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  1. I’m not a big fan of the gooning it up when we start to lose.
  2. My thoughts exactly. Came in today wanting Ovi to score and maybe a strategic loss
  3. Really big goal there. Beautiful dance in by backy. and Hathaway was getting beat on by the whole team there
  4. I don’t think Boston appreciates the butt whooping we gave them last week.
  5. Vrana scored on a beautiful break coming out the penalty box.
  6. What the hell goalie do you start in the playoffs lol.
  7. Vrana who?! Lol. Just kidding. Still going to miss V but damn that shot was a rocket.
  8. Caps trade Vrana panik, a first and second round pick to Detroit for manthaa. Are you kidding me? I hate to his team some times. Let’s just offload the fastest player on the team because he he a rough patch.
  9. You should be able to download the nbc sports app. Then sign in with your youtube tv account thru the nbc sports app. thats what I have done in the past.
  10. Just a small speed bump on the road to pound town.
  11. Terrible game by the caps, but literally every bounce for the isles is going in the net.
  12. Have a feeling lavi is laying into the boys and they will come out motivated in the second and pot one early.
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