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  1. The ONLY thing I dislike about this pick has less to do with Love and more to do with our philosophy of “stealing” guys because they’re injured. For the past several years we continue to rely on guys coming off injuries as if nothing ever happened then the FO seems shocked when we once again have the most IR’d players and starter combinations. I get the idea of this guy being a Thompson like player but hell, Thompson can’t even make it through a season with a relatively small workload. Is anyone surprised that all the same o-linemen returning from injuries once again missed more time? Love has all the talent in the world and I am happy about the pick. I’m just saying it hasn’t worked out for us all that well over the years using that as a philosophy for a lot of the guys we expect to be key contributors.
  2. So we let one of the only guys in our wr corps go that had sticky hands, produced, and knew every position in a group that was injury prone? Oh and he was dirt cheap while we are in cap hell? Makes sense.
  3. Same exact story as last year. It’s what happened when you go into each year with a bunch of “healthy” guys that are all injury prone and coming off of injuries and expecting them to play all year. Smh. But yeah then I guess all the guys we signed to play in their place got hurt too. I didn’t hate cooper at LG.
  4. Ya so I laughed when they took Vander esch as it was proclaimed a reach by all. I hate the cowboys but that kid is a stud and impressive to watch. He really has it all and I hate that they got him but I can’t find myself really hating him like I do some other cowboys. Just seems like a good kid who plays the right way and is incredibly talented.
  5. Kerrigan deserves it. Way should absolutely be in. Trent - I don’t know that he deserves it. D.J. probably deserves to be in but there are some good safeties.
  6. Why the **** wasn’t the clock running?!? They didn’t use a timeout and it was a sack and the penalty was declined?!?!? WTF
  7. I’m glad we can’t expext fatass McGee to be able to take Prescott to the ground when he’s already being tackled by smith. Instead he gets trucked and lets dak throw the ball on a play that should have put them on the back edge of field goal range.
  8. I sure don’t. Davis has been hurting us more than helping. I appreciate him actually hanging on to a ball for once tho.
  9. Still. **** your Davis. Don’t sit there with a ****ing smug. Go sit your happy ass on the bench cuz you’ve been KILLING us for weeks. Thanks for catching a pass on a play that was all McCoy. And thank you to Colt.
  10. **** Vernon Davis. And **** jay grudens play calls.
  11. Davis continues to **** us these past several weeks. Hard.
  12. I get wanting to establish the pass but come on. Run it on third and one. OR at least have Peterson in the game and go play action. With Bibbs in and shotgun that really gave away we were passing.
  13. Seems like we thought we could attack an injured oline on third down. Seemed like it could have worked if the back end held up their end of the bargain. Good pressure. Back end couldn’t cover.
  14. It’s not fixed and it was dumb they called it a fumble but it absolutely was a interception. Ball never hit the ground and clearly foster had it. I’m guessing they just didn’t overturn it because it didn’t matter but it was still really dumb for them not to call it a pick. That at being said, the Norman penalty was absolutely egregious. I can’t believe more people aren’t upset about them not calling pass interference on our last pass downfield to Doctson. Defender went up over his back and knocked him to the ground before the ball got there. It was blatant and Doctson still almost made the catch. But that puts us in easy field goal range with little time left. The combination of that and the Norman call just left my jaw wide open. And let’s not forget about the awful roughing the passer penalty on Preston smith earlier. It had not overall impact but gave them their second first down by penalty in the red zone on that drive. Ridiculous.
  15. I HATE that Gruden has Marshall playing over Bibbs