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  1. I think the owner would have taken that deal and thrown in Redskins One
  2. No CFB coach who values 4 and 5 star recruits will ever sell their prospects as a problem. No prospect who values accomplishing their dream will ever interview as anything other than an Eagle Scout. That being said, there are always stories on some knuckleheaded guys (failed drug tests...DV), but the NFL is a place for redemption. The list is long of prospects, who were otherwise great citizens, who go crazy after getting the money and the attention that goes with it. All I'm saying is that this is all a crazy crap shoot... especially guys who aren't end of CFB season award winn
  3. Great season and we are going in the right direction. Smith will retire. Heinicke has earned being signed by our team. We are going to be way tougher next season. I can't wait until the draft and to see yall's wish lists. Be good guys. Hail!
  4. 31-17 WFT wins. Defense shines and gives up late garbage TD. Offense pops early with renewed urgency with the QB change. Rivera never uses a T.O. ... and won't need to. Haskins shown on the sideline no less than 6 times, but he's being a good teammate. Haskins and Allen high five no less than 3 times.
  5. Offense starts better. Run game grinds the clock. Team opens up a 10 point lead. Defense garners 5 sacks and 2 turnovers. Game is closer than it should be. WFT- 20 Dawgs-13
  6. Better TE coverage: This has turned into an Achilles heel for our defense going back several seasons. We got burned a couple of times last week before shutting the door with more physical play. I hope this is a focus this week. AG to let loose: Gibson only played sparingly last week, but made the most of his touches. I'd like to see his play count increase from 18 plays last week to closer to 30. That means others around him must play better... namely the signal caller. We cannot fall behind. If we get an early lead look for AG to shine. Haskins becomes more tha
  7. I want to see a coaching staff who can make adjustments at halftime. I will never forget DJax commenting after he'd left our team that the lead we had at halftime would disappear because the staff wouldn't make adjustments. I want to see A.Gib. He's fascinating and I think he is a superstar in the making. Mind you I and judging his ability by how Memphis used him. Poor man's Kamara, anyone? Of course, I want to see if Chase Young can toss around DEs like he did our backup TEs. His talent is undeniable, but how will DelRio deploy that talent? Last, I wa
  8. My Fandom won't change a bit: My favorite team is Washington... and whoever is playing the c-words that week.
  9. Everyone else in my family are Dallas fans. So in 82 I, being the mature 5 year old that I was, immediately settled on their rival and have never looked back.
  10. Good companies are not good because of luck. Bad ones aren't bad because of great effort. We are what we are because of the owner and until that changes.... The fact is Snyder wouldn't hire anyone like him to be in any of his businesses. Too bad he lacks the character and courage to look in the mirror and realize he has thousands of employees and millions of fans who want to see him go away and realize that, for his sake and for the sake of all of the Washington stakeholders, he should sell the team.
  11. Dear Moderator, What JDR is making is a political statement. It is hard to discuss his comments, and harder to discuss the affect that his tweets will have on the locker room, without discussing the efficacy of what he said and how his senior locker room/coaching staff position will poison any goodness this team could have...especially when the target is Black men. This is not an Xs and Os topic. Now my rant and I hope that it doesn't get me banned: JDR should be jettisoned. I have been to a lot of funerals and have seen a ton of situations where Black people have
  12. Why not go on a whole other direction? Why not the Washington Independence? It's patriotic, and ties in with D.C. perfectly. New colors. New theme. Something everyone can get behind. Washington Independence Washington Destroyers (battleship logo) Washington Anthem (stars spangled freedom)
  13. Well.. JDR Twitter will be a point of discussion in the media soon. Smh... The locker room is toast... and let the questions about Rivera's ability to make good hires commence. This is the last thing this team needs. First the team name stuff resurfaces and now this...
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