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  1. I think it was about the time John beck completed 736294 passes to Roy Helu in one game
  2. This is a huge blow. We have very little depth at WR and the cupboard is bare at TE. Harmon was most likely our starting WR opposite McLaurin and clearly had great chemistry with the other 2nd year wideouts. Haskins actually said he had the best chemistry with Harmon out of all of them going back to knowing each other from high school. He’s no stud but I think can be a solid possession guy and great blocker, was our starter and now done. We’ve seen enough to know trey Quinn doesn’t belong so that leaves McLaurin and Sims with a bunch of backup scrubs and all of us praying AGG can translate well...and quickly, with a jacked up offseason
  3. Not saying this to blow up your ego or anything, but I've come to siphon through things looking for your comments because they have proven insightful, correct and on point. I trust your thoughts and appreciate your input and insight. I'm really excited about Dwayne and his future here. I was excited when we took him, disappointed in his early play and about as disappointed as one can be about his selfie incident when Keenum took the final knee. But since then I've been nothing but impressed by him and really think he can develop into the QB we've so desperately wanted as a fanbase for so long. Thank you for contributing to that hope as I think he can will only get exponentially better with support from the FO/staff and experience.
  4. Definitely concerning. However you also don’t get cleared to sprint (at 12mph in the video) unless cleared to do it, which is certainly a big milestone. He’s been allowed to rehab with our guys so if they’re talking to the coaches and the coaches are preparing like he’ll be ready for training camp then I’m slightly optimistic because they wouldn’t just pull that out of their asses. Anything he can offer is a bonus because we didn’t expect him and aren’t counting on him (we the fans) but that video definitely made me feel more positive about him running even on a treadmill then negative about the brace.
  5. I think it’s fair to assume we will cover up some of our weak areas like O-line with a lot of short quick passes to GIbson/Sims/Guice/McKissic that will spread the defense out, gas them, keep them from pinning their ears back against our line and supplements our run game. That, coupled with the play action game off of Peterson can alleviate a lot of issues with the o line. Not erase them, but lessen their impact, at least. Assuming both Haskins and McLaurin improve, Scary Terry demands a double team or shading on every play and can still win. If defenses don’t that makes things simple. If they do that opens up the above mentioned short and intermediate game for all the guys listed above and sing,e coverage for Harmon/AGG/Sims all day. I get the overall sentiment of the piece and given the youth and inexperience it’s hard to argue against. But I think we have the speed, athleticism, versatility and YES even size (Harmon/AGG) to really offset any weaknesses by creating mismatches. It really just depends on these guys buying in, picking up the offense and executing it with confidence. Oh, and that Turner actually can run an offense to his players strengths rather than force them into his mold!
  6. Cut his ass yesterday. Not a part of the new culture. Bye Felicia. Don’t let the door hit you.
  7. I would bet money this is just Meyer going public with what he was telling Snyder when he sat in his box for a game late last season. And to his credit, Danny went out and found a guy that is unanimously known for being well-respected and instilling a great culture and they cleaned house. There’s no doubt in my mind this is exactly what Meyer said to him. Would have been nice to have Amari Cooper but he was too expensive and never really was interested in coming here anyway, just used us to drive up his price. I’ve gone back and watched Dwayne’s games last year though and I really do think he’s going to be good this year. I’m excited to see the offense utilize weapons like Gibson and Sims and I think they will really spread things out. When you look at our draft, outside of Charles, they all fit that mold of culture. Gibson and Hudson are guys that we’re stars on their team and yet LOVED and excelled at special teams. Similar to McLaurin last year. Young is known for his work ethic and desire. AGG clearly is passionate about mastering his craft. I like where we are going in terms of culture and I think Meyer is right. The better the team is around him, the harder Haskins is going to work so as not to be the weak link. I’m excited for this year because I expect to see a respectable team that fights everyone this year like we had under Gibbs 2.0. We won’t be better than many teams we face but I’m hoping to see us compete on the scoreboard and to the eye test each game with some flashy scores by McLaurin/Gibson/Sims and a really fun defense that makes plays and finally stops the run.
  8. I’ll add that he is STILL great. AP has proven the last two years he is more than capable of churning out 1000+ yard seasons at a 4 yard plus average- the standard by which backs are measured. He still rips off big plays and shows the pile moving, change of direction and hop cut that made him great. He’s still the best pure RB we have and it isn’t close. I understand the spreading of defense that dual purpose backs bring but it’s not as if AP can’t block or break a big screen - we have certainly seen that. He had back to back 20+ yard runs then a screen last year. And he hasn’t missed a single game. I’ll be disappointed if we cut him to keep a guy like McKissic when we just drafted Gibson in the third round for that same role and have Sims. But I can’t see that happening.
  9. There is no question that Harmon and McLaurin did that for Haskins on occasion last year. But I disagree regarding that packers game TD. If Haskins puts that ball right on Terry’s numbers it’s an easy for the safety coming across the middle. The ball was put in the only place a defender couldn’t make a play on it. Terry had to make a catch of the year type play but it was a perfect throw. Or Haskins just got lucky and made an inaccurate throw that fortunately ended up in the perfect spot. The overall point remains though that they bailed him out on occasion but that’s what good receivers should do. Scary Terry is our best offensive player and he and Dwayne will only get better, individually and together. If Sims progresses it’s really going to open things up for a playmaker we can get the ball in space like Gibson or Sims as well. If AGG can just be decent he’s going to see a lot of one on ones against the defense’s second corner and hopefully weapons like Gibson, Sims, McKissic and a healthy Guice can feast on a spread out defense underneath allowing them to get a head full of steam and rip off chunk plays.
  10. I like AGG and I’m very positive about him. But this just makes me think drew rosenhaus talking up Leonard hankerson and I want to
  11. The second year (2020) was a team option that we picked up in February after Rivera was hired. "Adrian Peterson is the epitome of what it means to be a pro in this league," Redskins coach Ron Rivera said in a statement from the team. "Adrian's leadership and passion towards the game of football will set an example of what is expected of the players in this program moving forward." Sounds like Rivera plans on AP being here to me. Pretty sure the free agent signings are more about competition in that weapon role and insurance for Guice than anything. I’m betting that AP makes the team and so does Guice if he’s healthy and IR if not. Guice is very talented - RR saw that first hand last year. And by all accounts he meets the expectations RR has as a person.
  12. I don’t have the link because I can’t remember what thread. But valuable insight on how little it matters who starts. Ioannidis played more snaps then Allen or Payne last year. Bottom line is we have 6 studs up front who can rotate, play multiple positions and terrorize the QB and play the run. Starts don’t matter. Overall defense does and we have a chance to be a top defense this year if RR and JDR can maximize their talents. These coaches have already said its all about developing a scheme around the players you have. All of them will get a lot of snaps and should be incredibly rested and efficient for those snaps and that’s what matters.
  13. Lol I’m so jaded from our underperforming defense over the years where I see our db’s routinely act like they just broke up a pass on fourth down in the super bowl when we have a losing record, are losing the game and the qb simply overthrew his receiver that this alone turns me off from him. And it has nothing to do with him. So sad.
  14. Just realized I should have put this in draft thread. Apologies. But thank you, that is extremely encouraging because I think the scouting department has absolutely nailed several drafts in a row. It also seems like we have really hit on a lot of late rounders and undrafted guys.
  15. Wow. Just read that RR article about Rivera’s 2-7 round draft picks with the Panthers. I was incredibly disappointed, even when compared to the Skins over that time. Almost all of their second round picks over the duration were backups or below average starters. Leaves me praying that it had more to do with the GM’s AND that Kyle Smith has a lot of say in who we pick. They can’t all be Terry McLaurin’s but we’ve gotta get some solid hits on days 2 and 3 if we are gonna turn this thing around. Also hated how in some drafts they just took a ton of players at the same position because it was a need. I think we can all agree That’s not the right way to go.
  16. Trent: I’m worth $20M. Also Trent: I’m not worth a second round pick. F you buddy. It goes both ways. If you value yourself so highly obviously so do the redskins so they’re not gonna get rid of you for unfair compensation no matter what your change by the week reason is for wanting out. The redskins have you on perhaps a slightly cheap contract now but it was top of the market at the time and YOU ****ed out on that contract. No **** rivera didn’t kiss your feet - he’s a man and won’t bow down to his players and he doesn’t know you and EVERY SINGLE PLAYER on the team has to prove themselves to him. Suck it up and earn your respect after being hurt and then sitting out a year. I'm on team Rivera. Edit: also, yeah just because you worked a deal for the money you wanted and then when that team went to negotiate with the Skins doesn’t mean they are obligated to trade you for whatever that team wants just because they agreed to pay you. And yeah, no **** that team went back to his agent and was like sorry bruh we ain’t giving up that much. That in no way means the skins are not working in good faith. Especially when his agent probably went and told those teams the skins would do whatever to get rid of Trent.
  17. They get a good CB for a cheap contract. But we’ll all feel better when he only plays 8 games. Don’t freak out folks. Did anyone expect anything better? He is good but always hurt. This is better than I expected, we are all just butt hurt we gave up as much for Kyle Allen.
  18. Breeland reeked of a guy that was a very talented player but always misused by poor coaches trying to make guys fit their scheme. I think the general consensus is this staff wants to create a scheme to maximize the players so I’m all for bringing him back.
  19. Damn it! Overpaying Malcolm to get him to the Redskins probably would have been the single best guy to overpay in this FA period. Him and Landon Collins playing for Rivera and keeping the secondary on the same/right page would have been huge.
  20. Fairly surprised the Colts wouldn't rather have Brady, like nabbing Vinatieri. Rivers has been pretty bad the last couple of years and certainly hasn't been winning in a while. I'd rather have Brady.