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  1. Esp at this point of the draft - love the pick. AGG is legit.
  2. He's gonna get tested from Day 1 going against Young, Sweat, Kerrigan, etc in practice!
  3. Hmmm, yeah, looks like Dunbar is walking his original comments back. Would not be stunned if in his new role, that Doug Williams talked to Dunbar behind the scenes abt not airing your business to the public. And in any event, it is good that Ron will meet with him directly.
  4. Sports is one of the rare things that unites people from all walks of life. Tragedy as well. Sometimes those things intersect. I’m not a Lakers fan – but I love hoops, and I always appreciated Kobe’s greatness. One of the best to ever lace ‘em up. His death resonated especially with me. Getting married changes you. Becoming a father changes you. Having a daughter changes you. He was only a year older than I. Granted, the mode of transport was on the mega-rich level – but when you really look at it, he was just doing something I, and all the dads I know do. Taking his kid to their activities and supporting her. Kind of take it for granted. So many families and the pilot lost their lives – out of the blue. Kids taken too soon. Prayers with the families of ALL those from the crash. When your fam gets on your nerves - at least they are around to get on your nerves. Make the most of each day. Max out whatever you can control, and then you can live with whatever the results are.
  5. Nice, the RTT Remix! Man, haven't done karaoke in a long time. But I would turn the cornball brotha-o-meter way up and do some Hootie & the Blowfish song. Haha, generally gets the crowd doing the sing-a-long.
  6. Happened to turn on 980 AM this past weekend while running errands. At the time, they were running Fox Sports Radio programming. Will Blackmon was cohosting a show. He told a story about how they had a later game, and at the pre-game meal, Kirk was sitting by himself (he didn't elaborate as to why he wasn't sitting w/ everyone else). Blackmon said that Kirk was talking to himself out-loud "why do we have to play later? why can't we play NOW? I want to play NOW. Play at 1!" LOL, Blackmon said after that, he spoke to his wife, and said "it's not looking good for tonight." Said that Kirk is wired differently and really needs everything to work in his schedule, or it affects him. Haha, this goes to the fact that when he was here, it was reported that he scheduled his day down to the minute from waking up. No wonder he stresses when there is "trash at his feet" (his words after a loss to Vikings while here) and a play goes off-schedule.
  7. Hahahaha - this was awesome! Great work, as usual!
  8. True. Kirk was indeed clutch for once in that game. Now he has semi-matched Keenum as a Vikes QB in winning a playoff game (Keenum's team got to skip the wildcard round though). We'll see if he can surpass him.
  9. LOL - Gettleman - please keep fumbling around! Giants getting Garrett would be hilarious.
  10. And one of the coaches McCarthy has been brainstorming with in prep for getting a new gig (per Peter King)? PLEASE name him your DC!!
  11. No qualifiers needed. He legit was clutch in the biggest moment. Have to tip my cap to him.
  12. THANK YOU MANUSKY. Without your jibroni playcalling to ensure we lost the Philly and NY games down the stretch - we may not have locked up the #2 pick.
  13. Beautiful. Going from chumps like Barry and Manusky to Del Rio. Hail!