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  1. We have a receiver on what’s been an anemic offense who is less than 10 yards from top 5 in the league...and he should easily have another 50+ yards and 2+ tds more if he had competent QB play. We have a pass rusher in his second year who is 1 sack outside the top 5 in the league. small victories lol
  2. That was an awful hit by Boston and I hate to see it. However, the rest of the game is gonna be fun. Here comes 8 sacks.
  3. I hate to say it but we’ve been a get right game for other teams for a long time. I feel like the cowboys are gonna run over us like the cards did to them. 31-14 bad guys.
  4. Loved it. But (happy Gilmore coach voice from beginning of movie) by God what a hit.
  5. How about the ****ing late hit? Isaiah Wright is for real. Another example of Rivera playing the right guys when they’ve earned it through competition in practice. Where the hell has this play calling been? Getting Mclaurin involved early. I know we all know it but good lord he is SPECIAL. He has everything. For a smaller guy he is strong as hell and in addition to everything else he’s special after the catch too.
  6. You guys are blowing my mind with this stuff. When Rivera said they weren't going for any cheap wins he didn't mean they wouldn't coach and play to win every game. His point was that it's not about this year. They're not going to trade for someone like Allen Robinson and throw away future picks simply to be a little better this year and maybe have a chance at stealing the division or a wild card slot only to get rolled in the playoffs. The same goes for Kyle Allen - Ron knows his ceiling. He's got some tools and is a viable backup. But he's never going to be a full time starter in this league.
  7. This game is still somehow exciting and I’m enjoying watching our young studs perform. We didn’t expect to win today and we won’t but we have a LOT to be excited about and it’s fun to watch individuals and our team grow. HTTR. Biggest disappointment today was the falcons folding.
  8. Guys relax we already won. Cardinals are 0-8-1 when Murray gets sacked 3+ times. NFL.com tells me we have 3 sacks. So we are good.
  9. The weird thing is we are down 20-0 and I kinda feel like we are still in it. I know that is super dumb but it is different then I’ve ever felt before about our team when down.
  10. You are high as a kite if you'd would ever considering giving Allen Robinson that kind of money. On top of trading that away to get him. That's what we're going to be paying McLaurin in a couple years and you want to have two ~$20M receivers? Nope, grow from within and there will be FA's next year and we'll pay Terry when it's time.
  11. It blows my mind so many of you want to trade draft capital for a veteran receiver. Because why? We won one game? It was impressive and fun to watch, sure. But now you want to use as high as a 2nd or 3rd round pick to bring someone in to steal time from our young offense because all of a sudden you think we can compete this year? Again, for what? A playoff birth and then get booted in one game? We aren’t going to compete in the playoffs this year. Robinson or OBJ wouldn’t change that. Next year the cap is going to go down and you want to get rid of draft capital that brings in more y
  12. One thing I still can't wrap my head around - when Haskins scrambled near the goal line (I think it was third down just before we went for it and got it) he slid. To my knowledge the rule has always been that as soon as you give yourself up the play is dead and the QB is not to be hit. Instead, Haskins got blasted by 3 Eagles. And the first hit didn't even come until after his knee was down and it was obvious he was sliding. Yet no flags? I was pretty irate - should that not have been a penalty for a late hit? I mean, we all know if it was Tom Brady there would have been 6 flags on the grass.
  13. One of the nerdy things i really enjoyed about the sack party yesterday - every single one of our first rounders plus Ioannidis got in on it. All of them were firing on all cylinders and it was good to see. I'm excited to see Kerrigan break into the 100 sack club later this year.
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