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  1. If you're walking your dog, and there's some kids in the distance making barking sounds to rile your dog up, is it illegal to unleash your dog and sick him on the kids? Surely there's some wiggle room there.
  2. That was an awesome clip. Wright is always in a suit being 100% about business when he's speaking. Cool to see him relaxed and seeing some personality come through.
  3. Remember when we thought we slayed the curse in '19? Baseball Heavens help us...
  4. Read Max trade might happen by tonight. Dodgers, Padres, Giants the likely landing spot...
  5. Baez might get drilled every time up tomorrow...
  6. Ron's approval! Also mentions Redtails in the full clip.
  7. Wish they'd do what Cleveland did and just drop the new name & logo on us now. Instead of having it hang over our heads for another year. Then they could gague the feedback and make tweaks to it if need be.
  8. Got the complete Bioshock series on sale. Always heard about it, but never played it.
  9. Yea we could use a few more Turner/Ross for Souza trades right about now..
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