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  1. This pick is RGIII without the attitude
  2. The other issue is a pain killer could have been issued en route to the hospital. I had a bad accident years ago and on the way to the hospital they started an IV and pushed a narcotic pain killer (had 3rd degree burns) So if this was the case for tiger they would have no way of knowing if he was on a narcotic prior to the accident
  3. Can someone tell my why on gods green earth Hallmark has a PAC?
  4. Conflicted here should I laugh or cry at this post
  5. See this is where I would have unloaded my pistol and reloaded and tried again. Actually it would have happen when the first treasonous asshat breached the door.
  6. It shows the same thing for Pence except he has a 19:44 time stamp https://www.state.gov/biographies/michael-r-pence/
  7. Showed they deserved to be here and found another young player. Hienikie has guts
  8. The ****ing refs call a bs hold on us but yet Chase has been held the last 4 plays and nothing
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