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  1. This team man. Wtf. How many fricken goals have they given up in the last 5 games. Keep messing around we won’t have to worry about the post season.
  2. Why was that not a penalty shot on the Wilson trip. He was in the clear.
  3. That last goal is the caps in a nutshell the last dozen games. What is is going on.
  4. That’s what we get for letting him walk. We deserve this.
  5. Nice tribute to Orpik. I feel like it should have been done another game and we should have given Barry a longer tribute. The man helped us claim our first Stanley cup and his tribute was shown during commercial break? We can do better than that.
  6. Something is wrong with OVI. He just seems so sluggish lately and doesnt appear to be having fun like he was earlier in the season.
  7. Kuzy with the late tying goal! since when did we do seven nation army? Lol
  8. Starting to wonder if Ovi is playing through an injury. Obviously didn’t expect him to keep scoring at such an insane pace but you have barely heard his name the last few games. Side note 5 penalty free periods against the caps going back to the last game.
  9. And it’s all been downhill since
  10. Hard to believe Ottawa has played a penalty free game
  11. Of course the canes end the shutout bid when they should have been killing a penalty.
  12. Awesome win. Holtby was in God mode. Sad he didn’t get the shut out. PP play is starting to concern me a bit.
  13. Every time big silly style scores a penguin dies lol. I love it. Great work by Kuzy leads to the layup.