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  1. Murray started to cook there at the end of he half. Gotta keep that going to even this series. And the refs have to let em play. Too many ticky tac fouls in the first half.
  2. I'll just leave this here..
  3. For the first time this series, DEN appears to be the team with more energy. Coming off back to back 7 game series, it makes sense. Gotta admire their fight.
  4. It's September. We can't help but kick the **** out of the Phillies. Called man crush on Stevenson years ago. He's coming into his own!
  5. Raiders looking tough. Their OL is dominating. Amazing how that works.
  6. The first and only miracle to happen for this team in 2020.
  7. Absolute heartbreaker for DEN. AD with the dagger
  8. Good drive. Congrats to Gibson on his first Td.
  9. Best throw of the year. Moved feet well in the pocket. Good throw.
  10. Nice Terry. Haskins looks in slowmo after watching Murray run.
  11. Have we even attempted a pass over 10 yards?
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