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  1. If I’m one of these guys I’m sitting the year out. If there isn’t more to this story it may be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. You are going to tell me I can play a 3 hour game with these guys with no mask but can’t be together with them in a hotel room. I’m not spending six months of my life in solitary confinement away from my family and teammates. Screw that.
  2. New coach. Same story. Damn near every time we play the penguins they have these stupid spans of play where they score multiple goals quickly. embarrassing.
  3. This penalty thing is getting ridiculous.
  4. Nice win. Awesome game from the young goalie. Now if Ovi can start ripping them that would be great.
  5. These refs tonight. 5 power plays to none. Is there any doubt they tie it up here. I mean killing 5 penalties is a tall task.
  6. Refs not calling anything for us. I have seen a trip and a board yet they are calling everything for Buffalo
  7. I hate going for two early in the game like we did. All we have to do is score now and get a two point conversion which we haven’t done all year.
  8. Was a bad throw. Still looked catchable. Your receivers need to bail you out from time to time. Ours don’t.
  9. Chase please don’t lay an egg. You called out the Goat. You gotta make a play.
  10. It’s house money guys. Whatever happens happens. Enjoy the ride.
  11. The thing is though we lost some close games. Both the giants games and the lions game could have gone either way at the end. We could be a 10-6 team with a couple breaks.
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