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  1. Man I forgot about Everett. I would love to have him here. But he may want to go somewhere he’s the true #1
  2. Per usual I agree on the free agent side. Would be great if we can even just uncover even ONE guy like McKissic or Thomas this year that simply fits our system and thrives in it when given a chance. Still makes me sad we couldn’t pry Njoku away from Cleveland last year for a reasonable or even steal of a deal. He’d be great to pair with Thomas but that ship sailed.
  3. I am completely aware of the frustrations. Trubisky is a complete enigma. But most importantly to me he’s a FREE AGENT that could be had at a modest price. When all is considered (draft picks, money, etc), I don’t entirely hate signing him and going into the season with Allen, Heinicke and Trubisky. We could stack up in FA and BPA in the draft and Trubisky has been a healthy player so I wouldn’t even see him as the presumed starter but mire injury insurance for the other two. Admittedly it doesn’t give us a franchise guy but it does give us three mobile guys that can execute our type
  4. I am completely against trading draft picks for any potentially available QB not named Watson for the same reason. But it sounds like we may not even be able to jump in that game anyway so probably moot.
  5. I don’t disagree or agree. I think Gibson has not only the potential but the likelihood to be truly special and just my opinion, I think you maximize that having him as THE guy in the backfield. Not discounting what you’re saying, but there are just so many other position groups that need attention I just don’t know how we can add to that group in the draft over others. The exception is maybe if Najee falls to us but other than that it becomes so much less worth it to me, especially in the draft. On a different note. It blows my mind people want to cut Collins. I fully comp
  6. Not even advocating for Mac Jones. But I’m entirely over people talking about arm strength. How many Of the best qb’s of all time do we have to see that lack elite arm talent before we wise up to the fact that it pales in comparison to intelligence in terms of in game knowledge, reading a defense and knowing how to navigate a pocket and still find their guys. At this point, arm strength is relatively low on my list compared to those things.
  7. I’m actually pretty surprised you’re down on Gibson as the bellcow. He has almost no mileage out of school and showed through almost 3/4 of the year he has no problem in that role and can carry the workload. AND he’s only going to grow as a 3 down back who already is pretty damn good catching passes out of the backfield. Turf toe was a kind of a freak thing but he still showed some good ability coming back from it. His vision immensely improved throughout the year and like I said about him as a receiver, he’ll only get better as a runner too. He looks like a threat to br
  8. I’m not sure where you would draw that comparison. Minshew is mobile. In 23 games 37 TDs to 11 ints. He has 1 rushing TD and 4 fumbles, not sure how many lost but still nearly 3:1 td to turnover ratio. 5500 passing yards and 500 on the ground. How does that even remotely compare to Grossman? Not a fan of his completion percentage around 63% but he is on the worst team in the league.
  9. I would be most interested in Minshew. Durable and can make off schedule plays. Infectious personality and could probably be had for a much later pick than any of these other guys especially since they’ll have Lawrence. I would be ok with this and a lot higher on it then just about all the others mentioned given their cost and poor track records. Anyone talking about pedigree of former early picks that haven’t lived up to it just confused me right now. No thanks. I hope so too but that was under his premise of thinking the team needed a year or two so he wanted to see what the young guy
  10. Would rather have rivers on a modest contract through free agency than trading picks for someone...and then also paying big money for them.
  11. Not sure how solid our running game can be. Gibson is still not 100% and they have the best run defense in the league.
  12. I would be on the lookout for a lot of guys this offseason taking one year deals at or below what they would expect in a normal free agency. With the cap going down next year plus all the COVID stuff, teams can’t pay as much so I would expect guys to actually want short deals so they can bet on themselves and get a hefty long term deal on the backside of all this stuff in the hopes the cap goes back up in 2022.
  13. I vote someone snags bruce Allen and both teams can have a pregame cleansing ritual and make him walk the plank into the sound.
  14. If Hi Nick-EE plays, he will certainly win. It won’t be our pass rush that befuddles and dumbfounds TBTB12QB1, it will be the sheer number of times that his counterpart gets to his 5th read. The guy in pewter will be so disappointed that he hasn’t gotten to his 5th read all year that he will promptly refuse to go back in out of sheer disappointment for not being better. Who’s their QB2? Roberto Aguayo? I hear he’s accurate. I know he was their first pick one year and they took him pretty high... Chase the Younger will continue leaping on the sideline proclaiming Hi Nick-EE has been pa
  15. Dude Darnold is absolute trash. Basically the only QB that’s been worse than him the past few years was Haskins. HARD pass. I’d toss them a 6th at best and obviously they wouldn’t bite aka the hard pass. It blows my mind we just got burned by Haskins and people would even consider another huge first round bust, one that is definitely a bigger bust than Haskins given he was considered a much better prospect and drafted much higher. If Smith retires I’m all for signing a vet FA but I do NOT want to trade away Draft capital (see draft results this year and impact of having a high percen
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