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  1. Im nervous. Can’t remember ever seeing them play this well in the shark tank. Lot of time left. I will feel better if we can score one more lol.
  2. Cant believe DSP hit the post on that 2 on 1.
  3. I’m going to make a prediction and say we put atleast 20 on net this period and pot one. Promptly lose in OT to have the bird walk celly mocked again.
  4. between this game and the Boston game Holtby keeps us in it and is getting no “run support”.
  5. 7 total shots thru 2. Yuck
  6. This penalty stuff is getting out of hand. No discipline.
  7. Be nice if they could keep the stick infractions down too.
  8. a second too late for the hatty. He has really turned it on lately. I’m thinking he was playing hurt before the break. Important game tomorrow.
  9. Kings having wayyy too much zone time this period. Coming alive now boys!
  10. why Does this team suck so bad after we score? also im so sick of Reirdens “o shucks” face every time they show him behind the bench. He looks as clueless as Jay Gruden on the sidelines.
  11. The longer this season goes on the more obvious it becomes letting Barry go was a mistake. As much money as ted brings in he let a Stanley cup winning coach walk over a few mil. Yes I know there were already stipulations in Barry’s contract if we won a cup. I don’t care. They should have paid the man.
  12. Florida with another lucky deflection. Come on Caps.
  13. I think Raask is tired of the capitals owning him. Playing like a stud today