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  1. Been mentioning his name every week in the gameday threads.. Always around the ball. Always making plays.
  2. Anybody else's Fox/ABC/CBS feed not looking very HD today? In between showing the sideline or player close ups are fine. But the wide shot as a play is being ran looks terrible. Early 2000s esque.
  3. At 6'9" and only 19, I wonder how much his growth spurt messed with his shooting consistency..
  4. Been watching more vids of Avdija and have no idea how his shooting %s were so low. He's got such a quick and clean release. Hopefully with coaching and working out here he can clean those up. Being a pro player at only 19 yrs old factored into it as well.
  5. Wall has wanted Cousins in DC for years now. Watch him be apart of the trade that sends Wall to Houston, and Boogie finally ends up in DC sans Wall. That'd be the ultimate conclusion to this mess. Maybe hey could wave out the window to each other as their planes pass by..
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