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  1. That ball was smoked. Was expecting upper deck. First row lol
  2. Always use your barehand kids.... Oh wait.
  3. CRobi21

    Random Thought Thread

    "Clap Alien Cheeks"
  4. FP talking about how this feels like a postseason game... Followed later by "The Cards have gotten all the breaks today." Yep that's usually how our postseasons go... Fitting.
  5. DC Sports. Wieters..... Just give away the wildcard. Save us from nationally televised embarrassment...
  6. Get off the field Shildt you ****in nerd
  7. Killed by.....Tommy Edman? Who else would it be...
  8. What a joke... 3 run lead if we didn't get hit with the old DC Luck there. Robles clutch tonight!
  9. CRobi21

    Random Thought Thread

    The latter if my Spanish II from high school is clicking right in my head.