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  1. No politics. I swear if this site becomes political like everything else I'm leaving.
  2. We have our qbs. Hienicke, Allen, and Montez. If they want to draft someone in the later rounds, so be it. Cam or Stafford would not have played as good as TH. Our o-line looked bad last night. Couldn't run the ball, TH took some bad hits. Let's do the smart football move and build the line. We have the quarterbacks.
  3. Why the **** are y'all worried about his physical limitations but Kyler Murray gets a pass. Dude TH is legit.
  4. If Kyler Murray can play in this league than so can TH. This was the best qb play we have had all season. He may not have the strongest arm, but his pocket awareness makes up for it. Give me one good reason why we should dump TH to sign someone like Cam or Stafford? Fellows, we found our qb. This wasn't some bull **** game, this was primetime playoffs.
  5. Better team won. Tom Brady is the goat. I'm not happy but not disappointed. We took 2 steps forward this season. We may have our franchise qb.
  6. We aren't winning with Smith. I respect the guy, but this conservative crap is getting old.
  7. No. Let's build the lines and put our money in the lines. Wide outs come and go. Not worth the money.
  8. That TD Heinicke threw was the best TD this season. The way he waved at McKissic to run deep was A. Rodgers level. My concern with him and K. Allen is arm strength. But it's very clear that those two really understand what Turner is trying to do on offense. How do y'all think they compare to D. Brees with arm strength?
  9. No rookie. Unless M. Jones or Trask somehow slide to the 3rd. We can really solidify the o-line and linebackers this draft if we stay patient. As for a veteran, I would rather bring in a younger guy than an older more expensive guy. The last thing we need is to pay Stafford a **** ton and then he breaks his back in the preseason. I like Darnold it Mariota. At the very least, they would provide competition and depth for the guys we have (Allen, Heinike, Montez).
  10. I really think if it was up to Rivera he would have started Heinike. But if we lost with Heinike, Snyder and D. Williams would have been all over Rivera's *** for not playing Haskins. Whoever is responsible for closing out threads, this one is done for. Haskins has played his last game in DC.
  11. . If you start camp taking the first team reps, it's your job to lose. From listening to people who know more about ball than I do, Haskins is very good in practices. His arm strength stands out. But games are obviously much different. I believe he will be here next year. I think Rivera will draft o-line and linebackers. I just can't like the guy right now. Hopefully there will be a real qb competition next year with preseason and may the best guy win.
  12. I bet Snyder has his hands in this. Or Montez and Hienke (whatever his name is) are not ready at all. But this new culture seems complete bs to me. You will be punished, unless we need you for playoffs. Haha what a ****ing joke.
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