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  1. Could see this coming. Clips look like the Detroit Bad Boys compared to the Lakers last night. Gonna be near impossible to make another comeback tonight.
  2. Fully expect this streak to end tomorrow night. 2nd night of a b2b against another top west coast team. Gonna be tough.
  3. Good lord this team will never be able to make FTs.. 5 in a row!!
  4. Lopez with the monster block! oh wait, we're on offense. Big oof
  5. I didn't even see Beal near that inbound. Gotta come get that.
  6. Thought that was a bad charge call on Beal. One TO left, can't challenge. ugh
  7. Bullpen looks like it could be great, on paper of course. The depth is insane.
  8. Watch them sneak into the playoffs and Ted give Brooks a contract extension....
  9. He is become death, the destroyer of worlds...
  10. His value won't get any higher! But on a serious note congrats to him. He has really taken his game to another level these last few years. Well deserved!
  11. They should have locked him up early the way the ATL did with Acuna..
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