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  1. Nick Bosa at this time last year had about 50 and ended the season with 80. Is it really that unreasonable to want that kind of season out of our #2 pick? One where he's not 2nd to other rookies but up there with the rest of the league because he's so good. I don't know, seems reasonable to me.
  2. Wrong Bosa and no, I don't think what he's done is special at all Edit: I just looked up the other Bosa and he had 10.5 sacks as a rookie so you have the wrong guy completely.
  3. Agreed, I don't think it's unreasonable at all to hope and expect the #2 can't miss pick in the draft to do something special as a rookie. Like it would be cool to have someone that is top 10 in something or pushing for rookie records. Nick Bosa looked special last year and you could compare his numbers to elite ends who aren't even rookies. Our guy is playing through an injury, getting doubled too much, players around him aren't good enough, etc, etc, etc, etc.
  4. No, numbers aren't all that matters but they are important. Like you'd like to see some production in the backfield like hits on the qb, tackles for loss, pressures, etc. I'm just saying people questioning Chase's pass rushing effectiveness have legitimate concerns and it's not comparable to complaining about him only having 10 sacks because he doesn't. He doesn't really have any numbers that are good enough that would indicate someone is complaining just to complain.
  5. That's not true. No one complains about Terry because he does nothing but produce. If Chase had production like 10 sacks we'd all be talking about how great he is. But he doesn't and his numbers are pretty mediocre up to this point.
  6. This is my concern as well. His sacks he might get to 6-7 which is fine but his other production numbers in the back field are terrible. Nick Bosa pretty much had double the production in most backfield production numbers. And some stats like QB hits, had 14 through his first 8 games. I was just hoping for one of those special rookie seasons. But here we are comparing him to other d ends who struggle their rookie years. Reminds me of the Haskins thread. Oh well.
  7. Maybe you're right. I like Chase and fully expect him to be a leader on this team for a long time. Which I guess makes him worth the #2 pick. Having leaders is a great thing. I'm just saying his lack of production in the backfield is a cause for concern. He's definitely not going to come close to breaking any rookie records or having a special rookie season. Just was hoping for more. Unfortunately, I'm just seeing a really good athlete like Clowney. But much more likeable than him.
  8. Alright, I honestly had no clue where you were going with the comment about the alternative reasons. If this is the case, that's fair. Maybe it's because he's triple teamed, the rest of the team sucks around him, the qb is throwing the ball too quickly, he's playing injured, whatever it is he's not producing in the backfield. 5 tackles for loss and hitting the qb 4 times and knocking him down once in half a season just throws up red flags for me and not the kind of production I expected from him.
  9. Oh I get it. I'm just talking about him as a #2 pick in the draft and not some developmental player. I mean he's hit the qb 4 times all year. In comparison Bosa had 14 hits on the qb in his first 8 games last year. The lack of production in the backfield should be a concern to anyone. Because they aren't just disappointing numbers, they are really bad, especially the last 6 games.
  10. I honestly don't know what the alternative can be that makes you sad? Are you saying there has to be some agenda other than just concern over the lack of production in the back field? I don't get it.
  11. He had a good series there and that forced fumble hit at the goal line was definitely the game changing play you like to see. But through 8 games he hasn't even come close to producing behind the line of scrimmage that you'd like to see from a #2 can't pass up draft pick. Another game where he didn't really do anything in the backfield, although that tackle on the same series on the RB started in the back field which was I think his only contact back there. Just looks like a class below the Nick Bosa type of DEs when it comes to dominating the line of scrimmage and causing havoc in the backfie
  12. Woo hoo!! Still in the playoff race especially if we beat Dallas on thanksgiving. Winning is fun. They should do it more often. Also hope Burrow comes back strong, that’s rough to see.
  13. Time to get drunk!! Win today, win thanksgiving... Philly loses against the browns, we're ready to roll. Giants can easily lose their next 5 games. I believe!!
  14. They really don't care about his trade value at this point, haha. I still wonder if they get out of playoff contention late in the season if they just go ahead and see if he can increase that value.
  15. Fields starting to look like a #2 pick again. Throwing ropes and running all over the place
  16. True, I definitely wouldn't take him with a top 10 pick. But he's slowly growing on me. I'm going back and forth between him and Mac Jones as potential long shots.
  17. Fields looking human, making terrible throws. Trask is growing on me. But he might be a poor man's Burrow.
  18. Having Tua right now would have been so much fun. Still upset we passed on him. But oh well if we find a qb in the next draft and Young turns out to be worth a #2 pick it will work out. But it’s not the best sign teams can already take Young out of the game.
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