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  1. moondog

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    So tired of seeing mclaurin running wide open and Haskins forces it elsewhere. It is crazy that he almost refuses to throw the ball to him.
  2. moondog

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    My biggest negative: when you’re defense is attacking people and crushing their necks for the last 2.5 quarters of football and has held them to less than 100 yards and just a couple first downs and has 6 sacks (at the time), you don’t ****ing switch to prevent defense. Keep ****ing doing what you’re doing. Asking you’re guys who have executed perfectly almost the entire game and are winning the game for us to stop what they’re doing and just play soft and be ****es is unacceptable. We let them march right down the field and get within striking range and then we couldn’t just turn it back on. That was embarrassing and we should have closed it out and never let them score again and instead I had a bad taste in my mouth at the end that we almost went full redskins again and ****ed it up.
  3. It would be great if sprinkle could hold on to the ball. Haskins hasn’t shown anything too special but I imagine he’d look better with Davis and reed. Or at least one of them. hell, even mclaurin let that nice throw down the sideline go right through his hands smh that just doesn’t happen.
  4. Thought so. Coulda been a td. I hate that he could easily be top 5 in the nfl in yards and td’s for a WR but our qb’s suck so bad.
  5. Was McLaurin running free downfield on that third and fifteen pass to sprinkle? Looked like it in the replay?
  6. moondog

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Lions

    Guys don’t worry. Alex Smith will be our opening day starter in 2020 and we will be good cuz we won’t turn it over, guice and AP will power the offense and smith will occasionally drop dimes to McLaurin. Haskins will sit for another year. This is my dream.
  7. I was excited for Quinn. But he’s garbage. Every throw outside the hashes is too wide for him because he has the catch radius of a trex or alligator. It would show a tendency but he should only ever run routes inside the hashes or drags or at least he should be the absolute last option anytime he’s going outside because he doesn’t have the length.
  8. moondog

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Jets

    This. Whole heartedly. Dude is developing into a legitimate 2nd or 3rd option which is great for where we got him and he is good at contested catches. Also ditto on Quinn. Dude is so small that any contested catches or out routes he doesn’t have the catch radius to get it. His arms fully outstretched are still alligator arms and he has no chance. I don’t see much in him going forward. Good backup but would rather see Harmon or even sims.
  9. moondog


    All I have to say so far is **** Josh Norman he sucks ass. And **** you to scherff you’ve been awful all year while demanding $15M per year.
  10. I mean seriously, how hard is it to just run some easy pass plays for your inexperienced guy? Give him some easy throws and let him get in a rhythm and then mix in some play action throws and intermediate or deep stuff. He showed he could make the throws downfield in preseason. I mean hell, we all remember rg3 first game against New Orleans where we started with nothing but wr screens and runs for the entire first drive but it worked and was easy for rg3.
  11. moondog

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Eh, they've had a pretty tough schedule so far. Their remaining schedule is supposedly one of the easiest in the NFL and includes 5 division games (1 Ravens who they already beat and 2 each against easy Steelers/Bengals). They're definitely still in it, as odd as that sounds. They may still be an option, who knows.
  12. moondog

    Gruden announces Colt McCoy starting vs NE

    We takin bets on how many quarters he plays before getting hurt? My money is on 3.
  13. moondog

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Giants

    Really solid call there to accept that penalty. The second they did I was like well, this should turn out well.
  14. moondog

    Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins

    Can ANYONE explain a valid reason why colt McCoy is on this team?
  15. moondog

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    Haskins is going to have to be mahomes/Brady/rodgers esque for this team to overcome the bad that Snyder and company continue to hold it under. I don’t know that he’s capable of overcoming their ability to ruin and waste him.