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  1. Cosmi isn't perfect, but will sling lots of metal in that weight room, get pounded by Sweat and Young, live in the film room seeing and learning from his mistakes, and get excellent coaching and motivation from the staff. You can't teach his size, but you can work on the skills and techniques. Good pick. I love fat boys!
  2. Who jinxed us with commercials before our pick? Damn you! Lmao...
  3. I'm about 2.5 hours late with this comment, but was that National Anthem the 2nd worst ever? No one will ever beat Roseanne...
  4. Stop vexing. Those LTs are dropping to us nicely...
  5. Lions weren't passing on Sewell... n Now come the trades! Saints and Pat's will move up
  6. How often are analysts correct with all of the rumors and false flag stories that surround the Draft
  7. REMIX! THE Saints select Quinton 'Big Chops' Bohanna, DT, Kentucky. If he was drafted already take him away from the team that selected him and award him to me...
  8. With the 255th pick in the ES Draft the N.O. Saints select Jalen Twyman, DT, Pitt. Done.
  9. With the 229th pick in the ES Draft the Saints select Brenden Knox, RB, Marshall.
  10. With the 218th pick in the ES Draft, the New Orleans Saints select, Tarron Jackson, Edge, Coastal Carolina.
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