really nothing that can be said about that other than it's not good. Why this is even an argument is beyond me. I would think most people had higher expectations than that.
  2. If that's what you're going with then fine. But if you went in to this season after what we were sold on Chase Young expecting his pass rushing production to be this poor then we just had completely different expectations.
  3. I like Chase Young. If it's the teams fault he isn't producing more than that's another excuse. The bottom line is his production numbers are not good. I have no clue why you guys can't just admit that, lol. It's hilarious the way you guys will skate around the basic fact that his pass rushing numbers are pretty poor and if you expected his numbers to be this poor when we drafted him then we just have different expectations.
  4. You're literally just making up stats. Let's just take last year first 12 games for Nick Bosa and look at the drastic difference between the two compared to elite rushers in the league. There's just no way to justify this other than saying Chase Young simply isn't ready to be a dominant pass rusher in this game. Was I hoping he would be? Yes. Is it disappointing that he is this far off from being one of the better rushers in the league? Yes. I don't know why that is an unreasonable position to have. 2019 First 12 games vs Chase Young First 12 games QB Hits TJ Watt 28
  5. Well we are washington fans, disappointment just kind of comes with the territory. I'm pleased with his leadership abilities and glad he'll be leading the team for a long time. Did I expect a special rookie season with large production from him, yes. Am I unhappy that we have to make all these excuses for lack of production like we do most Washington players over the last 30 years, yes. Would it be nice to have a player that you don't have to make excuses for? Yes. How those beliefs are unreasonable is beyond me.
  6. Of course, however my opinion is numbers like, sacks, qb hits, pressures, knockdowns, hurries, etc. Why, in your opinion, those numbers don't matter is the bigger question than why I use those numbers. Chase 4.5 sacks 6 QB Hits 4 Hurries 1 Knockdown 10 Pressures DJ Wonnum 3 sacks 8 QB Hits 3 Hurries 5 Knockdowns 11 Pressures I mean, come on now. Any objective person can just say Chase Young should have a little more production than this.
  7. It's impossible for me to be wrong. I use objective numbers. Nick Bosa was one of the most double teamed player last year yet his production numbers were in line with the best players in the game, not just rookies. There is literally no argument you can make that puts Chase Young in the same category as Nick Bosa. And to me that's what I was hoping to get out of our #2 draft pick and it hurts me that we might have more of a Clowney (just a freak athlete who makes a play or two every now and again) than a Bosa.
  8. Grown men making statements about putting others on ignore because they disagree about a players production, lmao. I've seen it all now. All you are bringing up is excuses for a lack of production. My argument is his production numbers are pretty bad. There is no way around that. You can believe the excuses you come up with or you can be like me and be disappointed that the numbers are so bad regardless of the reasons. I had higher expectations from our #2 pick. I don't care about his double team rate, his pass rush win rate, or whatever weird PFF stat you can come up with that
  9. In his last 8 games he has 2 Sacks 4 QB Hits 3 Hurries 1 Knockdown 6 Pressures I just don't know what to tell you guys. That's not good production. Just for a reference of what numbers can look like. Nick Bosa's first 8 game stretch 7 Sacks 13 QB Hits 11 Hurries 6 Knockdowns 24 Pressures
  10. I'm not trolling at all, I 100% expected Chase to be as good or better than Nick Bosa. He isn't even close, like it's not even a competition on who was better. That is not trolling at all. I just had higher expectations than you guys. You are fine with late 1st round early 2nd round production. I was hoping for a #2 pick game changer.
  11. A pass rusher getting to the qb seems like a pretty objective measure to me. And considering his production at getting to the qb is about the same as DJ Wonnum, a 4th round draft pick, and not even in the same ball park as the #2 pick last year, it's not unreasonable to expect more.
  12. He touched the qb once two weeks in a row. I guess that's a start. For a reference point, TJ Watt has multiple qb hits in 7 straight games. I guess your guys expectations are just very low. But you're the 3rd person to bring my name up this week when I wasn't even saying a word about Chase. Guess you guys want me too.
  13. Giants have a pretty difficult schedule remaining with one game they’ll be a fave in against the Cowboys. We have a semi decent sched remaining. 49ers, Panthers, and Eagles are all winnable games. Tough but winnable. Some playoff football this year would be fun!
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