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  1. Enforcer_FFX

    Gameday Thread

    Lol of course
  2. Enforcer_FFX

    Gameday Thread

    LOL - I thought I heard that too!
  3. I'm like Taze. I didn't know the background on the whisperers, so I enjoyed the reveal scene. Well done. Carol's son is annoying. Would have been fine with him getting killed off in the walker pit.
  4. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread

    Sorry @Bacon for this rough patch. Have you looked at marketing firms/dpts of companies? They often are looking for content writers, and can be remote. Unfortunately, my org has our freelance spots locked up, but this might be another avenue to explore to pay the bills and build your network, until you land your dream gig! Good luck, man. And I think Mary had some great advice! And happy thanksgiving to all the Rtt Crew!!
  5. Happy thanksgiving good vibes crew! May you get to spend it with your family and friends, feast and enjoy the Skins beating up on Dallas! Httr!
  6. Enforcer_FFX

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    Agreed. He's been here as long as Jay. As far as just knowing the playbook, Colt prob knows it better than any other player.
  7. Enforcer_FFX

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    Hey, maybe he can "Todd Collins" us and manage the team into the playoffs. With as crazy as this season has been, if Noodle Arm can do it, so be it. Noodles and Company for everybody!
  8. Enforcer_FFX

    Game Day Thread - Redskins VS Houston Oilers

    Hail!! Needed that drive!
  9. Yes! Keep the good vibes going in this thread. Down 3 starting olinemen, our best 2 wrs, CT, and a starting corner and still got the W! Fitz can take his mega-beard home and kick rocks.
  10. Enforcer_FFX

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Schiltz Magic

    Good work there - needed that!!
  11. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread

  12. Enforcer_FFX

    **** the Cowboys

    Bwahahaha, love it! And if they continue to collapse, they don't even have a high 1st round pick to look forward to!!
  13. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread

    Sorry to hear that @Chew. Sometimes it just helps to let things out and share with folks who don't judge. When I had time to post here more regularly, I know that's how I felt when I needed to express things. That's what's good abt the RTT Fam! I mean, it's still great for busting chops. Who DOESN'T like a good Ankles or 2 weeks old McD food zing! But in the end, the RTT Fam always looks out! .... Wow - @d0ublestr0ker0ll - bro!!