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  1. Enforcer_FFX

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Ghost made a cameo.... After their girl-bonding talk, Sansa-Dany had the tension build up again, only for the convo to get cut-off... Haha, Greyworm and Messendei were like if we survive this, "we getting away from these weird white folks and the cold!"
  2. Enforcer_FFX

    Game of Thrones Season 8

  3. Enforcer_FFX

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Interesting that Bronn would get sent up to take out Jamie and Tyrion. Granted, he is a sell-sword, but those are 2 people he has some attachment to. It's a good excuse to get him up North and in on the Walker fighting, though.
  4. Enforcer_FFX

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

  5. No. But, I saw Hoffman, bluntly rejecting Paulsen's opinion on Zach Brown on Twitter. That was gold. I can only imagine him doing that live on air was awesome, hahaha.
  6. Hey, gotta' face Saquon two times and the Ewok in Dallas two times each year. Collins has gotta' help the run D.
  7. He also fits the Skins M.O. of going after Alabama guys, haha! But, seriously, I'm with ya'. He'd be a great addition!
  8. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread

    No need to apologize, my light-skinded brother. I have sadly had run-ins too. Your specific story reminded me of a similar experience. In college, me and my boy, who happens to be Mexican-American got pulled over after a day at an internship. A shady cop's wet dream - hassle black and brown brother's at the same time! We really "fit the profile," what with our button-up dress shirts and khakis. Same thing, allowed the search, ended up being 4 or so squad cars in all (but no DEA agent). Searched, came up clean, of course. But we could see and feel their disappointment. Got lucky, they didn't plant anything. It was before video capable phones, but we didn't think to call anyone, like you did. Shocker, no "sorry about that" or anything when it was all said and done.
  9. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread

    Haha, yeah, Barkley was a big cat. There used to be more "shorter," but heavy/wide-build power forward dudes in the league like Anthony Mason, Fizer, Corliss Williamson, etc. Don't really see that anymore.
  10. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread

    Yes, sir! Subway is subway - but man, they do the pastrami well!
  11. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread

  12. Enforcer_FFX

    2019 FA Tracker (non Redskins)

    Haha wow - Elway does churn through QBs. Osweiler, Siemian, trading up to take Lynch, and now giving Keenum just a year to make room for Flacco to start.
  13. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread