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  1. Barry Trotz’s capitals almost never lost to the bruins. just saying
  2. I guess having the sabres and devils on our schedule really inflated the sense of how good we were. we are lucky to have one cup win. erat for forsberg. letting Barry go. Vrana and picks for Mantha. screw you ted.
  3. 30 shots to 13 and losing 2-0. How is that possible.
  4. I hate all these power plays early and not scoring. Because it always balances out so we will be on the kill the last half of the game.
  5. Watching spong move around out there makes me mad as hell he was scratched the last two games.
  6. Or how about the guy they traded our speedster and the high picks for.
  7. I don’t think it matters. We could be on the man advantage the rest of the game and not score with the way they are playing right now.
  8. Taylor hall annoys me. you can’t make this stuff up.
  9. We are about the most over passing clowns in the league. Can anyone tell me why sprong isn’t playing? You can’t tell me he couldn’t out perform one of the guys we have out there right now.
  10. Who wants to yell at Ovi for that careless pass he just made?
  11. Needed to score on one of those. You know the bruins will start getting some calls soon.
  12. I read that ovi yelled at Sammy to “don’t sleep” and “stay in your net”. To me it is a little upsetting for Ovi to talk to Sammy like that. We are going to need him the rest of this series and I’m not sure that type of thing does anything to help his confidence. I mean he kept us in it up until that dumb play at the end. Maybe if the team could score and hold a lead he wouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place.
  13. I turned it off. Doesn’t matter who we have as coach it’s the same story every time.
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