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  1. maxiumone

    ***2019 Miracle Nationals WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS***

    Put a curly W in the books the Nationals are World Series champs holy heel **** yeah
  2. maxiumone

    Next Coach?

    I would love Lincoln Riley. He seems to develope QBs
  3. maxiumone

    Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins

    Our d coordinator makes Rob Ryan look like a genius
  4. maxiumone

    Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins

    I think I am gonna start watching the WNBA they play harder
  5. maxiumone

    Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins

    **** this team
  6. maxiumone

    May the 4th Be With You...

  7. It really is simple if what you want to do does not impact my rights or the rights of others then have fun. As soon as you cross the line of your actions impacting me or other you don't have a right to do it. That is how you pick and choose "minding your own paper"
  8. maxiumone

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    The man has always ran. Angry
  9. maxiumone

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Burr kills him was pretty one sided
  10. maxiumone

    Cutting the Cable cord

    I have been without cable for over a year. I am so glad it is gone. I have an antenna for locals was already paying for Hulu prime and Netflix when I had cable and got sling for 40 a month. My bill is now 125 less and I don't miss a thing
  11. maxiumone

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Agree on the hands thing. But the kid is a tough sob. That last game of the season he was a beast. He would make a twenty yard run and limp off the field then come back in and do it again
  12. maxiumone

    2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Bryce Love is a man. That is all
  13. maxiumone

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Punisher is starting pretty damn good. Two episodes and I like it a lot