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  1. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread

    Yes, sir! Subway is subway - but man, they do the pastrami well!
  2. Enforcer_FFX

    2019 FA Tracker (non Redskins)

    Haha wow - Elway does churn through QBs. Osweiler, Siemian, trading up to take Lynch, and now giving Keenum just a year to make room for Flacco to start.
  3. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread

  4. Enforcer_FFX

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Wow. That is a truly telling chart. NOT only are we the 2nd worst in the NFC, but the only team w/ more last place finishes is Tampa. Where our Tampa good-ole-boy connection has ties to: Bruce, Jay, etc.
  5. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread

    Indeed, Merry Christmas Rtt Crew!
  6. Enforcer_FFX

    Gameday Thread

    Good. Screw Philly. Hopefully Watt and Co. get some big stops now!
  7. Enforcer_FFX

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at An's Boobs

    Whoah! What a drive - starting at the other endzone!
  8. Got the big win - Staying aliiiiiiiive! Kudos for Mr Tater for keeping the good vibes flowing!
  9. Enforcer_FFX

    Gameday Thread

    Lol of course
  10. Enforcer_FFX

    Gameday Thread

    LOL - I thought I heard that too!
  11. I'm like Taze. I didn't know the background on the whisperers, so I enjoyed the reveal scene. Well done. Carol's son is annoying. Would have been fine with him getting killed off in the walker pit.
  12. Enforcer_FFX

    Random Thought Thread

    Sorry @Bacon for this rough patch. Have you looked at marketing firms/dpts of companies? They often are looking for content writers, and can be remote. Unfortunately, my org has our freelance spots locked up, but this might be another avenue to explore to pay the bills and build your network, until you land your dream gig! Good luck, man. And I think Mary had some great advice! And happy thanksgiving to all the Rtt Crew!!