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  1. Jeez. NOTHING connects with this dude. Your head coach scraped and worked hard to change the culture. Your head coach gave you a FAIR chance to start and keep the job. Your head coach fought and overcame cancer during a pandemic. The vet QB you are supposed to be learning from – FREAKING could have DIED as a result of his on-field injury. He fought hard to come back and is a natural leader. You see tons of unheralded dudes like Lucas, Curl, Thomas, etc. straight balling, giving max effort, and being true pros. Even despite your bad pl
  2. Yep, typical ESPN national shows making every excuse for Pitt. On the other hand, Good Morning Football on NFLN have always come across as fair. Even before today, they give credit when warranted. I saw Burleson talking up Cam Sims today.
  3. I'd also add Scherff. Even though he was visibly hobbled, he still came back and gutted it out. Saving us from having to watch Martin back out there! Another kudos to the coaches for putting Reaves in over Apke when Curl went out for a series of so. Saved us from seeing Claypool getting wide open over the top!
  4. It was such a good game that EVEN Barber and Apke made plays!
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