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  1. Any coach would take more ints if it means you're making more plays and producing more points. Scoring 10-14 points while playing it safe is a losing formula. Whatever the reason is for his lack of ability to make plays, he's so bad at advanced qb play that it's not even close. He was completing like 20% of his passes downfield. He's dead last in many advanced qb statistics. You're going to get benched pretty fast if you play like that.
  2. He doesn't turn the ball over because he doesn't try to make any plays. He goes through his progressions so fast and just throws to a back or his check down. That's his big problem, is he can't read a defense and make plays downfield. I'm sure Ron would take more interceptions if it meant more plays. There is a reason his qbr is so low. He's not making plays that nfl qbs make.
  3. Haskins has a qbr that is 20 points lower than Daniel jones, 10 points lower than the 2nd worst qb in the league. His advanced metrics are awful. Was saying from week 2 that if he continues playing like he is Ron would have no choice but to bench him, especially with the way they were playing and the division the way it is. Ron made a move to compete for the division and even though they lost to the Giants, the offense still moved better than they have all year. So they're one win away from the Cowboys from being right back in the driver seat of the east. That's how Ron is looking at it. Allen
  4. I believe he was benched because his poor play. The quick hook and demotion to 3rd string inactive was probably due to his inability to work on fixing his poor play. He's a really bad quarterback, it's hard to justify playing someone that bad.
  5. Well I hate to break it to you but it's mostly true.
  6. Are we really now scrutinizing him to the point we're arguing over what he means by cutoff point all because he benched Haskins?
  7. They held dallas to 30 points, which is about where you expect a middle of the pack defense to hold a Dak lead Cowboys team. Dalton scored a whopping 6 points when he had his own drives against the Giants. If you think Arizona is holding a Dak lead Cowboys team to 10 points I don't know what to tell you. Lol.
  8. Yea, and he had 8 against Arizona and Cleveland combined (with his turnovers).
  9. I firmly believe we would have lost if Haskins was qb. He's the worst qb in the nfl and all his 3 and outs would have just gave the Giants more possessions.
  10. You don't have to suggest it. He literally gave us a chance to win. Came down to a 2 pt conversion that didn't need to be called.
  11. Yea, he had a good 11 pass game. It's more impressive they held Dak to a 70.7 rating and 0 tds and an int.
  12. Is it adjusted for playing backup qbs. Because it makes sense that Arizona would have a huge jump because the Cowboys were near the #1 offense in the league with dak. Regardless, Giants are a middle of the pack defense and ahead of Arizona before they played the hapless red rocket and definitely not "it's the giants" territory.
  13. Before the game was played, Giants were ranked ahead of Arizona, Philly, and Cleveland in DVOA. Arizona jumped up big time because their performance against Dalton and the Cowboys. Which begs the question, is DVOA really the end all be all for how good a defense is considering a team jumped up 11 ranks in 1 week after playing a backup qb?
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