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  1. Good finish with the TD. Would have felt like a letdown to settle for a FG.
  2. Baker doesn't have the skillset the likes of Murray or Wilson do. And Cleveland O-line essentially got a nice break in not having to face Atkins & Daniels in the Cinci game. Their offense also doesn't play with the same pace as AZ. I think the front 7 will be ready, and Fuller coming back (hopefully) should help. I expect Turner to make some more noticeable adjustments and have some better production. DC: 24 Cleve: 20
  3. To give the team a chance against Cleveland - Special Teams needs to be on point. No missed FGs, No muffed returns, and no bad penalties. Not good enough to overcome special teams gaffes especially at crucial points in a given game.
  4. Sean Kugler, AZ OL Coach: Rick Harrison, from Pawn Stars:
  5. AZ head coach Kingsbury and Ryan Gossling:
  6. Awesome. This rotation will do wonders for him. Young and Sweat hammer the tackles over and over. Then, they have to face RK91 fresh and rested.
  7. And there would have been a dumb Morgan Moses false start for good measure! ... But yes, I agree - love the mentality this time to just keep at it on the ground that close to the goal line!
  8. Wow!! Way to keep at it. Yes. Now is the time, D. Put Wentz in the dirt again!!
  9. And just to confirm, the captains were player chosen:
  10. Ugh. Truly, truly disgusting. What a horrid environment for any woman to go through. If the NFL doesn't step in w/ this just being the latest thing - compounding on everything else, then they'll never step in. Snyder is directly mentioned in this piece, maybe this will ultimately lead to his Jerry Richardson moment and be forced out.
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